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Last week, you heard all about our new light novel announcements. This week, we’ve got some exciting new manga to tell you about!

Log Horizon (manga)
Mamare Touno / Illustration: Kazuhiro Hara / Supervision: Shoji Masuda

The world of Elder Tale was supposed to be fun for everyone, but ever since the 12th expansion pack came out and trapped thirty thousand gamers within its fantastical confines, it’s not much fun anymore! Nobody knows how to return to the real world, the food has no taste, and even death is no escape. Since the change, the world has fallen into lawlessness, and a strong guild is a player’s only hope for survival. It’s amid these dire circumstances that Shiroe sets off across the virtual landscape with his friends Noritsugu and Akatsuki on an adventure of discovery as they try to understand the nature of their new reality. Illustrator Kazuhiro Hara has adapted Mamare Touno’s novel series into a comic that gamers and manga fans alike won’t want to miss!

The Devil is a Part-Timer! (manga)
Satoshi Wagahara / Illustration: Akio Hiiragi / Character Design: 029

It’s tough being evil when you have to pay the rent! This comical tale of a demon-lord-turned-fry-slinging-schmuck follows the daily travails of (former) Devil King Sadao Mao and his general Shiro Ashiya, as they navigate the complexities of life in modern-day Tokyo. Having suffered utter defeat at the hands of a plucky hero, they’ve been banished to Earth and stripped of magical power. And if that weren’t enough, that pesky hero is still hell-bent on finishing the job. Artist Akio Hiiragi brings Satoshi Wagahara’s story to hilarious life in this manga adaptation of the hit novel series. It turns out crushing your enemies beneath your feet is tricky when you haven’t even made manager yet!

Karneval (manga)
Touya Mikanagi

Nai—a young man who travels in search of another by the name of Karoku, a lone bracelet his only lead. Gareki—a willful young man who earns his daily bread by thieving and picking pockets. Thrown together at an eerie mansion, where they are entrapped and framed, Nai and Gareki are soon hunted down as criminals by national security forces. As they are driven into a corner, before them appears the most powerful defense agency in the country, “Circus”—!!

We have also licensed the manga adaptation of Big Hero 6, Disney’s upcoming CG animated film!

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@ Sevi-

Sadly I found that out shortly after I posted that. It had a pretty good start to me at least. *sigh*


Is there any chance to get Donten ni Warau licensed in the future? Or I’m not really familiar as which publishers can license which series and stuff but I really liked Donten ni Warau and would be cool to have it in English. ;n;

Also, I’m really happy about Karneval, one of my favourites, can’t wait to get it! >u<


@Ciardra – We licensed the LOG HORIZON light novels at the same time as the manga! The first volume of the light novels will be out in April 2015 under the Yen On imprint!


Any chance *any* of these will get a digital release? If I’ve somehow missed it forgive me, but I can’t find a digital copy of the SAO series, so I’ve got little hope of seeing Log Horizon in that format.

Ironic don’t you think? Considering the subject matter no digital version just seems… Antiquated.


I inquired about the possibility of Yen Press picking up Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, but I got no answer back on that subject. I currently own all of the volumes including the Anthology and 8.5 edition due to my love of the story. It’s great to see that I’m not the only person that want to see this series get an US release.


Men, 2 years already?well, i have been coinmg around since you released PaniPoni but i didn’t know ho much you had been working well, hope there will be more years (yet it doesn’t exactly depend iff i hope or not XD) and that you will finish all your manga projects!

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