The fans have asked, and they will receive!

We’re thrilled to announce that Yen Press will be making the much loved digital only series THE ROYAL TUTOR, KAKEGURUI and SEKIREI available in print for the first time starting this summer! Look for volume 1 of THE ROYAL TUTOR in stores this May, with volume 1 of KAKEGURUI and SEKIREI coming in July.  Happy reading everyone!

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I really wish you release Saki in print!!
I don’t read digital but if its in print, I would buy it in a heartbeat.


Is there any chance Mochizuki’s second art book, There is, will be licensed? It’s a shame that all her other works, including her first art book are available, but this one is missing. I’d love to finally be able to complete my Pandora Hearts collection.


Please, please, please license Kino’s Journey, with the new anime announcement. I really love the series and want to own it! Please don’t disappoint me, you guys!


A shame they didn’t bundle DVD’s of the anime with the volume releases of the manga…


I just found you guys had translated a huge amount of the Sekirei manga and now I found out you guys are doing a physical release too?!!? This just made my night, I cant wait to grab a copy.


Hi! This is great news!

I’d love to see you guys licence some more of the SAO manga adaptations (namely Calibur and Project Alicization) as well as the SAO Alternative novel series! I can’t wait to hear about more manga and LN licences in Q2 onwards!


Count me in as another person who wishes Saki would have been one of these titles. I’d love to support it, but I don’t do digital manga under any circumstances. I see enough requests for it. Surprised it wasn’t part of this group.


Now if you’d release digital copies of things like Freezing along side the paperbacks…

That’d make my day.


Please make SAKI in Print! and all the spin-offs to it! That is the series i would Preorder in advance if it would be possible. (which sadly wont be ) I just love this series!

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