TODAY’S CERBERUS Wallpaper: Final Version!

It’s super gloomy outside here, and I need a little cheering up, so I’m sharing the final installment of the TODAY’S CERBERUS wallpaper!  Download them to your desktop or smartphone.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our wallpaper releases, and that you’ve already snagged a copy of TODAY’S CERBERUS, Volume 1.  It’s such a super fun read!

Click the image to download the full size wallpapers!

cerberus_wk5_wallpaper todayscerberus_wallpaper3
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Robert J. Hollis

Already own the first five volumes and the chapters release once a month. I still bought the physical release of volume one because I really love Ato Sakurai’s work. Hope Yen Press gets the rights of that other manga she’s done. 😀

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