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  • Accel World, Vol. 7 (manga)

    by Reki Kawahara, Hiroyuki Aigamo


    After meeting Sky Raker and learning about the Incarnate System, Haruyuki manages to defeat the merciless Dusk Taker, Seiji Noumi in real life. After ending Seiji’s time in Brain Burst, Haru and friends look toward their next challenge: the Hermes Cord Race!


  • Accel World, Vol. 9 (light novel)

    by Reki Kawahara


    “I will never forgive you. I will kill you. I will continue to kill you until all your Burst Points are gone and you vanish from the accelerated world.”
    Having turned into Chrome Disaster once more, Haruyuki slaughters with the force of a vengeful god the avatars who made Ash Roller suffer. And then he fuses completely with the Armor of Catastrophe, down to his deepest depths. Silver Crow soars above the accelerated world, seeking out enemies to destroy. For his next target, he turns the spearhead of his hatred toward the creators of the ISS kit, the Acceleration Research Society.
    A berserker no one can control. Before this raging figure, a long avatar stands to block his way. His name: Green Grandé. The absolute defense of the Green King, bearer of the most powerful shield, the Strife, collides fiercely with the madness of the cursed avatar! The conclusion to the Armor of Catastrophe arc!


  • Akame ga KILL! ZERO, Vol. 5

    by Takahiro, Kei Toru


    Akame and her allies are on a mission to find the Revolutionary Army, but standing in their way is the leader of the Oarburgh Assassin’s group! How will Akame overcome such a dangerous adversary?


  • The Asterisk War, Vol. 3 (manga)

    by Yuu Miyazaki, okiura, Ningen


    The traitor revealed!
    The one behind the recent “accidents” has finally been unmasked—but Julis alone isn’t strong enough to beat him! It’ll take a team of unlikely allies to bring this fiend to justice. Those in the shadows know this is only the first of many threats to come. Things will heat up even more as the Festa draws near…!


  • Barakamon, Vol. 13

    by Satsuki Yoshino


    Ya can’t see the sunset from here.
    Tagging along on Handa—sensei’s visit home, Naru finally arrives in Tokyo! Trains, tall buildings, the zoo—the big city’s full of amazing first experiences! But what will Handa decide when his dad asks him to come back to Tokyo? Volume 13 promises growth, courage, and farewells!


  • Blood Lad, Vol. 8

    by Yuuki Kodama


    The final showdown starts off with a bang and a boom! Can the Blacklisted fight their way through Akim’s loyal minions to reach the king himself? Will Braz’s “poison” be enough to defeat Grimm once and for all? Everyone’s giving it everything they’ve got—but it still might not be enough! All of Staz’s training could never have prepared him for this…

    How do you stop limitless power? Just when all seems lost, a new challenger appears…!


  • The Boy and the Beast, Vol. 3 (manga)

    by Mamoru Hosoda, Renji Asai

    Kyuta has been spending more and more time back in the human world. He’s about to take an exam that will let him go to college! But does this mean saying goodbye to his master and his life in Jutengai forever? Can he be a part of both worlds, or will he have to choose…?

  • Bungo Stray Dogs, Vol. 2

    by Kafka Asagiri, Sango Harukawa


    Regaining consciousness after nearly losing his life to Akutagawa, Atsushi is paralyzed by the thought of bringing more death and destruction down on the heads of his companions at the Armed Detective Agency and vows to run away. But before he can make good on his resolution, the Mafia sends Ryuurou Hirotsu of the merciless Black Lizard squad to storm their offices! Between the bomb—tossing Motojirou Kajii and the demure, kimono—wearing Kyouka Izumi, will the Mafia’s literary giants close the book on Atsushi and the Armed Detective Agency for good?!


  • Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, Vol. 2 (manga)

    by Hiro Ainana, Ayamegumu

    Satou’s caught in an underground labyrinth. Zena’s also lost, and her only companions are three beast girls. Demons abound as Satou and Zena try to get to safety!

  • The Devil Is a Part-Timer!, Vol. 8 (manga)

    by Satoshi Wagahara, Akio Hiiragi


    All work—and a little play!
    With both his home and MgRonald under renovation, the Devil King is in trouble…until he finds employment seaside! But with Emi, Chiho, and the rest of his household coming too, will the job really go smoothly? It’s time to hit the beach!


  • Dragons Rioting, Vol. 6

    by Tsuyoshi Watanabe


    Who will be on top?
    The second semester’s begun for Rintaro, who soon discovers a dragon statue in his locker, and anyone who possesses it will rule the school! Caught in the middle of the battle between the dangerous girls of Nangokuren High School, Rintaro can’t forget the most important thing—to him, their knockout bodies are literally lethal!


