In case you missed it, we’re super excited about the new titles coming to the June 2017 Yen Press list!

takeda_soundeuphoniumnovel1_notfinal okubashi_grimgaroffantasyandashmanga1_notfinal endou_magicalgirlraisingprojectnovel1_notfinal
Sound! Euphonium by Ayano Takeda, Nikki Asada (June 2017) – The heartwarming story of a high school band arrives in light novel form!

Grimgar of Fantasy & Ash, Volume 1 by Ao Jyumonji, Mutsumi Okuhashi (June 2017) – Finding yourself transported to another world isn’t always all fun and games…

Magical Girl Raising Project, Volume 1 by Asari Endou, Maruino (June 2017) – The magical girl life is portrayed as a glamorous one…but becoming one is a different story in this light novel series.

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Ricardo Matos

Really glad to see a print version of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash! I can say it’s absolutely fabulous, especially the next arc after the anime! Good stuff! Really looking forward to it.

Please be careful translating Ranta’s dialogues, the fansubs failed hard… apparently it’s really hard to do it!

Phillip Rhodes

Just of curiosity, is it just the manga that’s getting an English translation or the novel as well? I’m hoping for both bit all I see is the manga…
Either way I’m really excited about the translation even if it’s just the manga


Sound Euphonium and Magical Girl are light novels only and Grimgar is a manga only.


The Light Novel for Grimgar is out this December from another publisher (at least digitally), J-Novel Club. They released Occultic;Nine already.

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