Who’s read the latest digital releases IM and GESELLSCHAFT BLUME?

Hey everyone!  IM and GESELLSCHAFT BLUME released yesterday and we’re eager to know your thoughts!  Who has read them and who has loved them?


GESELLSCHAFT BLUME by Fumitaka Senga, Tellmin’

In a world where a person’s Post is decided for them from birth, Torza holds the most powerful, the most punishing, and the most heroic of Posts–he is a Slayer. He sets off on a journey to gather strong companions for the sole purpose of defeating the twenty-third incarnation of the all-powerful Demon. However, there’s a dark truth lurking behind the stories of the so-called heroic Slayers…

IM: The Great Priest Imhotep, by Makoto Morishita

From the sands of Ancient Egypt to the streets of modern Japan, the newly resurrected Great Priest Imhotep traverses time and space on the hunt for the magai, devious beings with an appetite for destruction who impersonate the gods! When schoolgirl Hinome crosses paths with this illustrious ancient, is her loner lifestyle about to change for the better…or for the worse?

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Super happy to see you guys have picked up Im!!

Big fan of this one. It presents itself as a classic shounen series, and in many ways it is – but as a monthly series it’s able to progress in a well-thought manner, and atypical developments are always popping up to keep me on my toes. The titular Im is just a boy by appearance, but he’s highly competent, boasting skill and experience that even many adult protagonists of the genre would be lacking. The main girl of the series, Hinome, is wonderfully refreshing when it comes to shounen heroines by striking a balance between kind and sassy. To top it all off, it’s about ancient Egypt! Gods! Magic! And just a hint of the supernatural. Ancient Egyptian culture has always been fascinating to me, and as the story builds it becomes clear that despite taking a few liberties, Morishita has done a lot of research and stays true to the heart of those old tales. All in all, it’s a wonderful read with fantastic art to boot!

I’m up to date with the Japanese volumes, but it’s always great to have a proper English version to compare. As for the translation, I have no real complaints – keep up the great work! Hopefully we’ll get to see a physical release down the line?

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