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Thanksgiving is just days away, but before you dive into that turkey dinner, why not take a moment to dive into the latest issue of YEN PLUS?! Pandora Hearts and Pig Bride kick off this year’s holiday issue, packed with all kinds of goodies for you our dear fans. There’s already been a lot of chat about the Spice and Wolf cover (see previous news posts), but this month’s issue features not only a lovely slip cover for those of you missing the original art (which is indeed lovely, folded and all), but also a preview of the novel itself! Whatever you think of the cover, the story of Holo the Wisewolf and her travels with the merchant Lawrence is truly fantastic, and I hope you take a moment to join them on their adventure! Also included are part two of last month’s Raiders preview for you zombie-lovers out there and part one of a13th Boy preview for all you…lovers out there. Most excellent indeed. Add to that the rest of the YEN PLUS lineup, and this might just be the best Christmas ever! Even if you didn’t win that attractive leg lamp…

Thank you again for reading. We appreciate your feedback on all we do, and hope you continue to enjoy the ongoing saga of YEN PLUS!

If you have any specific questions about your subscription to YEN PLUS, please direct them to subscription services at 1-800-876-7598.



The link that’s supposed to lead to 13th boy leads to Hero Tales instead. And Nice cover for Yen Plus:)


I subscribed like a week before the cover showed up on the website… will i get this issue in the mail?


“which is indeed lovely, folded and all” >_> Are you serious?
I’m saddened by you guys. 🙁
I even asked you in the earlier post to apologize for the horrible crease mistake in the cover. But instead…your trying to get more to buy it by not telling them and even telling them the quote above? >_>
Could there perhaps be a reason why you haven’t posted anything about the issue till now, so late after its release?
Please, guys, we’ll be much more forgiving of your mistakes if you will merely say your SORRY.
It’s not that hard, just try it.
“I’m sorry.”
See? It’s not so hard.


@Me- Obviously you’ve never heard of sarcasm on the internet, read what she said again.
“(which is indeed lovely, folded and all)”


So what’s up with the newest “Time & Again” chapter in this issue? It’s supposed to be chapter 11, but it says 12 in the actual chapter. Did you guys skip a chapter, or was this a typo?


Good God, Matt! You are a poster child for Otaku Entitlement Syndrome. So the cover had creases in it – it’s a premium for the magazine, a freebie! They didn’t have to include it with the magazine at all, and at this point it probably would have saved them a lot of trouble and noise from you and your compatriots in fandom if they just didn’t. What justification do you have to demand that the company bow and scrape because it didn’t meet your unrealistic expectations? At the risk of sounding cliché: Who do you think you are?!
Consider signing up for the forums at Yen Plus Info if you want to have a good go-round about this; you can post there without having to wait for the post to be approved. Seriously, I’m curious as to how your mind works.
But back to the issue… I too am curious about Time and Again. What happened there? Also, it should be noted that Max Ride is absent from this issue again – a bummer, but NaRae Lee’s health must come first. The Pig Bride plot turns recently have been fun – but now that they’ve kind of blown away the whole premise for the series, I’m curious what they’ll do next…


The book cover *is* lovely- folds don’t change that. Anyway, best (magazine) covers yet! Gil~! ?
As a sidenote- I also saw the Time and Again chapter discontinuity. Whatever happened to that young girl? o.o;


Albright, do you know how capitalism works? You’re essentially saying that if the only food you can buy is horse feces you shouldn’t complain lest you be labled as a poster child for Mommy dropped me as a baby entitlement syndrome


