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  • Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 14

    by Naoe

    Toy*Gun Gun claims victory in their second match at the TGC! But when Matsuoka is told he must go to the hospital, their win may be short—lived, as their team would fail to meet the three—member requirement without him! Also off his game is the usually invincible Midori, who gets the wind knocked out of him by a vengeful figure from his past during Star White’s second match. With both team leaders the worse for wear, will both Toy*Gun Gun and Star White be able to make it through to the next round, let alone the finals?!
  • Black Butler, Vol. 27

    by Yana Toboso

    On 14 December 1885—Earl Ciel Phantomhive’s tenth birthday—despair was visited upon House Phantomhive in the form of a heinous attack on the family manor. Beckoned by the hatred in the wails of a helpless child, a devil alighted from an undulating purple—black mire. Thus, one story began, even as another ended…Or did it?

  • BTOOOM!, Vol. 23

    by Junya Inoue

    The calm before the storm…

    It’s the beginning of the end as Perrier’s troops arrive on the island to rescue the surviving players. Sakamoto and his friends are relieved the killing is finally over…or is it? An unidentified aircraft is approaching the island, carrying the US Army’s drone troops. Xaviera is looking for a rematch—will the island become their collective grave after all?!

  • The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 5

    by Jun Mochizuki

    The Beast of Gévaudan, which once plunged France into terror, has risen again in the nineteenth century. As Vanitas and the others investigate the relationship between the Beast and the vampires, they find their way barred by the paladin Astolfo and Jeanne, the Hellfire Witch. Who is it that laughs in a world blanketed white…?

  • A Certain Magical Index, Vol. 16 (manga)

    by Kazuma Kamachi, Chuya Kogino

    Touma has to rescue a former enemy, the fighting nun Agnes Sanctis, from the Queen of the Adriatic—a magical ship capable of wiping out Venice in a flash! Standing in his way is the fleet commander, Bishop Biagio Busoni, whose true motive for using the floating superweapon is a mystery to all. As Touma presses forward, Agnes asks herself a question: Does she deserve salvation…?
  • Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, Vol. 6 (manga)

    by Hiro Ainana, Ayamegumu

    After leaving Kainona, Satou and his companions resume their journey to bring Mia back to her hometown. Upon spotting a blank area on his map, Satou, overcome with curiosity, heads toward it on his own and finds himself in an unfamiliar forest. Little does he know that he’s entered a witch’s territory, and her apprentice is none too pleased with his intrusion!

  • Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, Vol. 7 (light novel)

    by Hiro Ainana

    As Satou and crew set out for more sightseeing, they catch up with the hero Hayato and learn of his many interests, including a particular fascination with Arisa…But it isn’t long before the gang is once again whisked away on another adventure: a trip to the black—market district Muraas! Meanwhile, high overhead, a ferocious new friend prepares to make its debut…
  • DIVE!!, Vol. 1

    by Eto Mori, Ruzuru Akashiba

    Tomoki has long been passionate about the blink—of—an—eye performances that take place off the ten—meter diving platform. But as a member of the Mizuki Diving Club, he’ll need more than passion when his team’s lackluster record leaves them on the outs with their sponsors! With a new coach and a deadline to qualify for the Olympics in one short year, Tomoki and his teammates compete for glory with the fate of their diving club riding on their shoulders!

  • Final Fantasy VII: The Kids Are Alright: A Turks Side Story

    by Kazushige Nojima, Sho-u Tajima, Tetsuya Nomura

    I thought my place in the world was gone, but the world is so much bigger than I ever realized.
    Evan Townshend is just one of many who lost everything during Meteorfall two years ago, and like the others, he has had to rebuild his life. In his case, this means working for Mireille’s Investigative Services, a small company that tracks down missing friends and family. But when a case of mistaken identity drags him into a run—in with the Shinra Company’s intimidating Administrative Research Department (better known as the Turks), Evan and his fellow investigator Kyrie Canaan begin ajourney to discover the truth—about both the world around them and themselves.
    And the truths they uncover may run deeper than they expect…
    Experience another side of the world of FINAL FANTASY VII with this prequel to Advent Children!
  • For the Kid I Saw in My Dreams, Vol. 1

