Happy Birthday to Yen+! Almost!


It’s hard to believe that one year ago we were getting our first copies of the first issue of Yen Plus. I remember going to the bookstores and newsstands just to see if I could catch a glimpse of that gleaming Maximum Ride/Soul Eater cover. A lot’s changed since then, but we’re still committed to bringing you the best titles the world has to offer. And so, with our anniversary issue hitting shelves over the next week, we just thought we’d give you a heads up on what’s in store. Nudge and Gazzy are celebrating Yen Plus turning one with a tasty NYC hot dog, and there’s also a special pull-out poster from Maximum Ride so you can celebrate too! And the Max madness doesn’t stop there. For those of you attending San Diego Comic Con, NaRae Lee, artist extraordinaire, will be joining us for a special signing!

But what’s that featuring on the flip side of the magazine? There’s already so much good stuff over on the Japanese side… What could it be? Hmm… I wonder…

Anyway… We’ve been getting a lot of feedback about subscriptions, and we have indeed been listening. So from here on out, new subscriptions to Yen Plus will be for six months at a time rather than for the full year. The cost will be the same ($25.99 for six months), but you won’t have to shell out for that full year’s subscription all at once. So hopefully that makes things a bit more affordable and convenient for you all! We always appreciate your comments and continue to do our best to make Yen Plus great! Thank you for sticking with us through year one! We look forward to a another fantastic year ahead!



I couldn’t find my issue this time… I heard that Diamond canceled the yen press titles for this month I hope that doesn’t affect me! Can’t wait to find out what the new series is!


Can’t wait for this to reach England – I’m going to check my local shop tomorrow to see if it’s in. Hopefully it will be.
I’ve been trying to work out what the new series could be – I have a theory, and if I’m right then I’m really excited, but I’m looking forward to finding out for certain anyway.
Happy One Year, Yen Plus. :D!


I wish it would be the new Darker than Black comic, which means that it’s not that. I still have to hunt down a copy of Kieli, I wish Borders wasn’t so flakey with what it gets in and when it gets it in.


Me thinks this has something to do with the Anime New Network OMGitscoming promotion? Well, probably not, but all the same I am hoping for some spiffy new comic. If I had my way it would be something like Ookiku Furikabutte (Big Windup! in America) or really any sports manga.


Happy birthday yen!
I loved your magazine ever since I first saw it!
If you are ever looking for something new to publish ( Because I think its great how you don’t edit everything out in english like most companies do) do you think you could look into Until Death Do Us Part (???????????)
its a very good story! 🙂 Thanks!

Cheryl W.

Congrats! I feel so fortunate that I saw the first issue on the magazine stands and bought it. When my budget became tighter, I dropped Shonen Jump & Shojo Beat and kept Yen Plus. There’s just no contest. I also make sure to ask my library to buy your magazine & manga, and in my recent library box (I get deliveries because I’m severely ill) I got the first collections of Maximum Ride & Nightschool. What a wonderful experience to read the chapters all together! Thanks for everyone’s hard work, which I understand some of due to my tech writing days. The new pricing structure means I’ll be able to subscribe soon. Exciting!


Happy Birthday! =)
I’m such a big fan of Yen Plus! Ever since the first issue! I like how you guys do these surprise thingy! AWESOME!
The idea of having a subscription for 6 months for only $25.99 is brilliant! It’s affordable and good to me, since I still have money left to spend on mangas! xD


Will there still be an option to pay yearly? Paying every six months sounds like a pain, actually…


I’m so excited for this months issue!! I can’t wait for it to come in the mail! 🙂 Happy Birthday Yen+ and keep up the great work! <3
(p.s. I had a great year with the magazine, and this company has become my fave! Keep bringing awesome titles here you guys! :D)


Congrats on the new license! Even though I’d have loved some other series, this is still some stellar news and I’m really thrilled for you guys!
To Bonita:
I agree. I’m dying to see if the new DTB manga is good. Since it’s to be drawn by King of Thorn’s creator, tho, I’m confident it’ll be 9 kinds of awesome.


