YenOnSo we promised some major announcements today at Sakura-Con 2014, and call me biased, but I think we delivered!

As if our digital initiatives weren’t exciting enough, we’re delighted and excited to announce Yen On, a new imprint and program dedicated to bringing you fans English editions of the best light novels that Japan has to offer! We’re already a powerhouse when it comes to getting light novels out there, but now we’re going to build on the successes of hits like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Spice & Wolf, and the upcoming blockbusters, Sword Art Online and Accel World, and bring you even more! Look for Yen On to launch this fall!

But of course, to launch a new imprint, you need new titles, right?! Well, let’s see what you think of these!

  • ANOTHER by Yukito Ayatsuji – Not technically new or a light novel (you might see more of that!), but before and since publishing this deliciously spine-chilling horror tale digitally last year, we’ve gotten tons of requests for a print release. Well, we’re happy to say your prayers have been answered! Look for the hardcover omnibus print edition of ANOTHER hitting bookstores this October as part of the Yen On launch!
  • A CERTAIN MAGICAL INDEX by Kazuma Kamachi, art by Kiyotaka Haimura – I can’t tell you how thrilled we are to finally be bringing A CERTAIN MAGICAL INDEX to you guys! One of the most popular and acclaimed light novel series in Japan, INDEX is also one of our most requested titles! This winter, science and magic clash in Academy City, when one unlucky young man finds a mysterious nun in his room and gets landed in the middle of a war he never expected!
  • IS IT WRONG TO TRY TO PICK UP GIRLS IN A DUNGEON? by Fujino Omori, art by Suzuhito Yasuda – Like that title alone isn’t reason enough to check out this new breakout light novel series! Also known as DanMachi, Fujino Omori’s hilarious fantasy tale about a fateful encounter in the labyrinthine Dungeon between a hapless boy who wants to make a name for himself as an adventurer and a failed goddess rounds out the Yen On launch list this winter!

Whew! And that does it for our Sakura-Con announcements…PSYCH!

We wouldn’t leave our manga faithful hanging like that! On top of more light novels, we’re positively giddy with excitement to bring you…

  • KING OF EDEN by Takashi Nagasaki, art by SangCheol Lee – Maybe you’re not familiar with the name Takashi Nagasaki, but you sure should be! Nagasaki, the critically acclaimed co-author of Monster, 20th Century Boys, Master Keaton, Billy Bat, and Pluto, pens a grotesque thriller that will leave you begging for more! Starting May 1, digital chapters will be simultaneously published worldwide!
  • PandoraHearts ~odds and ends~ by Jun Mochizuki – If you love the cracking mind-warp that is PandoraHearts, you won’t want to miss this art book! Lavishly presented in hardback with a slipcase, Mochizuki’s darkly whimsical world comes to vivid life in this collection of over 120 color and black-and-white illustrations from PandoraHearts, Crimson-Shell, and more! Look for it in November 2014!
  • GOU-DERE SORA NAGIHARA by Suu Minazuki – No Yen list would be complete without a little raunch, am I right? In this hilarious fantasy romp out in November 2014, Shouta Yamakawa, a boy in love with his favorite demure manga heroine, Sora Nagihara, casually wishes she could be real…only to find himself staring into her eyes?! But Shouta soon realizes he got more than he bargained for ’cos this Sora turns out to be one bold, brazen babe!
  • LOVE AT FOURTEEN by Fuka Mizutani – Serialized in Hakusensha’s wonderful Rakuen Le Paradis anthology, LOVE AT FOURTEEN is a charming, bittersweet slice-of-life story about two very mature students in junior high falling in love like the teenagers they are. If you have a soft spot for subtle (not to mention adorable) romance, you’re going to have to read this in November 2014!
  • THE ANGEL OF ELHAMBURG by Aki – In this beautiful standalone volume, a close friendship between a king blessed by a strange angel and his knight begins to crumble under the weight of jealousy and contempt when a woman, and soon her child, comes between them. We love Aki with a burning passion here at Yen, so we’re beyond excited to be adding the gorgeousness of THE ANGEL OF ELHAMBURG to our Spring 2015 list!

Well, that really does do it for our Sakura-Con 2014 announcements! We’ll be sure to bring you more awesome next year!

If you’re at the con, do come by and say hello! We always love to meet our fans!



Super happy with this list especially the pandora hearts art book.
I hope you will do the other higurashi manga too. Dice killing arc and the other spin off I mean.