    by Kei Sanbe

    Senri Nakajou’s twin brother was his everything, the one who protected him from their abusive father, the one whose pain he felt as his own. That is, until the day thirteen years ago when Senri’s entire family was murdered before his eyes. He couldn’t have cared less about his parents, but without his brother, his world ended. Ever since, finding the killer and making him pay has been Senri’s only goal…and now—finally—he’s caught a glimpse of a clue…!
  • Goblin Slayer, Vol. 6 (light novel)

    by Kumo Kagyu, Noboru Kannatuki

    Spring has arrived, and a new crop of would—be adventurers has turned up at the Guild along with it. Among the newcomers is a haughty young wizard boy whose desire to hunt only goblins has Guild Girl slightly concerned. Meanwhile, there’s a new adventurer—training facility being built not far from the frontier town, and Goblin Slayer happens to know the village that used to stand on that spot…
    The party finds itself teaming up with the wizard boy and heading to an old mausoleum to deal with some goblins—but it looks like this brazen new adventurer might just be more trouble than he’s worth!
  • High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World!, Vol. 2 (manga)

    by Riku Misora, Kotaro Yamada, Sacraneco

    After starting an economic revolution in the city of Dormundt, the high school prodigies are up to their eyeballs in money and resources. Having also managed to save Li’l Roo from a life of slavery, they take a well—deserved rest. Their break is cut short, however, when “Silver Knight” Inzaghi decides to attack Elm Village, pillage its newfound wealth, and abduct poor Lyrule as a concubine for the feudal lord. All hope seems lost when the best options are to either sacrifice Lyrule’s freedom or put the villagers in jeopardy. But if anyone can find a solution, it’s the prodigies—they have the power to shake the foundations of any world!
  • Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side: Sword Oratoria, Vol. 6 (manga)

    by Fujino Omori, Takashi Yagi, Kiyotaka Haimura, Suzuhito Yasuda

    Aiz and Hermes Familia have joined forces to eliminate the monster outbreak in the pantry, but an unexpected dead end forces their expedition into uncharted territory. Unusual changes are disrupting the delicate balance of the Dungeon, and Aiz finds herself alone against her nemesis, the red—haired Tamer. Will her recent rank—up give Aiz the edge she needs to fight this battle on her own? And without Aiz’s support, what will become of Hermes Familia when disaster strikes…?
  • Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, Vol. 10 (manga)

    by Fujino Omori, Kunieda, Suzuhito Yasuda

    A monster has spawned on the (supposedly) safe eighteenth floor!
    Black Goliath falls upon the Under Resort and its unprepared inhabitants. Has it awoken because the gods have dared to trespass in the Dungeon? Bell, Hestia, and their mismatched team of gods and adventurers prepare to fight this unexpected floor boss…!
  • Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler -, Vol. 8

    by Homura Kawamoto, Toru Naomura

    A mysterious invitation has brought Yumeko to her second gamble of the student council presidential election: a two—on—two card game with Suzui against yet more members of the Momobami family! Sisters Miyo and Miri come from a branch of the family specializing in poisons of all types. They hold life and death in their hands—sometimes quite literally. And in this game…VERY literally! With Yumeko’s life on the line, will Suzui come out on top or perish with her?!
  • Kiniro Mosaic, Vol. 8

    by Yui Hara

    The girls are back, and they’re as lively as ever! Alice and Shino are fighting over pudding, Aya has a secret diary filled with poems, and Karen’s challenged Youko to a duel! But with college entrance exams just around the corner…shouldn’t they be studying?
  • Log Horizon, Vol. 11 (light novel)

