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Today’s Cerberus, Chapter 49 in stores now!

When Chiaki takes the three Cerberus girls out on a shopping trip, he realizes just how much they’ve all changed–but is something changing in him as well? Read the newest chapter of Ato Sakurai’s Today’s Cerberus the same time it’s released in Japan!

AWKWARD wins the Rocky Mountain Book Award Gold Medal!

AWKWARD is the winner of the 2017 Rocky Mountain Book Award! The Rocky Mountain Book Award is an Alberta Children’s Choice Book Award! The winners of this award  are selected by the kids, not a panel of judges!  Kids love AWKWARD! Svetlana is out in Lethbridge touring and celebrating her award! “The Rocky Mountain Book Award invites students… Read More…

Hey Black Butler fans, check out the latest chapter!

The twins get a lesson on being lord of the manor, but ultimately, only one can hold the title…Read the latest installment of Yana Toboso’s Black Butler the same day it comes out in Japan!  

Celebrate #mangamonday with new release: The Royal Tutor, chapter 55!

Licht’s been away from the castle for a while, and Heine can’t help being concerned for the young prince. When the royal tutor pays him a visit, will he find a young man living on his own or partying it up? Read the latest installment of Higasa Akai’s THE ROYAL TUTOR, the same day as… Read More…