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  • Accel World, Vol. 16 (light novel)

    by Reki Kawahara

    After receiving the archangel Metron’s blessing, Haruyuki sets off with Takumu, Chiyuri, and Blood Leopard still determined to fulfill his vow to save Nico from imprisonment. When they charge into the Acceleration Research Society’s main base, they overcome several obstacles and eventually face off against Black Vise and Argon Array! But the moment they think the true fight is beginning, a mysterious red light descends, heralding the birth of Disaster Armor Mk. 2!!

  • Accel World, Vol. 8 (manga)

    by Reki Kawahara, Hiroyuki Aigamo

    Rust Jigsaw is a strange entrant to the Hermes Cord Race, but when he openly attempts to sabotage the event using the Incarnate System, how will Silver Crow and the rest of Nega Nebulous respond?!

  • As Miss Beelzebub Likes, Vol. 4

    by matoba

    Dantalion and Molech are one odd couple. In fact, they’re such opposites, Mullin can’t figure out if they actually get along! However, the bonds of friendship are anything but predictable in the underworld. Now if only Belphegor can overcome her bowels of hell and find a way to close the distance with her beloved Azazel!
  • The Asterisk War, Vol. 8 (light novel)

    by Yuu Miyazaki, okiura


    After the school fair ends and summer begins, Team Enfield starts special training to prepare for the five—against—five Gryps. Ayato and his friends are a favorite in the competition, but Galaxy is about to make its move…

  • Baccano!, Vol. 9 (light novel)

    by Ryohgo Narita, Katsumi Enami

    The year 1934.

    All kinds of strange people are gathering in Chicago—the newspaper’s vice—president and young camerawoman, a bizarre group moving on Huey’s orders, a wrecker with ties to the Russos, a researcher who works for a certain company there, and even a “vampire” and his friend. Things are gearing up for another great commotion in the Windy City…

  • The Boy and the Beast, Vol. 4 (manga)

    by Mamoru Hosoda, Renji Asai

    Ichirohiko has suffered, caught in the space between human and beast, and has succumbed to the darkness. Kyuta leaves Kumatetsu, on the brink of death, in the care of the others and heads to the human world in pursuit of Ichirohiko. It’s the start of a life and death battle in the streets of Shibuya to settle things not only with Ichirohiko, but with the darkness in his own heart…!! What can he do to save everyone? The times has come for Kumatetsu, Kyuta, and Kaede to each make their own decisions…

  • Bungo Stray Dogs, Vol. 9

    by Kafka Asagiri, Sango Harukawa

    With only minutes to stop the Moby—Dick from crashing down on Yokohama, Atsushi encounters his nemesis, Akutagawa! However, the face—off turns into a three—man battle when Fitzgerald enters the fray. Can Atsushi and Akutagawa counter the Guild leader’s extravagant ability in time to stop the white whale’s descent…?!

  • Dead Mount Death Play, Vol. 1

    by Ryohgo Narita, Shinta Fujimoto

    It’s a showdown for the ages as the legendary hero takes on the corpse god necromancer, but when the dust settles, something isn’t quite right… In the final moments of their epic confrontation, the corpse god’s final gambit shot was wholly unexpected —reincarnation magic! Across space and time, a boy named Polka Shinoyama awakens feeling…not quite himself…… Who could’ve expected that the climactic battle between good and evil would turn out like this??

  • The Devil Is a Part-Timer!, Vol. 12 (light novel)

    by Satoshi Wagahara, 029 (Oniku)

    Thanks to the unflappable efforts of Maou and friends, Emi has made it back from the world of Ente Isla in one piece, though at the cost of her job at the call center thanks to all those pesky, unexcused absences. Adding insult to injury, Maou confronts Emi with a bill for “expenses incurred” during her rescue: 350,000 yen!

    Emi is shocked, but her pride as the Hero means she can’t bear to be indebted to a demon. Soon she’s dipping into her saving to and searching for a new job to pay off the balance owed. At the same time, Urushihara, sequestered in a hospital by Maou’s landlady, Miki—T, is experiencing frightening bodily changes… And all this while Maou refuses to go to work?!