    by Mamare Touno, Kazuhiro Hara

    Completely lost, Krusty finds himself with nothing to do in the enchanting lands of the Chinese server. As it happens, Kanami and her party are also nearby, hoping to explore the Sirius Grotto dungeon. However, Elias is deemed “too powerful,” which prevents
    him from entering and participating in the dungeon raid! He begins to harbor doubts about the value of his existence, making him easy prey for Enchantress Youren’s manipulations and setting him on a collision course with none other than Krusty!
  • Monster Wrestling: Interspecies Combat Girls, Vol. 1

    by Artist: Ganmarei
    Author: Tyataniyou
    Takeo Aoki

    It’s claws versus tentacles as monstrous beauties grapple with one another in the global sensation that is monster wrestling! A young Cerberus girl named Tirol dreams of stardom in the squared circle, but can she stand up to all the thirsty predators ready to dominate her into submission? Winning in the ring means walking a fine line between pain and pleasure…and unleashing the beast inside!
  • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, Vol. 10

    by Izumi Tsubaki

    With a change of scenery comes a change of heart?!
    Chiyo, Nozaki, and their classmates are about to embark on a major event in their high school lives—the school trip! To get an edge, lovelorn Chiyo studies up on Nozaki’s itinerary in advance. Will her efforts bear fruit when the two find themselves alone together and a new emotion takes root in Nozaki’s heart?! Meanwhile, back at school, Wakamatsu’s popularity suddenly skyrockets, and Hori uncovers Kashima’s embarrassing secret…!
  • Murciélago, Vol. 9

    by Yoshimurakana

    Higaki, of the Sakura Pruning Group, was forged in the fires of war and fueled by a passion for revolution. Now an old man, he’s engaged in a life—and—death battle with Kuroko in order to achieve his ultimate goal. But is Higaki animated by a desire to conquer Japan or by something more personal? The secrets of the Sakura Pruning Group reach far and wide—even right into Hinako’s past!

  • Nyankees, Vol. 1

    by Atsushi Okada

    Protecting your turf, keeping other guys from pawing at your girl, showing everyone who’s boss…it’s all in a day’s work when you’re a street thug—er, a street cat!
  • Overlord, Vol. 9 (light novel)

    by Kugane Maruyama, so-bin

    The annual war between the kingdom and the empire almost always ends in little more than a staring contest. This year, the Fresh Blood Emperor’s visit to Nazarick will change everything. Ainz himself has joined the fray, which is a dark omen of the coming storm. The arrival of the absolute ruler of Nazarick means only horror and death await those who stand on what will become the most hellish battlefield anyone has seen in living memory…!
  • Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts, Vol. 4

    by Yu Tomofuji

    Confronted with yet another challenge to prove she is worthy to become queen, Sariphi must now entertain the mysterious Duke Galois upon his visit to the palace. But will learning niceties and dance steps be enough to win over the duke, who is rumored to be a fearsome warrior with a burning hatred for all things human? Or has Sariphi been set up to fail her w ay out of the palace and the beast realm for good?
  • The Saga of Tanya the Evil, Vol. 5 (manga)

    by Carlo Zen, Chika Tojo, Shinobu Shinotsuki

    As hinted at by Colonel Lergen’s “thoughtful” words of advice, an attack on Dacia has been ordered by the Empire, and the fearsome power of the new mage battalion is deployed. Determined to unleash the power of modernity upon the enemy, Tanya prepares her freshly polished human shields for an all—out battle…There’s no holding back with a resume—worthy achievement on the line…!!
  • Sekirei, Vol. 7

    by Sakurako Gokurakuin

    The final round of Phase Three is here: a battle royal and Jinki hunt aboard MBI’s cruise ship! Unfortunately, Minato has wandered into a trap—with only Ku by his side, he’ll have to rely on the kindness of friends to see them through…
    And speaking of friends! It’s a parade of familiar faces as the fighting heats up. Yukari and Shiina are on the S.S. Minaka, too—they’ve been searching far and wide for Shiina’s long—lost sister, Ku. Will the Sekirei finally be reunited? And what will the Sahashi siblings make of it when they realize they’ve both been Ashikabi this whole time…?
    The last few Jinki are up for grabs in this thrilling fight to the finish!
  • A Sister’s All You Need., Vol. 3 (light novel)

