Three new chapters, out today!

Happy Monday everyone!  These three chapters available today are sure to chase away any
Monday blues…MY MONSTER GIRL’S TOO COOL FOR YOU Chapter 44, NE NE NE Chapter 6 and TODAY’S CERBERUS, Chapter 45!

Shinogi’s mother returns in a shocking way, and another parent coolly makes his appearance in the latest chapter of Karino Takatsu’s MY MONSTER GIRL’S TOO COOL FOR YOU!

Koyuki’s desperate desire for money to use on a mysterious purchase has Shin worried. Read the latest installment of NE NE NE by Shizuku Totono and Daisuke Hagiwara (Horimiya) the same day it comes out in Japan!

Last, but certainly not least…the latest chapter of TODAY’S CERBERUS is ready for you! Chiaki can’t deny it–he has a whole harem of girls in love with him. But what’s a boy to do when he doesn’t understand love, much less feel it?

Enjoy these chapter and let us know what you think!

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