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Are you ready for the mayhem in new Dead Mount Death Play, Chapter 10?

It’s the showdown between Polka and Lemmings! But isn’t this fight more even than it should be…? From the author and artist of the hit Baccano manga comes a new simulpub series, available on e-readers the same day it releases in Japan!

Available now—Goblin Slayer, Chapter 22!

The party is trapped in the caves deep below the water town. There’s no end in sight to the horde of goblins coming right for them! In any adventure, death is just a roll of the dice away. Could this be the end for Goblin Slayer…?

Visit Yen Press at Sakura Con 2018!

Spring is finally here–so you know what that means–Sakura Con is near! Find Yen Press at Booths 611 & 710 at Sakura-Con from Friday, March 29 to Sunday, April 1! Stop by this weekend for some free swag, items to be revealed on social media throughout the week. We will also have some exciting announcements at our panel on Saturday,… Read More…

Read The Case Study of Vanitas Chapter 24 Today!

Vanitas, Noe, Dante and Johann head into the forest in search of the Beast of Gevaudan, and find quite a bit more than they’d bargained for. Find out what happens in the latest installment of Jun Mochizuki’s latest epic adventure tale, The Case Study of Vanitas, the same day as Japan!  

Go All In on Kakegurui-Compulsive Gambler Chapter 51!

The Hollywood starlet Kawaru Natari has arrived on the scene ready to throw her hat into the ring for the student council election! Yumemi idolizes Kawaru, but the big-time actress doesn’t have the time of day for the lowly pop idol. With Yumeko’s help, will Yumemi be able to steal some of the spotlight for… Read More…

The Royal Tutor Chapter 62 is out now!

Prince Bruno has returned home from his studies abroad. But Prince Leonhard, normally Bruno’s biggest fan, is acting strange… Read the next chapter of The Royal Tutor at the same time as Japan!    

The next installment of Death Mount Death Play is here!

Lemmings is on the scene, but who’s his target…? And how scary does someone have to be to frighten a death god?! Read the next chapter of Dead Mount Death Play the same day as Japan!