I noticed on your New Releases page, in July Soul Eater NOT! Vol.3 comes out and it`s not there.

One-way Raildex

I come from both a collector and a frequent light novel reader’s point of view.The more invested readers like myself are very concerned about the status of SAO and Index right now. I fully support getting english paper editions of both series as a collector,

however; many of us are worried about the rate of release. we estimate this rate to be 3-4 months per volume. Many of us wish to purchase all 30 volumes at once while at the same time still keep up with the current story which we estimate will take at least 10 years to be released for index, and 4-5 years for Sword Art Online.

I understand that there are complications beyond the actual 2-3 weeks required for translating and editing, so I humbly request if we can stick with 3 months per release, as I am also aware of a lot of previous negative feedback about the rate from spice and wolf series.


YES!!!! Not only Index, but a LN i’ve never heard of before!? I’m so excited! Thank you so much for all the LN goodness you guys have brought over here!


Love your work, but would like Highschool DxD, hataraku Maou-sama and Problem children are coming from another world, aren’t they? light novels added to your publishing list.


suggestion: chaika-the coffin princess the light novel~!
i hope for this line to grow and have lots of variety :3


Woo, now release Index on the Kindle store and I’ll throw money at you, otherwise my wallet remains closed.


have you ever considered webtoon manhwa ?
Cheese in the Trap is really one of the best! I’ve read more than 200 manga and nothing could compare to it
I’m really dying to have it as a book in my hand, please consider this and go check this one it’s really amaaazing!! >3


I love that you’re picking up light novels now. One that I have always wanted to read ever since I read the manga was Hakushaku to Yousei (Earl and Fairy) and would love to see this novel in English!


Please pick up the rights, for shakugan no shana, it’s my favorite anime series, and I really want to read the books. I will buy every light novel you have translated (even though I’m not very interested in most of them) if you translate shana. Pretty please.


Really wish they’d release Durarara! light novels…the manga/anime is good!


Please release the ‘Is This A Zombie?’ LNs too!

Richard J.

@ [email protected]: Late to reply but you’re right. I was under the impression there was a Railgun light novel series as well but I was wrong. Meh, it had to happen sometime. 😉


I’d like to second Shoo-chan for bringing Coffin Princess Chaika across. As a fan of the manga version I’d love to get my hands on either in English.


You guys are the best! Thank you so much for the Pandora Hearts artbook! I’ve been waiting a long time for it. Also, thanks for the wonderful surprises of Love at 14 and Angle of Elhanburg! I didn’t think a series like Love at 14 would ever get licensed but YP proved me wrong 😀 I absolutely love Yen Press’ Olimpos omnibus, it’s gorgeous~


Ah, continuing from my previous comment, I take it then than YP is interested in Aki’s works? It would be a dream come true if I can read all of Aki’s works in English!

With that said I also have some suggestions to give:
1) “Durarara!!” LN – As shown by previous commenters, there’s a demand for this series + a second season was recently announced to be in the making.
2) any shoujo LN – I feel that there’s a lack shoujo-like LN by YP (Spice and Wolf doesn’t really count, IMO). I want YP to consider publishing a few titles like it. However, the reason I didn’t specify any title is because the ones that I am familiar with have numerous volumes so I’m not sure if they’ll sell well :/ But I’m willing to try any that YP decides to publish.
3) “Baku” by Bikke – I love Bikke’s works and I would like to read at least one of her series in English. This one is already completed at 4 volumes. She also has an amazing ongoing series “Ame Nochi Hare” (the French title is “Rendez-vous sous la pluie”) that I would like to be licensed as well. However I understand if the subject matter is too risky for the US market.
4) “Kurenai Ouji” by Souta Kuwahara – it’s still ongoing at 15 volumes, but since it’s also published by Square Enix, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to suggest it.

Once again, thank you so much YP! 😀


Sorry if you all get tired of these kinds of comments, but I really would love to see you guys license “Oreimo.” :]

[ ]

Yay Index at last!!

Please licence the best LN forever!!
NO GAME NO LIFE by Kamiya yuu
(Light novel version please)!!)


I was THIS close to buying an imported copy of Pandora Hearts artbook but now there’s no need! Thank you so much Yen Press, I’m looking forward to everything else as well.


@[ ] I see what you did there.
I too would also love it if you guys could pick up “No Game No Life”.


As many others I would also like to ask for the light novel “No Game No Life”.