  • Girls’ Last Tour, Vol. 5

    by Tsukumizu

    Even after a mysterious life form tells Chito and Yuri the end of the earth is near, still they continue their everyday adventures together, traveling slowly toward the city on the top—most layer. Their days pass as usual: with the goal of food and making it to tomorrow, with a little bit of relaxing and kicking—back, of course.
  • Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One, Vol. 1 (manga)

    by Kumo Kagyu, Kento Sakaeda, Shingo Adachi, Noboru Kannatuki

    Three days after his sister’s death, he finally regained the will to move. In the aftermath of a goblin raid, a lone boy mourns the loss of his village, his family…

    Five years later, that same boy visits a city on the frontier and becomes an adventurer.

    Despite being the lowest rank and wholly inexperienced, the young adventurer immediately accepts a quest and sets out alone to raid a goblin lair. His mind already burning with a clear vision of his calling, the legend of Goblin Slayer begins!

  • Hakumei & Mikochi: Tiny Little Life in the Woods, Vol. 3

    by Takuto Kashiki

    Hakumei & Mikochi’s tiny little life in the woods is usually gentle and calm. But even they’re no strangers to the occasional surprising turn of events! Wandering minstrel Conju getting kidnapped, a curious visitor dropping in on a rainy day, and a game of soldiers turning very serious indeed are all part of their great adventures!

  • Hatsu*Haru, Vol. 4

    by Shizuki Fujisawa

    On the heels of his inadvertent slip (which went right over Riko’s head), Kai’s spiraling into depression all over again. He’s so befuddled with thoughts of Riko, he even fails one of his finals! While he’s preoccupied with makeup exams, his friends are still determined to make Kai and Riko a couple. So when a study group is formed, guess who turns out to be Kai’s tutor…Will this study session cover an extra subject—love?!

  • The Honor Student at Magic High School, Vol. 9

    by Tsutomu Sato, Yu Mori

    All eyes are on Tatsuya as he takes the stage for the first time in the Nine Schools Competition! With Miyuki watching with rapt attention, how will Tatsuya fare? Don’t miss the tournament’s thrilling climax!

  • Horimiya, Vol. 12

    by HERO, Daisuke Hagiwara

    Something’s got the usually quiet Sakura all fidgety! And for once, it’s not Tohru! Will sparks fly when Sakura, unexpectedly worked up by a shounen manga, of all things, runs into the equally quiet Yanagi, himself a shounen manga fanboy?!

  • I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level, Vol. 3

    by Kisetsu Morita, Benio

    When I first came to this world, I said I’d live a carefree, laidback life. Recently, I’ve been thinking about trading the R&R for quality time with my new family, but… Argh! First, Falfa gets stuck in her (admittedly adorable) slime form, then a witch cons me and gets me involved in a huge mess…! Why does this keep happening?!

  • The Irregular at Magic High School, Vol. 10 (light novel)

    by Tsutomu Sato, Kana Ishida

    December, 2095. In exchange for Shizuku going to study in the USNA, Lina has been attending Magic High School in Japan. Tatsuya figured out her true identity as a member of USNA special forces right away but as soon as one mystery is solved, another breaks out. Right around the same time as Lina’s arrival in Japan, there has been a series of attacks on magicians by something called the “vampire.” But while Tatsuya and Mikhiko try to use old magic to discover the identity of this criminal, an assault on their school occurs!

