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It’s a new month and a new Yen Plus! This month’s cover features two brand new series making their debut in Yen Plus. First up is HERO TALES, Hiromu Arakawa’s latest series about the Chinese legends of the Big Dipper and a young man who must follow the stars to find his destiny. And our SUPER SECRET SURPRISE is TIME AND AGAIN from JiUn Yun. Time and Again follows two traveling exorcists as they are called to purge the ghosts and grudges of times past. It’s a truly fantastic story and one that we’re particularly excited about, so we hope you like it too!

As always, we appreciate your feedback and are always working hard to make the magazine better! Thanks for reading!



Ooh, fancy~ Ive probably already said it before, but thanks for the uncluttered covers~ <3 I hope I get this in the mail today or tomorrow.
Off Topic from Y+, free comic book day. There’s already a full list of free comics, and I was kind-of sort-of a-little surprised to see that your name wasn’t up there! ..or maybe i missed it.. Free comic book day next year maybe?
Also also, I’m going to keep bugging you guys about this every chance i get, but forumz pl0x! It’s the fastest way to get ideas and discussions pushed, so please consider it~


I am soooo happy I got this in a few days ago! It was an ok issue. I’m probably going to send some Soul Eater fanart this month!

holly plyler

yay!!! first comment.
I really liked pig’s bride this time… it must say something weird about me that I love watching some strange girl run around in a pig’s mask… >.<
“with my heart full of love for milord”
(sailor moon pose)
“I will punish you”


Wow, are you going to pick up Pahanjip [Time and Againe] as a main project? 🙂
That would be greate. I love Ji Um Yun’s works.^^


I just picked this issue up a few days ago at a Barnes and Noble. I haven’t read it yet since I’m catching up from issue 2 of last year. But it looks awesome!


First comment! yay!
So I picked up the new issue, and am loving everything in it!
BTW when are you guys ever going to start putting the previews in the contents!?
I’m sooooooooooooo happy with you guys for putting the color section in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


February issue already? Gotta admit, I’m a little worried now. I got the December issue in late Nov, and now it’s mid Jan and my mailbox has been suspiciously empty. 🙁


I’m a subscriber and have been reading Yen Plus since issue #1. For the most part I’ve been very happy with the magazine and I find it much more enjoyable than Shonen Jump, which I stopped reading in 2007. Of course I don’t like all the titles, but I never expected to. Considering the breadth of titles, it’s no big deal to skip over a couple stories. However, with the January and February issues I’ve become concerned with the direction the magazine is taking.
I completely understand that certain titles will be removed from the magazine before their completion and that to continue their story I would have to purchase the series in book form. In the case of Higurashi, it would have been preferable to wrap up the current story arc before its removal. I think it’s pretty clear why you ended it where you did – you want people to have to pick up the books to see how it ends. This isn’t underhanded or anything, but it’s disappointing.
What concerns me most, however, is what you have decided to do with Maximum Ride. I’m all for artists/titles taking a month off, but to simply deny your readers a chapter unless they purchase an entire book is just unfair. We have all made a decision to purchase this magazine to read the stories contained within, and actions such as this are making that difficult.
I’ve been very happy with Yen Plus so far. Normally I would never subscribe to a magazine after just reading a couple issues, but I took a chance with Yen Plus because it seemed like a breath of fresh air. You still have me as a happy reader, and I don’t expect to agree with every editorial decision, but I simply ask that you consider the readers when you make such decisions.


Aw, no Maximum Ride? Oh well.
It felt so nice to get back to college and find the newest issue in my mailbox. Awesome, as always!
The two new comics are pretty good. The last page or two of “Time and Again” just made the whole chapter. lol
Can’t wait for next month!


Whitefinger, the situation with MAXIMUM RIDE was rather an unusual one, and not something that was our intention from the outset. Keep an eye out for our April issue where our Senior Editor addresses the circumstances that forced us to make that call in her monthly letter.


Hello.. I read the past novels of pattinson.. Now maximum ride is good. all of the story is good. I really like the bride pig.. Thanks .. More power..


The minute I checked this site and the Feb. issue was out I went to two stores before I finally found it in Barnes and Noble. I’ve been meaning to send in some fan art but keep forgetting about the permission form (which I have been procrastinating/neglecting). Although there have been some things I don’t really agree with, including the situation with Maximum Ride and Higurashi, I always look forward to Yen Plus each month 🙂


I have the same worries as Sarah. Seems like I haven’t received any January issue? Should I be worried…?


Thanks for that info! I didn’t mean to sound accusatory, and I appreciate that it will be addressed in the April issue.


Erggg… haven’t gotten my subscription in the mail yet… I can’t wait to see what’s next! >.< ARRRGGGG!!! *is not very patient*

Francisco J Garcia

It was a pretty good issue, but I still have issues with droping a series or two.
What are the titles that will remain until they are over?


Hero Tales is an awesome manga! I like that Taitou is one of the legendary Hagun Star, and that he can control the Sword of Hero’s (I like to call it that!). I can’t wait to see if he can be a true hero (of course he will!!).


Time and Again was a really good read. I was surprised by how uch I actually liked it. One Fine Day is as adorable as ever, but I don’t want to wait until 2010 to buy the volumes! Oh well, I’m glad it’s still printed within the pages of Yen Press!


Really nice issue again ^_^ I’m always happy to see it appear in my hands due to the subscription xD But ya… not a fun thing with the maximum ride. I just saw the new chapter and before I read it thought “this is probably a chapter where if you don’t read it, the next one will have a lot of wtf moments ^_^; ” but ya! it did >__>
oh well, still waiting on more contests and extra stuff. its what makes yen plus more appealing ^_^ (especially when one takes out something like higurashi or maximum ride for an issue >_> )


I love this issue but will there be more English manga besides NightSchool and Maximum Ride?

