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  • Akame ga KILL!, Vol. 9

    by Takahiro, Tetsuya Tashiro

    Mine is starting to realize her feelings for Tatsumi while Najenda has hardened her resolve for the decisive battle. With all kinds of emotions running through their hearts, the members of Night Raid storm the cathedral. But the one to intercept them is none other than “the Empire’s strongest”—Esdeath!!

  • Aphorism, Vol. 8

    by Karuna Kujo

    Hokuto and Hotaru lost someone very important to them, prompting them on a quest to find the “Record of Lives,” rumored to be at Naraka High School. However, with Yama scheming behind the scenes, will things really work out in the twins’ favor?

  • Baccano!, Chapter 22 (manga)

    by Ryohgo Narita, Shinta Fujimoto, Katsumi Enami

    The spiral of events in 1930 New York City are coming to an end… Read the final chapter of the manga adaptation of Ryohgo Narita’s BACCANO!

  • Big Hero 6, Vol. 1

    by Haruki Ueno

    When Hiro’s kindhearted brother, Tadashi, vanishes through a portal to save him, the boy genius is devastated. But his big brother left something to help Hiro cope with his loss—a personal health—care robot named Baymax. And when what Hiro needs more than comfort is an explanation of his brother’s disappearance, Baymax—with a few upgrades—may be just what the doctor ordered! With new friends and Baymax 2.0 by his side, Hiro is determined to get to the bottom of everything…and he might end up saving the world on his way!

  • Big Hero 6, Vol. 2

    by Haruki Ueno

    Hiro teams up with Baymax to resolve the mysterious disappearance of his brother and role model, Tadashi. With four reliable friends and an upgraded Baymax by his side, Hiro finally confronts the masked man, the one who holds the key to the truth!! Spurred by his desire for revenge, Hiro corners the masked man,but then something goes wrong with Baymax?! Read the wonderfully miraculous conclusion to the story of a boy and his kindhearted health—care robot!

  • Big Order, Vol. 1

    by Sakae Esuno

    When Eiji Hoshimiya was asked his heart’s desire, the young boy could never have predicted the catastrophic consequences. Ten years after the “Great Destruction,” the world has been reshaped with gifted individuals called “Orders” emerging, people capable to reshaping reality to their whims.

    When some of these Orders start hunting Eiji, though will he have to summon the power that nearly destroyed the world?

  • Big Order, Vol. 2

    by Sakae Esuno

    Sena’s awake! Rushing to see her, Eiji heads back to Dazaifu, only to hear Hiiragi reveal to her that she’s got six months left to live! Eiji is livid, but Hiiragi has one more bombshell to drop—they’ve located someone who can cure Sena! Now it’s off to Hiroshima to find this mysterious Order! Could this be the chance Eiji’s been waiting for, or is Hiiragi hiding something else?

  • Black Butler, Chapter 124

    by Yana Toboso

    With the misdeeds of Sphere Music Hall splashed across the front pages, everyone in London wants answers, including Inspector Abberline, who comes calling at Phantomhive Manor for the real scoop…

    Read the latest installment of Yana Toboso’s Black Butler the same day it comes out in Japan!

  • The Case Study of Vanitas, Chapter 14

    by Jun Mochizuki

    In pursuit of the culprits behind the vampire disappearances, Vanitas and Noe head into the catacombs under Paris. Find out what happens in the latest installment of Jun Mochizuki’s latest epic adventure tale, The Case Study of Vanitas, the same day as Japan!

  • Crimson Prince, Vol. 8

    by Souta Kuwahara

    The awakening of the Crimson Maiden prompts a return trip to Heaven and Koujirou begins putting together the clues of what really happened between Angels and Demons all those years ago. But when they have a run in with Heaven’s top angel, they may have more than just a rumor on their hands…

  • Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, Vol. 1 (light novel)

    by Hiro Ainana

    Programmer Ichirou Suzuki is transported to another world. In a foreign land, he finds that life is an adventure that’s sometimes fun, sometimes serious, and full of girls!

  • Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, Vol. 1 (manga)

    by Hiro Ainana, Megumu Aya

    Suzuki is a programmer in the midst of a death march—crunch time, when coders live on caffeine and pull twenty—hour days. He just needs a little nap…but then he has a dream. A dream where he’s in another world, with RPG powers right out of his game. A dream where he calls down a great disaster. A dream that, suspiciously, just won’t end…

  • Dragon Girl, Vol. 2

    by Toru Fujieda

    For all of her young life, fiesty, fierce Rinna Aizen has only had room in her heart for one man — Sakuya, the erstwhile captain of the most legendary cheering squad in the history of Shoryu Senior High…who also happens to be her dad! But as Rinna, following in her father’s footsteps, struggles to raise the Shoryu squad back to up to its former glory, will she also find a space opening up in her heart for one of the many boys in her life?!

  • Horimiya, Vol. 6

    by HERO, Daisuke Hagiwara

    Connect, come together, and the world will change for the better one day at a time.

    Seeing Miyamura and Hori together every day feels natural. They play around, long for each other, and even get into fights on occasion. What will happen as their bitter, sweet, and acidic school life continues?

  • The Isolator, Vol. 1 (manga)

    by Reki Kawahara, Naoki Koshimizu

    Mysterious objects from space have landed, embedding themselves within human beings around the world and granting them impossible powers according to their deepest wishes. Seventeen—year—old Utsugi Minoru’s only wish is to be able to live apart from the world and events around him. But will he remain the same after experiencing his new powers—and new dangers?

  • Kagerou Daze, Vol. 6

    by Jin (Shizen no Teki-P), Sidu

    It was a never ending long, long summer day when Shintarou feels a sudden change in his body. While this is happening, he has a momentous meeting with his upperclassman, who tells Shintarou the secret truths about this world’s past. What in the world is going on?

  • Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler -, Chapter 36

    by Homura Kawamoto, Toru Naomura

    Read the latest installment of KAKEGURUI — COMPULSIVE GAMBLER — !

  • Murciélago, Vol. 1

    by Yoshimurakana

    Mass murderers may not have much by way of careeer skills, but Kuroko Koumori seems to have landed her dream job as a hitwoman for the Tokyo police! A license to kill other killers? That’s some serious job satisfaction, right there!

  • My Monster Girl’s Too Cool for You, Chapter 42

    by Karino Takatsu

    Shinogi has a visitor, and Jyunon is freaking out…

    Read the latest chapter in Karino Takatsu’s My Monster Girl’s Too Cool for You!

  • Overlord, Vol. 3

    by Kugane Maruyama, so-bin

    Lord Ainz has made great progress moonlighting as the indomitable hero Momon, but what should be a moment of triumph is shattered—by news of rebellion. He vows to find out what has happened and to defend the honor of his guild and home—Ainz Ooal Gown.

  • The Royal Tutor, Chapter 47

    by Higasa Akai

    Prince Licht once again finds himself caught between his role as a prince and his desire to have some fun in his life. How will he react when the count offers his assistance?

    Read the latest installment of Higasa Akai’s THE ROYAL TUTOR, the same day as it comes out in Japan!

  • Scum’s Wish, Vol. 2

    by Mengo Yokoyari

    Mugi and Hanabi are in a relationship in spite of (and because) they’re in love with other people. As this deception continues, are they going to hurt the ones they care for most?

  • Sekirei, Vol. 8

    by Sakurako Gokurakuin

    Now that Kagari—san has been winged, Phase Three of the Sekirei Project is primed to begin in earnest! Minato learns a good deal of the history of MBI and the Sekirei, but will what he’s learned be enough to prepare him for what’s to come?

  • Spice and Wolf, Vol. 2

    by Isuna Hasekura

    Following his good fortune in Pazzio, Lawrence is confident that he is on the path to realizing his dream of becoming a town merchant. One ill—informed business decision, though, leaves him teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and ruin! With no assets to his name — other than the cunning of his fetching traveling companion, Holo the Wisewolf — Lawrence may need to resort to illicit means to put his affairs in order. With all of the merchant’s plans hinging on one beautiful young shepherdess — for whose vocation Holo holds no affection — Lawrence’s prospects, both personal and professional, are looking grim!

