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Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who stopped by the Yen Press booth at New York Comic Con! We gave out over 3,000 copies of Yen Plus, not to mention a slew of free goodies at our panel, and welcomed Svetlana Chmakova to the booth once again (check out Nightschool 1 coming in April)!
But I know what you all REALLY want to hear about are the new titles we have for you in the coming year!

  • Time and Again by JiUn Yun – Okay, so it’s not really a new announcement, but for those of you who haven’t been reading Yen Plus . . . Time and Again is a series of short horror stories about a traveling exorcist and his assistant as they journey across the country. But even in cases of the most violent spirits, things aren’t always as black and white as they seem. It’s a beautifully illustrated series that we are especially excited about and hope you are too!
  • Spice and Wolf (manga) story by Isuna Hasekura, art by Keito Koume – We already announced the release of the Spice and Wolf novels, but now we are pleased to reveal the publication of the Spice and Wolf manga as well! It’s the story of a harvest deity who’s been cast out of her village. When a traveling merchant finds the wolf girl curled up in his cart, their adventure together begins . . .
  • Raiders by JinJun Park – When an archaeological assistant sneaks off to look for the Holy Grail, she is attacked by forces who also seek the mysterious artifact. Indiana Jones’s got nothing on this!
  • Laon story by YoungBin Kim, art by Hyun You – When a mischievous nine-tailed fox spirit goes a little too far, he is stripped of his tails (and thus his powers) and sent to the human world. Now he’s on a mission to recover his tails . . . if he can just stay out of trouble!
  • The Crescent Moon Story by Hyouta Fujiyama – A new yaoi adventure on the high seas! Desperate for the woman of his dreams, Ryuka calls on the spirit of the crescent moon to help him find true love. The trouble is, the moon spirit’s only candidates are all men!
  • Yotsuba&! by Kiyohiko Azuma – Starting with volume 6, Yen Press will be picking up this comedy series from the creator of Azumanga Daioh. For those not familiar with the series, it’s the story of an energetic girl named Yotsuba and her encounters with everyday objects. Her enthusiastic curiosity is both hilarious and heartwarming, and we are very pleased to be releasing the rest of this fantastic story.

Whew! What a weekend! Thank you again to everyone who stopped by the booth and came to the panel. We hope to see more of you at San Diego Comic Con this summer!



Good news about Yotsuba&! I *love* Azumanga Daioh and it makes me sad to think that Yotsuba&! would be abandoned, so nice one Yen Press, I think you’re now my favourite publishers of manga 😀


I wish I could’ve visited the NY Comic Con to see you. And thank you so MUCH for picking up Yotsuba&! it really is a great story?


I’m really looking forward to Yostuba&! and The Crescent Moon Story! Thanks for bringing us all this great manga. (But what about your other series? Like Chocolat? Haven’t seen even a hint of the eigth volume on its page. -Sweatdrop-)


So since spice and wolf manga& novels are going to be released any chance we might hear something about the wagaya no oinarisama novels&manga?


I’m glad you’ve picked up Yotsuba, but can I also ask when Chocolat 8 will be appearing? It says “to be continued in volume 8” at the back of book 7, but no info… Thanks!


I have the same question, you are going to continue Chocolat? there are rumors that this series was cancelled in Korea, but i don’t know the official info.


Well for those of you who MUST know:
#6 – 9780316073240 (September 2009)
#7 – 9780316073257 (December 2009)
#8 – 9780316073271 (April 2010)
I’d give it a couple weeks for the ISBNs to filter out to various retailers through our ONIX feed, but there you have it.


Same here st_owly & Lou. I hope someone from Yen Press can give us an answer soon on whether it will be cancelled by the artist. I’ve heard the rumors too, I think I read it’s on her website, but I don’t know Korean >_>
Maybe Yen can commission her to do it and just have it in english *looks expectantly*


I read somewhere that you might release volumes 1-5 of Yotsuba&! as well, is this the case? it would be great if it was as in the UK it’s out of print…


I’m glad someone finally picked up Yotsuba from ADV. I wish someone would grab some of their other abandoned titles. Don’t worry about re-releasing books 1-5. That’s reinventing the wheel. Just take notes from the production values present in what ADV got to do and keep Yen Press’ releases the same so they match. I own all 5 ADV got to. This is a surprise since I was expecting Tokyopop to grab this one up since they got Your and My Secret from them. While you guys are at it, see what else ADV orphaned, like Enmusu (sp). I’d have to dig out the one book I managed to get. Also Broccoli books had a lot of titles they are shopping around like My Dearest Devil Princess. And how about Bow Wow Wata from the defunct Raijin Comics? That had potential.
And while you’re also at it, how about paper editions of stuff from Infinity Studios? I do not want e-book aka PDF “editions” of one Korean title called Adrenalin.
I’d also like to see some outside advertising in Yen Plus. Other manga monthlies with little to no outside advertising but were well-run died. Others died because of less than legitimate distributors. Yen Plus has a good chance.
Wish you hadn’t removed Higurashi. That was a major draw for me, then it got replaced with something less remarkable. I don’t read Maximum Ride, sorry.


I’m glad to see new volumes of Yotsuba&! It would be nice to see you guys pick up some titles other publishers dropped. (Like Pandora Hearts for example? *hint hint* :D)


Is Yen Press also planning to take on some titles that Broccoli Books dropped such as Sola, Koi Cupid, and Nui?? That would be great as well, since I like them as much as Hidamari Sketch and Suzunari.


Thrilled that you guys picked up Yotsuba! Can’t wait to read vol. 6, I hope you re-release the earlier volumes for latecomers.


We certainly are releasing the early volumes! The first six volumes are scheduled to hit bookstores this September!


I’m also wondering what’s going on with Chocolat – I’d love to see how it ends!


Will you release the s&w manga uncut and what about the color pages?

L.N. Hammer

Like just about everyone else above, I’m most excited about the Yotsuba&! announcement. Thank you thank you thank you for picking it up.
And I see by the project page, you’ll also be reissuing the first five volumes at the same time. Will these be reprints or new translation?


I too want to know about Chocolat. I have stayed with this manga from book one and the loss of Ice Kunion. I was so happy when Yen picked it up but could it be that we will really be left hanging with only 1 book to go? Chocolat is my favorite manga ever (and I have read hundreds). I bought the set in Korean and it only goes through 7 also. The retailer told me that it had been canceled, say it isn’t so!


If you’re going to pick up Yotsuba&! from ADV manga (which I am super happy about! ^_^), might you also consider picking up Gunslinger Girl from them? I was very much enjoying that manga series, but ADV dropped it as of volume 6, so I hope a quality establishment like you will pick it up!


I would like to add to the chorus of thanks for bringing us more Yotsuba&! It’s such a warm-hearted, and beautifully drawn series!


I am currently on book 7 of Chocolat and I really wanna know how it ends. Is the last volume going to be released? If not, can I get information on how it ends possibly? >: Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much! D:


Oh, so YenPress is picking up yaoi? Nice.
Is there any way to suggest a manga to be licensed? Because “Sumanai!! Masumi-kun” is a really cute yaoi manga that no one’s picked up yet, to my knowledge… 🙂


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