Here it is, and isn’t is glorious?  We’re so excited to share the final cover for the SPICE AND WOLF ANNIVERSARY COLLECTOR’S EDITION with you…and even more excited to share some really great news too!

Due to overwhelming demand, we’re going to do a second printing. This second printing is going to be identical to the first printing without the hand-numbering. It will be up and available to order on major vendor sites next week!  Rejoice! Hasekura_AnniversaryEd_r2



Thank you very much Yen Press! When today I went to amazon it scared the life out of me since it was out of stock. Is there any method to keep track of when will you update the avalaibility of the second reprint via mail, for example?
Also, what’s this about the hand-numbering?
Thanks again!


Well, i’m seriously contemplating canceling my pre-order for it now. It’s no longer a collectors edition. What’s the point of having a numbered production if you’re not going to follow that number?


Could you please address the price difference between Amazon and RightStuf? $47 is a considerable difference. The purchasers need to know if Amazon will change.


It’d be kind of nicer to the fans if you had just setup a timed preorder period like Gaijin works does. That way all the fans that want a copy can get one, instead of most of these… likely ending up on ebay.

Frank O'Leary

Hi, I’ve been ordering the paperbacks so far, and I’m really loving this series but there are a couple typos which kind of bother me while I’m reading. I’m wondering if this edition has been re-edited/re-proofread at all? I’m kinda torn whether I should finish my paperback collection once I catch up or if I should get this edition. If this one has been re-edited I’d probably lean towards this! Thanks!


Now I am worried that the retailer I purchased from will end up sending me a second batch book instead of the first batch if you guys will be letting them sell the second batch before the first batch gets to our doors… 🙁


I hope your retailers are aware of the hand-numbering not being present on the copies beyond 2000. As someone who pre-ordered the book on the day it became available I’d be very disappointed to get one of the non numbered ones :/


We have no control over how Amazon or Right Stuf price their products, so I’m sorry, but I can’t answer that question for you.


I have already cancelled it, it’s a gorgeous book but if it’s not a limited edition the magic has gone…


That’s great to hear, I only just found out about this collection, and most places already seem to be sold out. So seeing a ‘regular’ edition on the way is great news!

Mouse, Anon

On Barns and Noble they still have pre-orders open, does anybody know if they close pre-orders based on stock or do they just say sorry we ran out to people who pre-ordered after their stock ran out?

Richard J.

It looks like the second printing sold out already too. Maybe your print runs are too small on this one?


While the first numbered edition seems to be out, (Canada) and some other Canadian stores seem to be still taking order’s for them. Is Yen Press sure that they can supply demand? This is going to be bad for people who ordered the first edition from Canada and end up getting from the second run print or worse nothing.


I placed order at about three days ago (16th september). Hope it will come to me as writen on amazon (disp. 12 oct.).


As I understand the first print book is shipping in OCT 4th while second print is shipping on NOV 8th. That is for usa not sure on dates for other countries

I’m glad they did a second printing in case someone was not able to get the first printing.

The first print will be numbered so it’ll still be more valuable for collectors. Walking dead has a collector type book which is numbered and a second printing and coarse the first print is worth more than the second. So no worries there.

If your order set to ship in OCT it should be first print I’d think.

Either way I’d like to Thank Yenpress for doing a second printing. I never got around to buyiing spice wolf books only seen the anime. I’m fan of the story and always wanted to get it to read. I’ll be collecting the manga soon once I’m done with this book.


Is the second print going to be a limited run edition like the first one? Or is it going to be unlimited like a regular edition.

Nicole C.

Nadine I’m trying to get help on this. Can’t seem to find way to contact Yenpress about this.

I ordered Spice and wolf anniversary collectors edition from target they had it listed as available for pre order same ISBN and everything on the listing. It has now been delayed twice.

I’ve talked to Target twice and the first time she said they are getting stock of this book and it’s coming on the date listed and second time said they are receiving stock, but not sure exactly when they’ll get it, but now it’s delayed from Nov 16th to Dec 6th.

My question is getting any stock of this book be it first or second print at all? If not I’d love to know so I can just go pre order the second printing. I rather support your company.

If I can’t get the book I’ll just collect the individual volumes I don’t mind, but would love to get solid answer as target seems sure they are getting the numbered book.


I don’t think there are any numbered editions left. Check with Right Stuf, Amazon or B&…they might have stock left from the second printing. Good luck!

Luigi C.

Does it contain also the latest 18th and 19th volumes or will it be printed in a new version witch collects all the volumes?


No it doesn’t. There’s no new material in the collectors edition.

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