Digital Preview: NINJA SOCCER

NinjaSoccer_v1_000Are you following the Women’s World Cup right now? Do you love soccer? Do you maybe also love ninjas? If you love ninjas and soccer even a little, we hope you’ll check out NINJA SOCCER, an original Japanese manga from our friends at Lotus, Inc. This manga is brand-new and making its digital worldwide debut (even in Japan) this month!

The story revolves around Carlos, a young boy living in Brazil, who has a singular goal in life—to become the greatest soccer player in the world! Unfortunately, he runs into one small problem: he has absolutely no talent…But when he stumbles across two legendary rival ninja clans and their unique spin on the game, Carlos just might have found the means to make his dream a reality!

The first Yen Press digital volume of the series will be available wherever ebooks are sold on June 30! In the meantime, we present you with a special sneak peek!

Check it out on Facebook and Tumblr. Remember to read it from left to right…and enjoy!

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