>_> Albright…the question is, who the heck are ‘you’? O_o
I’m sorry…maybe you missed something…they offered the cover to PLEASE fans. They offered it understanding that a large number of people who would buy the magazine issue, would ONLY be buying it for that COVER. So guess what, that means that many people payed nearly $10 for a slip cover. Do you understand that?
So when people bought the magazine for $10, many cared only about the slip cover. But then they find out that there was a printing error or oversight and there is a disgusting looking crease going through the middle of the front and back of it. In other words…they just wasted $10.
lol, obviously now that they figured out how to offer the cover with a purchase of the novel, they didn’t need to offer it in the mag. However, they originally did so because they wanted to please a portion of their initial consumer audience (and possibly their biggest for the beginning of the books starting sales).
Bow and Scrape? Excuse me? O_o
I asked for “I’m sorry.” That’s all. Is apologizing for damaged materials now considered “bowing and scraping”???
How does my mind work? I think I’ve pretty much explained my views well enough for you to get an idea.
I merely want an apology, a simple one like “Were so sorry, but something went wrong with the printing. We know that there is no way to replace the damaged cover, but we hope you will kindly forgive this mistake and continue to support the Spice and Wolf series in English.”
Is that hard to write?
Seriously, I’m more interested in YOUR mind. Do you think that a consumer who buys a product for a specific promised reason has no right to complain should the product be defective?
Besides, do NOT put me with the other die hard fans who leave comments. Poster child? Don’t make me laugh. lol
I still buy CANCELED light novels and whether they change the covers, I still buy the books. I am more complaining on small things that SHOULD anger fans but seemingly don’t.
Such as the fact that on the slip cover they made for fans, they eliminated the subtitle line “Merchant Meats Spicy Wolf”. I’m pretty mad at Yen Press for this. Seriously. First off, its not a misspelling or engrish. MEATS is intentional. The author said that it preluded to something to come in the books. So its kind of stupid to eliminate it from the cover INTENDED FOR FANS. lol
Also, I think the change from Horo to Holo is fine as long as the author confirmed it correct and not some marketing firm that didn’t consult him. I personally like the R more, but its fine, I am ok with it unlike others.
I think the cover change is understandable, however, I feel that the novel’s cover could have had a better job done for it than the current one. But time will tell if it sells well. I pray it does.
I support novels no matter what. If someone won’t support the english release just because of a changed cover, that’s just petty and stupid. (No offense to the Otaku out there who felt the above way). I want these novels to be successful so that more people can fall in love with the story.
And to the user Baru…
Yes, it could well be sarcasm. Just one big problem… Only someone who knows about the crease in the cover will think its sarcasm. Someone who hasn’t gotten it yet on the other hand would think it literally. So this is a bad use of sarcasm if it is one. They needed to clarify it so as to not confuse new people.


Oh boo hoo, it’s a crease. I already managed to flatten it, and the crease is barely visible now. In the time that you spent making those overly long whinefests you could’ve done the same thing.


Anon: Well, if all you can buy to eat is horse dung, then that’s not capitalism, is it? I’m not sure what you were reaching for with that analogy.
Matt: Who am I? Nobody special. Certainly not someone to make demands to a multinational corporation I am not even a stockboy at that they manage their own business differently. I haven’t done the numbers, but if Hassler and Lee combined have more years experience selling books than both you and I have been alive, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Yet you seem comfortable demanding that Merchant Meats Spicy Wolf be printed on S&W’s covers. Do you really think the book will sell better that way? Do you think retailers would want to put something like that on their shelves, in the juvenile sections no less? Do you really, *really* believe that “meats” is not an Engrish mistake? (I can tell you from first-hand experience that such mistakes are common.) This is why I’m curious as to how your mind works, because your perspective on this and other issues defies logic.
Companies sometimes do things I don’t like. I might grumble and complain, and I might even do so on the internet, but for God’s sake, I don’t take it *personally!*
As for the folds in the cover… I’m sure the designers responsible knew where the folds would be. I don’t have the issues with me to check right now, but they’re probably in the same places they were on the poster (Soul Eater, I think?) that was in an earlier issue. So the folds were unfortunate, but not an accident. That being said, as I said before, Yen Press didn’t have to go out of their way to try to please fans by making this cover available at all, and seeing all the trouble that it’s caused, I wouldn’t be surprised if it will make them think twice before doing such things in the future; no good deed goes unpunished.
As for buying the novel cover for $10 (US$9, actually)… well, even if they initially only cared about the cover, I think they’ll find something to enjoy in the awesome comics anthology that it’s attached to. It’s kind of hard to miss, after all.