Allie O.

Very good issue, in my humble opinion. Hero tales was as incredibly awesome and thrilling as expected (I’m a huge Fullmetal fan), and Time and Again was a pleasent surprise. I’m not quite sure – at ALL – where the plot is heading, but I think it’s amusing so I wouldn’t mind finding out.
About the dropping issues – surprisingly it didn’t bother me much. Yes, I /loved/ Higurashi. You have no idea how much I love horror, and Higurashi was a monthly treat. But if you decided it was for the best to take it out of the magazine, then I respect your opinion. I can just read the story at the bookstore, or buy it it. The same with Maximum Ride (I LOVED the books), and it’s wicked seeing the story “come alive” so to speak. I don’t quite understand what everyone is complaining about; when you go to the bookstore to pick up this issue, look out for maximum ride and read the chapter there, if you don’t want to buy it. It’s not worth all this huff and puff, when there’s a simple solution.
But that’s just my opinion. Maybe I’m biased because I love Yen+. Who knows? Can’t wait for the next issue. 🙂


Well, I guess YenPlus is so sad they had to take off my really sad comment!?!? I was voiceing my beif they your mag. was a waste of trees with out higurashi and max ride. Do you think it would go unseen. Well sorry for you but I have eyes every were even if you do not show this commnet I could care less. I have a lot more important things to do then spend $10 on a useless waste of mag.
See you later!!

Mushroom cow

yaaaaay…my fanart was published …? I’m saddened by the lack of Higurashi and Maximum Ride, and no offense, but I don’t think the titles you’ve replaced them with in this issue are very good…so please don’t pull that crap again of removing a series from a magazine, because I’m NOT buying the manga just for the last chapter, if that’s what your intent was supposed to be, -_-“

Aurora B.

Bailey, why are you so upset? :\ Instead of paying 10$ each month for a new Higurashi chapter, now you can pay 11$ every 3-4 months for a new BOOK. Seems like a happy situation to me. That is, if you were only reading Yen Plus for Higurashi… (which, might I mention, isn’t exactly the POINT of this type of magazine?)
Max Ride is coming back next month anyways. Though I’m a bit confused and worried about why Yen did what they did, I’m willing to wait for them to explain things.


Got the new issue a couple days ago really good! Really liked the colour pages and Nightschool is getting good despite REALLY slow.
Also did Bailey’s comment make anyone else LOL?

john b

Hero Tales was a great read. I can’t believe I’m already hooked after just reading 40 or so pages, I can’t wait to get next months issue, so please keep HT in Yen! I’m a little concerned about the shipping costs of Yen Plus. I live in Canada, and I pay about $6 an issue, and the US Postal package said $8.40 on it. I sure hope that’s not really the price shipping that they payed. I want Yen Plus to make money so they can grow and stay around for a very long time. If it’s really that expensive to ship, maybe they’re sending it express, if so please send it the cheapest way to make a buck, other wise I’ll be worried.


So I was reading this issue one night at about 1:00 am. I was getting into “Time and Again” and when it got to the eye looking through the hole in the well, it freaked me out. Finished the story, closed the magazine, and got a bit paranoid.
I so look forward to more of this series.


I liked this volume. Jack Frost was always good for me, and Hero Tales was nice. The prize was Time and Again, as it was a very good, creepy read.


I know it’s a bit late to remark on this considering I got this issue of Yen Plus at the beginning of this month, but I finally got some downtime with the computer this morning so here I go. Thank you guys SO much for publishing Yen Plus! I really look forward to it in the mail each month and it’s always a joy. (Even when I got the November issue and a spider jumped out of the plastic at me when I opened it…Lots of screaming and terror, but afterwards, joy.)
As far as Maximum Ride is concerned as long as you guys do a bang-up job of explaining what happened in the missing chapter then I’m fine and I understand why you took out Higarashi…My real concern is when you are going to announce the details of your amatuer contest. Please? Pretty please? I really want to know so I can get started on something for it, but I can’t until I know the rules, so please tell us! I’m dieing here!
Oh, and thank you so, so, so, so much for publishing Night School! As a Svetlana Chmakova fan girl to a slightly obsessive degree, it’s a joy each month. I also really enjoy the little comic strips about life in your office…And just about everything else about your magazine. So, once again, thank you! -Goes off to get ready for work now-


I <3 Yen pres! LOVE the new series, keep up the goodd work!
…………Does anybody know when issue #8 comes out?


DIS IS AWSUM,I HAVE EVERY ISSUE EVER PUBLISHED,I LUV IT,it stinks theres no more higurashi thought,I wonder what will happen next in Night School :3


For those complaining about the last chapters of the manga, why not go to a book store and read it there. Since it’s only one chapter it shouldn’t take you long…and you can put the book back on the shelf when your done. Nothing to buy.
My complaint stems from the price of Yen Plus, I was excited to see it in my local B&N and looked for a price and was shocked that it was $8.99! That’s $1 away from a full manga volume. Shounen Jump and Shoujo Beat go for $4.99 and I was hoping to see some comparable pricing 😐


Maverynthia, Compare the 5$ shounen jump and shoujo beat with the 9$ Yen press.
You probably wont, so ill do it for you.
A shounen jump is 1/2 the thickness of yenpress. And yes, yenpress does have twice as many pages. it has the same amount as 2 shounen jumps put together. I feel the 9$ pricing is justified.
On a side note, i got the march issue today~ YAY ME!!!


Hey I love Time Again It’s got that I don’t care but I want you money feel to it! But I m still a human being So Treat me like it ! and then their is that ” It none of my business ,what other people think of me !! Kind of thing!!


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