Oh, when I flipped over the cover, I was so pleased! What a great addition! I’m very much looking forward to it. Congrats on a great year!


only six months i thought it was a year
was going to subscribe but it only has 6 months
what was wrong with the one year one that poeple didn’t like?


Congrats on one year, many happy returns 😀
(The Yen Plus Info site keeps quitting when I try logging in T_T)


I agree with those who say they would still like the option for a one-year subscription. I would prefer to just pay once and forget about it. Less chance of missing an issue between subscription renewals that way.


Aw, the Max Ride cover looks cute.
Man, I can’t wait to see the other cover! I hope there’s still an option to pay for a full year… like others, I’d rather just not have to deal with it every 6 months.


that cool!!!! happy brithday to u !! cool book. i wanted more about maximum ride and jack frost and pandora hearts.they were cool.
it ansley oberine


My Store Stopped Selling Them So I Subscribed But I Won’t Be Able To Get July And August Issue So If Any1 Knows How To Get Them Sepreately, Message Me At:
or goldenbow9er9er.deviantart.com
plz XD


Happy Birthday :D!
I just recently subscribed and was a little disappointed to see that it was only for 6months, but I think it’s still worth it because I love this magazine. I just wish I’d subscibed earlier so then I could have gonna the July and August issue ):
Oh well. Oh, and Maximum Ride looks so cute xD


I am so glad that you’ve made it through your first year! Not an easy feat for print media today, I know.(or rather WE made it as I’ve been pulling for you and supporting the Anthology since day one as I’m sure so many have. And as your loss would frankly be our loss as well). Though I am excited every month to see the cover, there are smaller details too that don’t escape me. I can’t tell you how fantastic the full year looks together on my shelf with the different dual colors on every spine and the classy Yen Plus logo, it’s like this ever growing rainbow and one of the first details I check when I lovingly open my new copy each month(CANT DO THAT WITH ONLINE MATERIAL). It’s obvious that you all care about the product you put out. So, Congratulations! And thank you for all your tireless work. Thanks as well to Hachette and especially to the artists and writers who’s works are the source of great joy and pleasure. Peace be with you all.
Finally, the offer of a 6 mo. subscription is brilliant. I will be able to subscribe now and no longer fear not getting my copy in time at Borders or B&N. It is indeed a much easier amount of money to part with at once and will hopefully make it easier for others to subscribe as well as increase readership.
So, here’s to a great year(down shot of preferred beverage now)! Here’s to the one ahead(next shot). And here’s to hopefully many more to come(you get the drill, right? 😉
Last, but in no way not least, here’s to print media… all those still standing and to those we’ve lost along the way(Peace).-K


Much congratulations! And a truly wonderful year of amazing manga and the team that puts Yen+ together! Hehe.
I am most excited for Kuroshitsuji. I read some of the Japanese version, and fell in love with it. It’s an awesome story to add to the Yen+ lineup.
I am wondering though… do people with year long subscriptions from previously get their orders canceled with this change? I am not near the end of my subscription, but, I’m worried with the end of the month because I have paid for the year, however, not received it yet. Debating whether to ask someone here or the mailmen.
Once again, as you may not have heard this enough, Wonderful job, and congratulations! Yen Press is awesome! And everyone is enjoying all the hard work you have put into the magazine!
Good luck and enjoy!


Uh, happy birthday.
It was suppossed to come out on the 14 but I still haven’t gotten it in the mail, it comes at the end of the month right? I’m getting worried!! =(


So unhappy! I still have not gotten one and now I find out is OUT OF STOCK! Come on. This is getting upsetting.


hey, will back issues of this be available? my bookstore says that when new issues come out, they send back the old the ones, but i really want a copy of this, plus the poster too!


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