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Hi all,
I just wanted to take a quick moment to extend our sincerest apologies for the recent delays with subscriptions.  Please rest assured that when we were made aware of the latest problem (which unfortunately was not for several weeks after the subscriptions were supposed to have been shipped) that we made every effort to get the August issue shipped as expeditiously as possible.  We sincerely hope that these problems have been resolved, and given that we’re hearing reports that folks are beginning to receive their September issues, we have high hopes!  Thanks for bearing with us, and if by some chance you have not received your August issue — or if you have any issues with your subscription, do by all means call the Yen Plus customer service line at 1-800-876-7598.  While they won’t be able to provide you with a replacement copy of the August issue, they will extend your subscription by a month to compensate you for the lost issue.  And if you really want to track down that missing issue to round out your collection, I highly recommend checking out either RightStuf! or Robert’s Anime Corner Store, both of which regularly offer backissues of Yen Plus.
Thanks again for all your patience and support, and we hope that you all continue to enjoy reading the magazine as much as we enjoy making it!



I admire and applaud your efforts in acknowledging the recent delays with Yen Plus subscriptions. Thank you Kurt for showing that you are taking steps to ensure that these delays are taken care of. I just recently received my August 2009 issue and looking forward to the September 2009 issue coming soon.
It is not every company that would step forward like this and extend an apology to its customers. I wish you as well as Yen Press continued success! I know I will continue to be a Yen Plus subscriber and customer of Yen Press products for many years to come.


that is good news
i’m wondering if there can be like 2 kinds of subscription?
the one you guys have now is great but i would like a 12 month subscription. if yous guy have 2 options i think ppl would subscribe more


When I subscribed I paid $50 for a 12 month subscription. They changed it to $26 for 6 months because $50 is a pretty big chunk of change to throw down all at once.
Thanks a lot for the apology. It was weird getting the August magazine midway through August but the wait was worth it.


What about those letters saying that we had to renew our subscriptions? (I got one that said it was my third notice when it was the first I’d seen of them.) I know I subscribed as soon as they were available, but it didn’t kick in until october-november-ish. How do we renew? Are we going to be told when the subscriptions are running out? Were we really supposed to renew with that thing? Just curious. I’d like to renew mine when the times comes, I just don’t know how.


An apology for late issues? I haven’t had a late issue since the holidays.. =o Actually, I got the September issue a couple days ago, XD Uber early ftw?
Also, since there is yet a post on the September issue, I wanted to ask if page 196B panel 3 is a word switch typo dealio? (no spoilers there~)


I recently renewed my Yen Plus subscription and I thought I’d share my experience. I was able to renew it over the phone by calling the yen plus hotline and it was fairly quick and easy so I’d recommend that route. Also I was able to renew it for another 12 months at the same price as I paid for the original subscription. I’m not sure if the 12 month option is now only open to previous subscribers or if it’s open to everyone but at any rate I’d recommend calling and asking if thats the option you want.


Ray Benton: I had a similar problem, but with a local magazine store. Due to the economy, there’s been an upheaval in the magazine distribution industry. My shop’s supplier even LIED and said that Yen Plus was no longer being produced!
Your best bet, or at least what worked for me, is to talk to the person in charge of the magazine section of your local Wal-Mart:
1. Ask the Wal-Mart employee if the store decided to stop carrying it. If that’s the case, ask them to start again. If not…
2. Ask the Wal-Mart employee to ask their distributor to resume delivering Yen Plus to your local store. If the distributor refuses to offer it anymore…
3. Ask the Wal-Mart employee to try another distributor. Even my local magazine store uses a couple of them.
I’ve tried to summarize what was (for me) a long and convoluted process so anyone with this problem can make sure their store carries Yen Plus for their own sake as well as others who need to discover the goodness of Yen Plus.
Of course, what I’d really like to do is buy a 10-year subscription, but…
Thanks, Yen folk, for all your hard work! And even though I can’t buy every manga you publish, I make sure to request that my library buys them all!


I was wondering why my issues hadnt been coming in the mail 🙁 I started to buy them in the stores only to have them come soon after…
Oh well i suppose i can always sell the back issues on ebay ^^;


I subscribed back in August and I STILL haven’t received any issues yet.
I”m not happy with you guys; I wanted to try you out for at least six issues, but if I don’t a copy soon, I might be forced to cancel.


Okay, now I’m more than a little P.O.’ed. A while ago, I was all with that first comment; yeah, I applaud your efforts! Thank you so much for admitting your mistakes!
Can you fix it now? Anytime…It’s been almost six months now since I subscribed online, and I haven’t had a single issue yet. None of the retail stores I have access to in my rural-community driver’s license-less state carry Yen Plus anymore.
Was all that heavenly stuff I found in the first six issues when those stores still stocked it just a hoax, or what?

Brian Murrah

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