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Who’s up for Black Butler, Chapter 122?

Much to the chagrin of Sphere Music Hall, Funtom Music Hall opens its doors with a bang…right across the street! With Ciel donning the hat of producer, will his Phantom Five steal the show from their rivals?! Read the latest installment of Yana Toboso’s Black Butler the same day it comes out in Japan!

Who’s up for Chapter 20 of Baccano!?

Ennis must choose whether to obey her master or her own heart, and Isaac and Miria commit several felonies in an attempt to be helpful. Read the latest installment of the manga adaptation of Ryohgo Narita’s BACCANO!

Attention International Spice and Wolf fans…preorder now!

Hello everyone…this is a quick note to let those fans outside of the United States that the SPICE AND WOLF ANNIVERSARY COLLECTORS INTERNATIONAL EDITION is now available for preorder at most major online retailers internationally. Preorder now!

My Monster Girl’s Too Cool for You, Chapter 40

Happy Friday everyone! Have you read the latest chapter in Karino Takatsu’s My Monster Girl’s Too Cool for You?  It’s available today. In this chapter, Shiroishi wants to heat things up on the final night of the class trip. The next day, both the humans and youkai have some mixed feelings to sift through.

Reindeer Boy Goodreads Giveaway!

I have an extra special Goodreads giveaway for everyone…REINDEER BOY! An utterly unique Christmas romance! The new boy in town is cute and friendly. The only problem is…he has antlers?! Enter for the chance to win these great manga on Goodreads. You MUST enter on Goodreads in order to be eligible. Comments on the blog do not… Read More…

Baccano! Chapter 19 is available now!

Firo learns more about Szilard from Ennis, but what he doesn’t know about Dallas just might kill him… Read the latest installment of the manga adaptation of Ryohgo Narita’s BACCANO! 


Because it’s after Halloween, and therefore unofficially holiday season, I thought it would be the perfect time to share the cover for an utterly unique Christmas romance, REINDEER BOY!  The story is super sweet and the artwork is absolutely gorgeous. Written and illustrated by Cassandra Jean, who brought the Ransom Riggs Miss Peregrine graphic novel adaptations to life,… Read More…

November Goodreads Giveaways!

Happy Friday everyone!  To celebrate the beginning of the weekend, I have not one, but TWO Goodreads giveaways to share with you. This month’s Goodreads giveaways are TWINKLE STARS, Volume 1 and KONOSUBA: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!, Volume 1    Enter for the chance to win these great manga on Goodreads. You MUST enter on Goodreads… Read More…


  We are always excited to bring new titles to fans, and this time is no exception. Three new titles have been added to Yen Press’ Spring 2017 list and we’re eager to share these great new additions!      Delicious in Dungeon, Volume 1 by Ryoko Kui (May 2017) – What do you get when you… Read More…

TODAY’S CERBERUS Wallpaper: Final Version!

It’s super gloomy outside here, and I need a little cheering up, so I’m sharing the final installment of the TODAY’S CERBERUS wallpaper!  Download them to your desktop or smartphone. I hope you’ve enjoyed our wallpaper releases, and that you’ve already snagged a copy of TODAY’S CERBERUS, Volume 1.  It’s such a super fun read! Click the… Read More…