Day 7: Surprise Announcement!

Happy Friday everyone!  It’s also Day 7 of 12 Days of Presents from Yen Press! Today’s gift is a surprise announcement.

Yen Press is excited to announce the acquisition of Eiji Mikage’s light novel THE EMPTY BOX AND THE ZEROTH MARIA.

Kazuki Hoshino leads the easy-going life of a typical high school student — until the appearance of a new girl in his class turns his world upside down! Introducing herself with a promise to “break” Kazuki is abnormal enough to make an impression, sure, but why does she seem so familiar…?






The earth shaking after this announcement.


We weren’t ready for this !



Quite possibly the best present I’ll receive all year.


Just one comment that I feel needs to be made, and I know it’s knit-picky, but “zeroth” is not a word. The ordinal of zero is “zero.”


Guess I’ll have to rebuy Hakomari, only this time in a language I can actually read. =D
VERY excited about this news. I’ll probably buy a few extra copies of the first volume so I can force them on my friends.


Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
This is great 😀 I’m so excited. I’m buying the series for me and the anime club.


Never thought id see this in English. probably the most excitement I’ve felt reading a light novel before. Excited to do it again!

Gavin (Sega)

Dengeki bunko huh? May not be date a live but at least it’s by them.


Yes! I’ve been waiting for this! Hoping that you’ll do a well-translated book out of it because this is light novel series is really a ‘masterpiece’. So as a fan, I have high expectations!


I literally cried when I saw this announcement. Thank you so much for translating this amazing series!


YES FINALLY!! Now all we need is that coveted well-done anime adaptation…


“Zeroth” is indeed a word and is the correct ordinal for the cardinal, zero.

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