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Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One, Chapter 4 is ready for you!

Assailing the nest, Goblin Slayer has his first run-in with a goblin shaman…but that may not be the worst thing he encounters on this expedition… Read the latest chapter of Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One the same day it’s released in Japan!

Dead Mount Death Play Chapter 3 is available!

Polka meets the “locals,” and they’ve never seen anything like this necromancer! Not a single thing about him is what they might expect… Is it really okay to trust this guy?? From the author and artist of the hit Baccano manga comes a new simulpub series, available on e-readers the same day it releases in Japan!  

My Monster Girl’s Too Cool For You, Chapter 49 in stores now!

At another mom friends teatime, Hibarigaoka’s mother explains the reason behind Hibarigaoka’s oddly calm reactions to her many misfortunes. Read the latest chapter in Karino Takatsu’s My Monster Girl’s Too Cool for You!

Today’s Cerberus, Chapter 50 is available now!

Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away, and Chiaki already has admirers fighting for the right to give him chocolates! But when Chiaki is ambushed, will he even make it that long…? Read the newest chapter of Ato Sakurai’s Today’s Cerberus the same time it’s released in Japan!  

The long waited Final Fantasy Lost Stranger, Chapter 4 is out now!

Shogo and his group have teamed up with a group of high-level adventurers to take on the dragon that killed Yuko! But despite the strength of their team and the experience of their leader, will they be able to recover when everything goes awry? Read the next chapter of Final Fantasy Lost Stranger, the same… Read More…

Can’t get enough of the Dead Mount Death Play? The new chapter is out now!

The necromancer whose new body goes by the name “Polka” is keen to find out more about this new world he’s been reborn into, but the one person who can fill him in……is already dead?? Apparently, they don’t make assassins like they used to… From the author and artist of the hit Baccano manga comes… Read More…

Welcome some of our newest Spring 2018 titles: Eclair & Napping Princess!

We are really excited to announce some our upcoming titles for Spring 2018! Please welcome Eclair, a sweet anthology of Yuri stories and Napping Princess, the light novel adaptation of the fan-favorite movie! Eclair Description: Beating hearts and fluttering feelings. An anthology of girls’ love stories to leave you breathless. With contributors like Canno (Kiss… Read More…

Hinowa Ga Crush! Chapter 5 in stores now!

Hinowa and her friends have entered their first battle with the Soukai army, attacked as they try to defend their commander’s vantage point! Will their first battle end up being their last…? Read the next chapter of Hinowa ga CRUSH!

Get your Goblin Slayer fix with an all new chapter!

Guild Girl asks Goblin Slayer to help her out with a job–one that has nothing to do with goblins! Read the latest chapter of Goblin Slayer the same day it’s released in Japan!