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Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One, Chapter 1

Happy Friday everyone! You know, I love to share fun news, especially on a Friday…well, today I have a treat for Goblin Slayer fans!  A brand new simulpub launching today. Read the brand new spin-off of Goblin Slayer — Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One the same day it’s released in Japan! If you’ve read it, let… Read More…

New chapters of My Monster Girl’s Too Cool for You, Napping Princess and Today’s Cerberus.

So. Many. Simulpubs. But that’s not a bad thing! On the contrary, you have lots of awesome chapters to read today. My Monster Girl’s Too Cool for You, Chapter 47 where Mama Shiroishi runs away from home, but what does she find? An adorable, lost human child! Napping Princess, Chapter 8 where Ancien and Peach infiltrate one… Read More…

Final Fantasy Lost Stranger, Chapter 3 is out today!

Determined to join Randolph’s raid on the dragon that claimed his sister’s life, Shogo and his party set out to prove themselves by hunting beasts. Along the way, Shogo discovers that his Libra power allows him to see more than he thought… But will this new knowledge be enough for Randolph to accept them?  Find… Read More…

Two new chapters of THE WITCH’S HOUSE are out today

In this week’s chapters, Ellen has discovered her new power as a witch and realizes she can use it to call herself a friend. But when her new friend convinces her to play outside, will something terrible befall her for disobeying the black cat!? After discovering the nuances of the house, in chapter 4 Ellen… Read More…

Explore the World of Goblin Slayer, Chapter 15!

Goblin Slayer has challenged the Goblin Lord and trapped him before he can make an escape! But when the Lord lands a lucky strike, will anyone be nearby to save the Goblin Slayer…?!  Read the latest chapter of Goblin Slayer the same day it’s released in Japan!

The Case Study of Vanitas, Chapter 20 is Available Now!

Hello, readers! We have a new chapter right from Mochizuki-sensei! Jeanne reveals the motive behind her request for a date. Find out what happens in the latest installment of Jun Mochizuki’s latest epic adventure tale, The Case Study of Vanitas, the same day as Japan!

The Royal Tutor, Chapter 54 Hits eBook Stores Today!

The Queen Mother’s tea party takes a less-than-pleasant turn after Prince Leonhard’s misstep. Afterward, Professor Heine gets another chance to confront the enigmatic Count Rosenberg, and he’s not going to waste it… Read the latest installment of Higasa Akai’s THE ROYAL TUTOR, the same day as it comes out in Japan!

Catch up with Ciel in Black Butler, Chapter 131!

The tale of the twins Phantomhive unfolds, warm and bittersweet, but the ending promises to be anything but happy… Read the latest installment of Yana Toboso’s Black Butler the same day it comes out in Japan!

Have you read the final installment of NE NE NE?

Koyuki has paid Shin to have a day’s worth of his time so they can have a “tryst”! What will this young married couple make of their first day out together…? Read the final installment of Ne Ne Ne by Shizuku Totono and Daisuke Hagiwara (Horimiya)…yes, we said final!  Have you read it all? What did you… Read More…