CRUSH Cover Reveal!

Following the overwhelming success of AWKWARD and BRAVE, Svetlana Chmakova’s award winning Berrybrook Middle School series continues with its next installment – CRUSH!

Jorge seems to have it all together. He’s big enough that nobody really messes with him, but he’s also a genuinely sweet guy with a solid, reliable group of friends. The only time he ever really feels off his game is when he crosses paths with a certain girl… But when the group dynamic among the boys starts to shift, will Jorge be able to balance what his friends expect of him versus what he actually wants?

CRUSH is coming in 2018!

Dead Mount Death Play, Chapter 1 debuts tomorrow!

HUGE announcement, guys! HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE!

From the author of epic works like Baccano! and Durarara!!, Ryohgo Narita, and the gifted pen of Shinta Fujimoto who just completed a killer run on the manga adaptation of Baccano! comes a BRAND-NEW story that will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!!!


Can’t even wait for it??? Well you’re in luck because the first chapter drops TOMORROW with a world-wide English language debut the same day it launches in Japan!!

There is not even enough hype in the world to prepare you for this manga! Read it and you are HOOKED! Over 50 pages of sheer awesomeness, and after reading the first chapter, I’ll say it again:

Mind = Blown!!

The Royal Tutor, Chapter 56 is here!

Prince Bruno has arrived in Orosz for his study abroad, but it’s off to a rough start when Doctor Dmitri’s other student seems to hate the brainiac prince. Read chapter 56, the latest installment of Higasa Akai’s THE ROYAL TUTOR, the same day as it comes out in Japan!

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