The Mad Manga Massacre

Um… I was just wondering, will Nabari no Ou continue to be serialized in Yen Plus? Please tell me it is! Starting after volume 3, the release date between volumes (according to the website) will be four months, considering there are 5-6 chapters in a volume and that only 1 chapter is released every month, this isn’t physically possible. Please do not remove Nabari no Ou from Yen Plus, it is one of my favorite titles. Yes, I am aware there are already 11 volumes out in Japan, but it is annoying seeing titles being removed from the magazine. Also, will anything be replacing Sumomomo Momomo? Have you guys considered adding a permanent light novel series to the magazine?


I’ve just deleted a mountain of text that I replied to you with. Mainly because it came off very frustrated in many ways.
To be blunt…
Your replies are positively horrible. lol
Perhaps you did not read what I wrote carefully enough.
Some of the things you charge me of I did not do, some of the replies are replying to something other that what I said.
Just please examine what you wrote and look at what I wrote carefully and then re-do your response. Otherwise, there is no point in my replying to you if you will merely ignore what I write and fail to comprehend simple things that I even capitalized at times. lol


Matt, please, go to Yen Plus Info and start a thread there. If we’re really going to be back-and-forthing this, it needs to be in a place where we don’t have to wait a day for moderators to accept our posts in between. And while you’re there, address specifically what response you’re looking for from me. You seem to think I’m dumb, so go ahead and spell it out for me.


Matt, lol you wouldn’t happen to be the lol person who did ranobe cafe? You are lol amusing, plealolse post sololme more lol.


Just a question.
Is Moon boy vol 8 or 9 going to be release in 2010?
I hope its not going to be drop because i just bought vol 1-6 today
please give me an answer.
thank you.
oh and the magazine looks great.


Albright…dumb? Never. lol
Seriously, don’t take things too seriously. This is the internet after all. 😉 (And I might check out the forums some time, but honestly, this isn’t a big enough issue for me to keep talking about it. I’ve got other things to be using my time on.)
Eh? Try editing your posts so that their readable. 😉 (cough, lol)


Ehmmmm you couldn’t have folded the cover in the places where it’s actually supposed to be folded? It would have fit that way. I wouldn’t even mind a crease on the spine, since that happens on its own anyway…..but in the middle of the front and back?
@Julia: How did you do it? If BN decides not to participate in the distribution of flat covers I’ll have to settle for this one. My own methods of flattening creases leads to horribly mishapen school papers and I’d like to have much nicer results for this ^.^


You guys are awesome just for referencing “The Christmas Story” 😀
I can’t find a copy of the magazine anywhere tho’ T_T


Hi, I just wanted to let you guys know that I JUST got my first notice to renew my subscription to YenPlus, and it says “Third Notice” on it.
Of course I want to stay subscribed, I just wish I had gotten more advance notice than I did.
Keep making a great magazine! Hopefully by next year sometime y’all will have most of these kinks worked out. ^_^


….I didn’t get this issue at all. Instead I got the January issue. This happen to anyone else? o.0;;


Didn’t know where to put this but could you put GA and Ichiroh! back on schedule? Thanks in advance. 😉


I got the January issue! On time! And I just have to say, you guys have the most brilliant, insightful typo I have ever read. At least I’m pretty sure it’s a typo, as I don’t think the character would really say such a thing. But it just works so well that you need to keep it, don’t fix it! It’s too goddamn precious to touch. So without further ado:
Page 7 of Soul Eater: “Me!! The great Me!! The one and lonely Black*Star” ~Black*Star
I love it! I’m pretty sure he should have said “only” not “lonely,” but it’s too perfect to change! He’s soooo very lonely at the top, now that he’s surpassed the gods. And you know, because no one really likes him :). In fact, I find that the only way I can like Black*Star now is if I picture him as a sad, sad, lonely little boy…
Please don’t change it for when the book comes out.


I think my brain’s gonna explode! What am I gonna dooo~ Kobato, Fujimoto visit my bookstore soon, or you’re going to have an exploded fan. OH NOES!! XD Now somebody’d gotta clean me off the floor! :O


OxO I have an important question about the December issue and don’t know how to contact the site. Any help please?


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