    by Yomi Hirasaka, Kantoku

    Itsuki Hashima, the little—sister—obsessed author whose novels feature nothing but his favorite character trope, presses on through day after frenetic day, despite all his trials and tribulations. Deadlines, love, even his own family weigh heavily upon his mind—but when his friend Haruto Fuwa (still reeling from the awful anime adaptation of his series) discusses a potential love interest, the results could shake up Itsuki’s entire social life. Will peace prevail?!
  • Strike the Blood, Vol. 11 (light novel)

    by Gakuto Mikumo, Manyako

    New Year’s Day is right around the corner on Itogami Island, and everyone is getting ready to celebrate! …Well, almost everyone. Nagisa, off on a trip to the mainland to visit her grandmother, hasn’t been returning any calls or texts. Equally troubling is Yukina’s sudden and complete loss of contact with the Lion King Agency. When Kojou and Yukina’s frantic attempts to find answers reveal evidence of a magical incident, Kojou decides to risk everything and travel to the mainland to find Nagisa himself. But in his
    most desperate hour, an unexpected adversary stands in his way…
  • Teasing Master Takagi-san, Vol. 3

    by Soichiro Yamamoto

    Hearing the word couple is enough to get Nishikata flustered, especially when he and Takagi—san keep getting mistaken for one…(It’s gotta be another ploy!) With summer still in the air, hair—raising ghost stories and haunted trails won’t be the only surprise in store for Nishikata—not when the real heart—stopper is right beside him!

  • Today’s Cerberus, Vol. 11

    by Ato Sakurai

    Valentine’s Day is two weeks away, but Chiaki already has admirers fighting for the right to give him chocolates! However, when Orthros kidnaps Chiaki, it kinda kills the romance. Can the gang find a way to the underworld to mount a rescue? More importantly, can they accomplish their mission once Orthros’s true scheme is revealed…?
  • W.I.T.C.H.: The Graphic Novel, Part V. The Book of Elements, Vol. 1

    by Disney

    An Enemy Redeemed?

    The girls are growing into their powers, but possibly not quickly enough…? As their elemental magic swells, the girls begin losing control of their frighteningly increased abilities. Possibly even more frightening, though, is that Cedric is back…and getting a second chance from the Oracle?!?

    How will the girls cope when one of their oldest and most dangerous foes sets up shop in Heatherfield…?

  • W.I.T.C.H.: The Graphic Novel, Part V. The Book of Elements, Vol. 2

    by Disney

    Running Heatherfield’s Ye Olde Book Shop isn’t the new life Cedric wanted for himself, but it may have given the perfect opportunity for revenge! With the Book of Elements and the secrets it contains, Cedric’s found the power he needs to finish the Guardians once and for all, but is that what he really wants…?

  • The Witch’s House: The Diary of Ellen, Vol. 1

    by Fummy, Yuna Kagesaki

    “I know all too well…the beginning of that diary I never wrote—”
    Ellen, who has been plagued by sickness her whole life, heavily relies on her mother’s care and love. When the bond between them decays in a horrific turn of events, Ellen despairs that she’ll never get the love she so desperately craves and thinks she’s done for—that is, until she crosses paths with a mysterious black cat. The cat offers her powers and a house to live in, which seems to change Ellen’s life for the better. But the new witch soon discovers the gruesome secrets within this ever—changing house…
  • Zo Zo Zombie, Vol. 2

    by Yasunari Nagatoshi

    It’s Zombie Boy time!
    Zombie Boy’s a “gutsy” little guy you just can’t ignore! He’s got a heart of gold, a pair of sturdy shoulders to lean on, and he’s willing to stick his neck out for friends—literally. There’s never a boring day with a zombie on the loose!
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