  • The Isolator, Vol. 4 (manga)

    by Reki Kawahara, Naoki Koshimizu

    Minoru and the rest of the SFD have pinned down the whereabouts of the Ruby Eye known only as Ignitor. In order to avoid a repeat of their past mistakes, they close in on their enemy with a flawless plan, but even so, they may not be ready for with the Ignitor has in store for them…

  • Kagerou Daze, Vol. 11 (manga)


    Overcoming the death of family… What will the Mekakushi—dan do in the face of death?!
    As deaths continue to shock the Mekakushi—dan, Ayano is finally facing off against Hibiya who’s been possessed by the “Clearing Snake.” But what could the “snake” be aiming for that strikes such fear into Ayano’s heart?!
  • Kagerou Daze, Vol. 8 (light novel)


    It was a certain summer day when they met. It was a day that would go on for a long time…forever. As their enemies stood in their path, members of the Mekukashi—dan fell one after another. After temporarily stalling their opponents, Azami came up with a radical plan to seal them away, but it could only succeed at the cost of the life of one of their own… As their enemies began advancing again, what fate with the Mekukashi—dan choose…?

  • Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!, Vol. 7 (light novel)

    by Natsume Akatsuki, Kurone Mishima

    Still sitting pretty on the reward money from defeating several of the Demon King’s generals, Kazuma is taking it easy. Darkness, on the other hand, is nowhere to be found. Just as rumors about Darkness leaving to marry a lord begin to circulate, a letter turns up.

    “I can’t see you anymore. Please accept my resignation from the party.”

    Is this the beginning of the end for everyone’s favorite band of misfit adventurers?!
  • My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected @ comic, Vol. 9 (manga)

    by Wataru Watari, Naomichi Io, Ponkan 8

    The sports festival comes to a close. Next comes the school trip to Kyoto! There, the Service Club receives an unusual client with an unusual request—to help with a romantic conundrum!

  • NE NE NE

    by Shizuku Totono, Daisuke Hagiwara

    Awkwardly ever after!
    Married off to a man more than twenty years her senior, Koyuki has no idea what her new life has in store for her. She’s so in the dark, in fact, that she hasn’t even seen her husband’s face! But Koyuki isn’t alone in fumbling through the intricacies of wedded bliss. Mask—donning Shin might have many years on his young wife, but as it turns out, he’s just as naive as she is! Will this pair of innocents ever get past their awkwardness (and the age gap)?!

  • One Week Friends, Vol. 5

    by Matcha Hazuki

    Hearing Hajime’s story about the friendship he once shared with Kaori leads Yuuki to help reunite the pair. With a new old friend now in the mix, Kaori needs more than one diary to avoid starting every week from zero. But when Hajime and Kaori start to display a special bond that can be shared only by longtime friends, Yuuki is forced to wonder exactly what sort of relationship he wants with someone whose memory of him lasts only so long…

  • A Polar Bear in Love, Vol. 4

    by Koromo

    Seal has finally learned how to swim, but Polar Bear isn’t ready to say good—bye to his love just yet—not until Orca shares with the novice a heart—wrenching love story of his own…You won’t be able to take your eyes off Volume 4!!

  • Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon, Vol. 3 (light novel)

    by Hirukuma, Ituwa Kato

    I actually beat the lord of the Labyrinth stratum! This vending machine’s not doing too bad for himself, huh? However, an increase in notoriety means an increase in requests. To name a few, we’ve got mapmaking, monster hunting, and…getting loaned out to the winner of an eating contest?!

    “Boxxo is all mine for the whole day!”
    …I guess I’ve got a date with Shui and her bottomless pit of a stomach. I’m up to the challenge, though. I just hope her boundless gluttony doesn’t exhaust all the food (and points) I have!
  • Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers, Vol. 6 (light novel)

    by Ishio Yamagata, Miyagi


    After the Braves leave the Temple of Fate, Tgurneu's army is advancing, and fending them off will be difficult with their limited strength. They have no choice but to take some risks. Meanwhile, as the fiend commander launches his attack, his psychological gambit is making the situation even more hopeless...

  • School of Horns, Vol. 2

    by Mito Aoi

    Though self—conscious at first about his small horns, Eru has been able to open up his heart to his roommate, Rihito. But now, Eru has caught the attention of Rihito's genius and dangerous cousin, Haruto — who's trying to make Eru his servant?!