  • Spice and Wolf, Vol. 3

    by Isuna Hasekura

    Having narrowly escaped financial ruin, Lawrence turns hisattention to helping Holo find her ancient homeland in the North. But how longcan a traveling merchant afford to wander the countryside looking for a villagethat he suspects may have ceased to exist long ago? When a rival merchant setshis sights on Lawrence’s beautiful companion, though, can Lawrence truly beconfident that Holo will remain by his side? Has the time come when Lawrencemust ask himself whether his relationship with the Wisewolf is business orpleasure?

  • Strike the Blood, Vol. 5

    by Gakuto Mikumo, Manyako

    Aya Tokoyogi and six other hardened magical criminals have broken out from imprisonment. Their goal—to completely erase the ‘Witch of the Void,’ Netsuke Minamaya, from existence. How these events will unfold in the Demon District will depend on the actions of the strongest vampire to ever exist, Kojou Akatsuki.

  • Sundome, Vol. 3

    by Kazuto Okada

    More torture, teasing, and humiliation from Kurumi ensues, but Hideo’s crush on his tormentor only worsens! When nasty rumors start flying about Kurumi’s promiscuity, Hideo finds the source and sets things straight. But even he can’t explain the mysterious pair of men’s shoes in her apartment. Meanwhile, the Roman Club accepts a bet from the sneaky class president which involves wandering through a haunted graveyard and playing a creepy game of hide—and—seek in the school after dark. And the love bug launches a surprise attack on Hideo’s Roman Club crony Tatsuya when he stands up for the buxom Kyouko who’s sick and tired of being abused by her boyfriend.

  • Sundome, Vol. 4

    by Kazuto Okada

    The climax builds as Kurumi says she wants to visit Hideo’s house. Now the Aiba family is in an uproar over their son bringing his first girl home!!

  • Taboo Tattoo, Vol. 5

    by Shinjiro

    Seigi gets his hands on something that has the power to rewrite reality itself! The power and action gets even bigger in the fifth volume!

  • Today’s Cerberus, Chapter 40

    by Ato Sakurai

    Minnie’s back, now with Kuro’s younger brother, and ready to woo Chiaki off his feet. However, when an enemy appears to steal him away, will Minnie and Hinata be able to save their beloved!? Read the latest chapter of Ato Sakurai’s Today’s Cerberus!

  • Tohyo Game: One Black Ballot to You, Vol. 2

    by G.O., Chihiro, Tatsuhiko

    Whoever gets the least votes in the class popularity poll winds up dead last, literally. Who will live, and what can Shuusuke and Wakaba do stop this dangerous game from continuing? The school survivor horror series enters its second volume.

  • Umineko WHEN THEY CRY Episode 6: Dawn of the Golden Witch, Vol. 3

    by Ryukishi07, Hinase Momoyama

    As detective—and—witch Erika targets all logical errors, Battler charges in head—on as their duel reaches its end. The relationships between Jouji and Shannon, Jessica and Kanon, as well as Battler and Beatrice are also put to the test!

  • With the Light… Vol. 3

    by Keiko Tobe

    A little effort goes a long way—that’s what Sachiko, Honda—san, and Gunji—sensei learn as they struggle to work together to make life easier for the Special Education children. With the help of gadgets and the support of more people in their environment than meets the eye, Hikaru and Miyu become able to communicate better with the world around them. But when Hikaru’s teen idol classmate sends some mothers into a flashbulb frenzy that causes Hikaru to panic, other parents begin to question his presence alongside “normal” students in the classroom. Hikaru’s first school trip also ends in disaster, when he gets separated from the group, and Sachiko begins to worry that Hikaru is losing his hard—fought place in society.

  • With the Light… Vol. 4

    by Keiko Tobe

    When staffing changes at Masato’s company get him transferred to a dead—end job in the middle of nowhere, more suffering and despair seem imminent for the Azuma family. However, Masato approaches the situation with aplomb and comes up with new ways to pave the way for Hikaru and those like him to become “cheerful working adults”…with surprising results. Hikaru himself seems to be getting closer, bit by bit, to achieving this goal as the Azumas decide to foster their son’s independence in a variety of ways, including getting to and from school on his own. But when Hikaru encounters an old acquaintance on the way home and leads Sachiko to a horrific discovery, will the Azumas be able to return a favor and help out a friend in need?

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