  • Durarara!!, Vol. 6 (light novel)

    by Ryohgo Narita, Suzuhito Yasuda


    After being framed by Izaya and forced to become fugitive on the run, Shizuo. Forced to rethink his position and circumstances, Mikado. Only now realizing the predicaments of his friends, Masaomi. Unaware of everything going on as she flees her house, Anri. Events going far beyond anything she could have imagined, Akane. Unable to conceal her excitement at coming into contact with the Black Rider, a girl. Continuing to wait anxiously at home, Shinra. Scheming so everything goes his way, Aoba. Working towards enacting his revenge on the Dollars, Chikage. And lastly, the person who will save the Headless Rider is—Ikebukuro is warping again today in the next installment of Durarara!!


  • Fruits Basket Collector’s Edition, Vol. 11

    by Natsuki Takaya


    The curse is crumbling, and Akito is doing anything to clutch at the broken threads that remain. Does the end of the curse mean catastrophe for the members of the zodiac, or will it bring the much needed healing they’ve all dreamed of? Tohru’s bright love and generosity will become a beacon of hope in the dark…!


  • Handa-kun, Vol. 5

    by Satsuki Yoshino


    The class trip has begun, but now it’s not just his own classmates Handa needs to worry about… When a rival school ends up going along for the ride, isn’t it a given that Handa—kun’s going to run afoul of a whole new set of kids??
    The Handa Army have met their nemesee…nemenisee…neemessss—their rivals! There is no way they will allow their beloved Handa to be diminished by the white shirts!! Meanwhile, poor Handa—kun is trying REALLY hard just to fit in…


  • He’s My Only Vampire, Vol. 10

    by Aya Shouoto


    Born together and locked in endless struggle…that leaves us but one fate…
    Envy, the final Stigma appears at last…on Kana! To protect her, Aki resolves to battle Eriya in earnest and sets out for Tsubakiin Manor. The tale of the love and blood red bonds shared by the beautiful vampire twins and their thrall comes to a thrilling conclusion!


  • The Honor Student at Magic High School, Vol. 6

    by Tsutomu Sato, Yu Mori


    With Shizuku’s victory, First High is off to a great start in the Nine School Competition! But the students at Third High aren’t going to take it lying down—Airi Isshiki is participating in Cloud Ball and ready to win! Who will win the Nine School Competition, where magic and athleticism meet?


  • How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend, Vol. 5

    by Takeshi Moriki, Fumiaki Maruto, Kurehito Misaki

    Utaha’s scenario for Tomoya’s game is finally complete! Since such an achievement is cause for celebration, Tomoya joins his senpai for a shopping date. But what awaits him isn’t fitting rooms and food courts. Instead, Utaha drops a bombshell on him—”I want you to choose, Rinri—kun…which do you like better?” What could she possibly mean?! And the shocks don’t stop there! When the devious Iori confronts the team with a declaration of war, Tomoya learns that someone he cares about is working for the enemy?!

  • Kiniro Mosaic, Vol. 2

    by Yui Hara


    While Alice and Karen have quickly gotten used to life in Japan thanks to the help of their friends, plenty of new experiences still await them—their first school festival, summer vacation, an unforgettable Japanese—style(?) Christmas party, and more! The girls are having the time of their lives in this comedy of cultural exchange, and with any luck, they might even remember to study for their exams too!


  • Kiss and White Lily for My Dearest Girl, Vol. 1

    by Canno


    Two girls, a new school, and the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
    In middle school, Ayaka Shiramine was the perfect student: hard—working, with excellent grades and a great personality to match. As Ayaka enters high school she expects to still be on top, but one thing she didn’t account for is her new classmate, the lazy yet genuine genius Yurine Kurosawa. What’s in store for Ayaka and Yurine as they go through high school…together?


  • Log Horizon, Vol. 7 (light novel)

    by Mamare Touno, Kazuhiro Hara


    Shiroe left Akiba in search of 8,000,000,000,000 gold coins, setting off for the vast north lands. But, what he found there was a warning of a large scale raid about to occur.
    In Akiba’s unstable situation, Shiroe’s chosen raid members include the galactic idol Tetora, the leader of Silver Sword who refused to take part in the round table council, Massachusetts, and the man he defeated in Susukino who still hates him, Demiquas.
    …Is everything really going to be alright?