  • Silver Spoon, Vol. 6

    by Hiromu Arakawa

    To connect hearts with partner who cannot speak...and then leap through the air to witness a view never seen before—that is what horseriding is all about...! If it's just as a test, it'll be fine. Except it isn't! With his first equestrian experience happening in competition, the curtain falls on Hachiken's debut. To face off against others is to face oneself.
  • Spice and Wolf, Vol. 16 (manga)

    by Isuna Hasekura, Keito Koume

    The journey of the wisewolf and the traveling merchant comes to a riveting conclusion! Lawrence and Holo have thrown in their lot with Hilde and those loyal to the original mission of the Debau Company. Will they be able to wrest back control of the territory from the radical contingent?
  • The Strange Creature at Kuroyuri Apartments, Vol. 2

    by Gao Yuzuki

    Meme, Demon World citizen and Summoner—in—training, isn't the only strange resident of Kuroyuri Apartments! There's the former soldier turned lazy and cute—obsessed maid; the virgin Makoto, who is determined to marry Kuroyuri's rich proprietor, Sentarou; the spy intent on Sentarou's demise; and now a comic artist, who's super behind on a deadline?! With outrageous neighbors like these, there's luckily no shortage of good materials to pull from! Hang on tight! It's the last volume of The Strange Creature at Kuroyuri Apartments!

  • Sword Art Online 15 (light novel)

    by Reki Kawahara

    Adminstrator's defeat has come at a heavy cost: The death of Eugeo as well as the mental decline of Kirito. Six months after the epic battle atop Central Cathedral, Kirito spends his days in the Underworld wheelchair—bound; bereft of emotion or even a will to live. Although Alice and Bercouli do what they can to help him, it isn't long before the armies of the dark territory are start to move in earnest. The "Final Stress Test" has begun. But will Kirito be ready?
  • Sword Art Online Progressive, Vol. 7 (manga)

    by Reki Kawahara, Kiseki Himura

    The mysterious player Morte has manipulated the human guilds into fighting on BOTH sides of the Elf War! While Kirito challenges him to a duel, Asuna has an important task of her own: steal the battle plans from the Forest Elves so she can end this quest before it turns deadly. They need to stop the war before anyone loses their life—permanently!

  • A Terrified Teacher at Ghoul School!, Vol. 5

    by Mai Tanaka

    It's time for Haruaki's first visit to his students' homes, and this can only mean one thing—youkai parents! Haruaki's job only gets worse as he risks his very life and nearly ends up as mandragora food in the process! This is one parent—teacher conference you won't want to miss!

  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Vol. 4 (light novel)

    by Fuse, Mitz Vah

    Now that Rimuru's monster—centric town has blossomed into a bona fide independent nation, it's time for his next step: build and maintain diplomatic relations with nearby countries! With a group of his trusty monster pals, Rimuru travels to the Beast Kingdom of Eurazania and the Dwarven Kingdom to meet with their respective heads of state and represent his domain as best as a slime possibly can. As if there wasn't already enough on Rimuru's mind, the otherworlder Shizu has been visiting him in his dreams, begging him to save her former students. Looks like that'll be another stop on this pliable pioneer's itinerary...

  • your name. Another Side:Earthbound, Vol. 1 (manga)

    by Makoto Shinkai, Jyunya Nakamura, Arata Kanoh

    During the events of your name., Mitsuha and Taki's miraculous encounter forever changed their lives. But they weren't the only ones affected by their body swapping —Mitsuha's friends and family have their own sides of the story to tell!

  • Yowamushi Pedal, Vol. 10

    by Wataru Watanabe

    At last, the third and final day of the inter—high is here!!
    Bruised and battered, Team Sohoku finishes day two in a shocking second—place after Hakone Academy. With only hours left before the final battle, Onoda and his teammates vow to ride against the odds, but will resolve be enough to take the ultimate victory?! They've got their eyes set on the reigning champs until a new challenger—the sly, star—crazy Machimiya of Hiroshima's Kureminami—leaves both teams scrambling for their position!! Lies, threats, and dirty tricks—it'll take more than guts and stamina to win day three!
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