August Goodreads Giveaway – THE ASTERISK WAR!

This month’s Goodreads giveaway is THE ASTERISK WAR, Volume 1: Encounter with a Fiery Princess!

Enter for the chance to win this great light novel on Goodreads. You MUST enter on Goodreads in order to be eligible. Comments on the blog do not count. Good luck!

Giveaway begins on August 17th, ends on August 30th, and is open to US residents only.

Have you read Baccano!, Chapter 15 yet?

Firo’s big day has come, and everyone’s enjoyed the celebration — Jacob and Miria so much so that they’ve had a bit of a change of heart! If one criminal syndicate is just too nice to rob, then surely another will do…

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Goblin Slayer, Chapter 3 is ready for you!

Goblin Slayer lives on a farm with an old friend. When they go to the Guild Hall together, what secrets will be revealed about Goblin Slayer’s past?

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