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  • Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, Vol. 4 (light novel)

    by Hiro Ainana

    When Satou and his party cross into the famously unsafe Muno Barony, they find ramshackle villages, fortresses inhabited by the souls of the dead, and all manner of unrest. Amid the chaos, Satou meets a girl who happens to be the Baron’s daughter and stumbles across a conspiracy…

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    Kieli, Vol. 2 (light novel)

    by Yukako Kabei

    As the holidays wind down, Kieli continues her “research trip” with hercompanions — Harvey, a near—immortal soldier known as an Undying, andthe Corporal, a soldier’s spirit possessing an old radio. Their fatesirrevocably intertwined by a bloody war waged eighty years ago, Harveyhas promised to help the Corporal pass on by returning him to his finalresting place…even with Kieli tagging along. But when saying their lastgood—byes to the Corporal goes awry, and they are attacked by Churchsoldiers after Undying hearts, Harvey is convinced that it would bebest for Kieli to go home. But is it really Kieli that needs saving…oris Harvey sacrificing his last hope for salvation?

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    Kieli, Vol. 3 (light novel)

    by Yukako Kabei

    Kieli and Harvey have settled into a normal life in a small town…at least as normal as life gets for a girl who can see ghosts and an immortal soldier. But when a face from Harvey’s past surfaces, just how long can they hold on to the comfortable existence that they have carved out for themselves? Does Harvey even want to hold on to it?
    The shocking conclusion to this third installment of the Kieli series will change everything for this pair of unlikely companions!

  • My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected, Vol. 4 (light novel)

    by Wataru Watari, Ponkan 8

    It’s summer break, and Hachiman is continuing his leisurely life of solitude—until Miss Hiratsuka forces the Service Club back together to volunteer at a campground. For some reason, Hayama, Miura, and their crew of normies are there, too… Thus begins a compulsory, youthful season of fireworks, tests of courage, nighttime conversations, and bathhouse incidents, with no escape for Hachiman. Summer is indeed a minefield for the loner…
  • Overlord, Vol. 6 (light novel)

    by Kugane Maruyama, so-bin

    After weathering several setbacks and attacks, the Eight Fingers criminal organization is not about to simply sit back and watch quietly. To retaliate, they’ve dispatched the infamously brutal enforcers, the Six Arms. Rushing out to meet them in battle is the adamantite—rank adventurer party, the Blue Roses, led by Lakyus herself.

  • Strike the Blood, Vol. 8 (light novel)

    by Gakuto Mikumo, Manyako

    When Kojou Akatsuki went to visit his sister in the hospital in middle school, he met a vampire named Avrora. Once he learned she was the key to saving Nagisa’s life, he helped Avrora escape. Now, the weapons dealer Zacharias is telling him to hand over Avrora in order to rouse the fourth primogenitor! As Zacharias’s plans plunge Itogami Island into peril, the fourth primogenitor finally awakens…
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