  • Love at Fourteen, Vol. 6

    by Fuka Mizutani


    As Class 2—B makes landfall in Kyoto, everyone’s talking about who’s going to confess to whom. Amidst the mayhem, Kanata is shocked to realize that despite their developing romance, Kazuki’s never actually told her how he feels about her! There’s love in the air, but for Kanata and Kazuki, will this momentous confession—if it ever comes—just be too little, too late?


  • My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected @ comic, Vol. 4 (manga)

    by Wataru Watari, Naomichi Io, Ponkan 8

    In spite of his best efforts, Hachiman still finds himself helping out his fellow students as a member of the Service Club. When delusional fantasy lover and fellow reject Zaimokuza tries to establish a “Playing Club,” how will Hachiman, Yui, and Yukino handle his antics?

  • Of the Red, the Light, and the Ayakashi, Vol. 6

    by HaccaWorks*, Nanao


    Both the Akujiki and Sagano descend upon the shrine of Utsuwa, now with its protective lamp out of commission and its barrier a distant memory. To save the captured Tsubaki, Yue goes up into the shrine with Akiyoshi, where he learns about the ties that bind ayakashi annihilator Sagano, Mikoto, and Shin, and the truth of the past that lies between the three. The beginning of the thread begins to unravel…


  • Prison School, Vol. 6

    by Akira Hiramoto

    An unthinkable “nightmare scenario” is brought down on the Shadow Student Council, shaking the Prison to its core…!! Kiyoshi falls into the trap laid by Kate, the Regular Student Council President, and finds himself behind bars once again! Now Mari, Meiko, and Kiyoshi must share a co—ed Prison. Meanwhile, Kate’s plan for revenge is quietly set into motion…!

  • Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-, Vol. 3 (light novel)

    by Tappei Nagatsuki, Shinichirou Otsuka

    —Let’s get this story moving. Alongside the people most important to him, a boy goes out to meet the same sunrise once more. Strengthening his resolve, Subaru returns to his first day in the mansion. Repeating his loop in the Roswaal household armed with his memories, Subaru attempts to only make the optimal decisions to avoid another tragedy, but his fear and obsession with evading death and failure are slowly warping him. While Subaru slowly falls apart trying to save everyone…who will save Subaru…?

  • School-Live!, Vol. 6

    by Norimitsu Kaihou (Nitroplus), Sadoru Chiba


    The girls head out on a graduation trip together! There’s a mysterious voice on the radio—does that mean someone else is still alive!? In high spirits, the School Living Club sets out to see if they’ll be adding a new member.


  • Strike the Blood, Vol. 6 (manga)

    by TATE, Gakuto Mikumo, Manyako


    Yukina and Koujou are reunited once more and ready to take on the army of Nalakuvera! Will the strength of his new beast vassal allow the Fourth Primogenitor to reign supreme, or will the Black Death Emperor Front succeed in destroying Itogami City?


  • Sword Art Online Progressive, Vol. 5 (manga)

    by Reki Kawahara, Kiseki Himura


    It’s time for the “real” SAO—the third floor! Kirito and Asuna are hardly out the door when they stumble upon the start of the Elf War quest. When they decide to side with the elite dark elf Kizmel, they’re set on a path that will push them harder than ever before. But together, nothing can stop them…right?


  • Today’s Cerberus, Vol. 3

    by Ato Sakurai


    The mythical beast Fenrir has set her sights on Chiaki, and Shirogane in particular is none too happy with the competition. It’s dog versus wolf in this showdown that will bring the whole school to its knees! Who will come out on top?!


  • Twinkle Stars, Vol. 2

    by Natsuki Takaya


    Things get unpleasant for Sakuya when Kanade finds out about Chihiro. Though her cousin is a hothead, Sakuya asks him to meet Chihiro once more and give him another chance. Next on the agenda: summer vacation! Sakuya is studying hard for finals, since low scores mean she won’t be able to participate in the last summer camp of her high school career. But then—an unexpected visitor…!?


  • Ubel Blatt, Vol. 8

    by Etorouji Shiono


    Glenn has disbanded the Order of the Seven Spears and established the Order of Heaven’s Spear in its place. This new band of super—powered knights sets forth to recruit the strongest fighters in the land, luring them to Glenn’s cause by offering a share of the incredible power they wield. As Glenn and his knights hunt down all those who have ever opposed him, the man at the very top of that list—”Hero—Killer” Köinzell—eludes Glenn’s forces and journeys to the capital, the next stop on his quest for justice!


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