Oh and thanks for bringing us the Index series here.


Please save +Anima ;w; I would like to collect every volume but thanks to tokyopop the volumes are more expensive than gold nowadays.

As for LNs. I certainly second DRRR or ANY Narita work!! That man is the master of words and stories.

¤Shinigami no Ballad – 2 volumes lived to see the release day and then they were murdered at the hands of Seven seas

¤ Kino no Tabi – it may not be as adventurous as SAO, but it has a certain charm and lessons. It was discontinued due to Tokyopop editing the first volume.

¤ Slayers – Cult series so…? Once again the novels were butchered by Tokyopop’s translators thinking they’re translating novels for idiots. I would like to see this as omnibus.

AND THE .hack NOVELS. Ever olume of them has a really half-assed translation, bunch of errors what makes them equal to a sloppy children novel. It would be great to see them available(!) with good translation.
It’s like SAO for those who are not interested in Kirito’s growing harem.


It would be absolutely amazing to see some light novel series that Tokyopop dropped get picked up by you all here at Yen Press.

My LN wish list:
-Slayers (Cult classic and was adapted into my favorite anime series ever. I would LOVE to see this finished.)
-Crest/Banner of the Stars
-Kino no Tabi

Oh, and I would wet myself a little if you licensed Kaoru Mori’s “Emma” and reprinted it in a hardback like “A Bride’s Story”. I can dream, can’t I?


I am so happy with index 😀

I would still like to see the nichijou, brynhildr and elfen lied manga’s being licensed. That would be awesome. And for light novels oreimo, tokyo ravens and shakugan no shana. Especially shana since it was dropped by viz.


I’m excited for INDEX, but I would be even more If you guys would release the light novels of “Usotsuki Mii-kun to Kowareta Maa-chan”, also known as “Lying Mii-kun and Broken Maa-chan”, a light novel that has suspense, romance and mistery. If you would consider releasing this, I would love you guys!


Just note, that if you ever do pick up Kagerou Daze, that it is daZE and not daYS(confirmed by several different official fanbooks and magazines)


You guys are trying to drain what little cash i have at hand don’t you. I’ma have to start saving up to buy every index volume; and there are 22 of em, jeeze cup ramen for me.


Glad you licensed Index, will be buying every book 😛 Two more suggestions for future licenses: Log Horizon and Hataraku Maou sama.


You guys definitively have to license No Game No Life, High School DxD and Infinite Stratos you would make a lot of fans happy and on top of that a lot of money 😀


Among all the suggestions thrown in here for potential future licensing, I thought I’d add one more: Scrapped Princess.

I was extremely sad when Tokyopop discounted their LN line, leaving the series at only 3 volumes translated. I’d really like to see this LN continued.


Wow dude you really surprised me there for a second but I meant the Light Novel and not the manga. Maybe I should have stated that^^


anime no game no life is just amazing and has good rating and I’m sure the light novel is even better ! 🙂 hope you’ll pick it up

log horizon also is really good


Hi Yen Press, I just want to say THANK YOU! Is amazing to have this kind of titles available, I live in Mexico and I already buy on amazon the first light novel for SAO and the first two for Spice & Wolf, I’m very exited about it. Also I would like to recommend three titles (only light novels) that are a big hit on Japan and I would buy right away:

1.- Biblia Koshodou no Jiken-Techou. The best seller on Japan for the first part of this year by Volume.

2.- Monogatari series. This title doesn’t need any presentation… please end our suffering.

3.- Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria. Ranked #8 on Is considered the best light novel of all times, and while this is only a popular opinion, I read the first Volume and I can see a big market on America for this Title, and the quality of the work can’t be deny.

Thank you for taking the time for read this lines and for your hard work, please keep printing this amazing novels, I’ll sure keep an eye on your future announcements!


Thank You Very Much For Pandora Hearts And Another.
I’ll Just Leave These Suggestions Here : (Novels) :
-Shuuen No Shiori.
-Kagerou Days.
-High Speed (Free!).
-Kyoukai No Kanata.
-Red Data Girl.


You guys seriously need to license the Durarara!! light novels. I’m getting irritated, now. People have been asking for them since you licensed the crappy manga, but you just won’t seem to do it. ._.

Also, you guys should license Tokyo Ravens.



and I agree with Bryan, a lot of people have been asking for them, I think they would sell greatly c:



Oh. I didn’t know there was one, actually XD. Sorry.
/I’ve never read the series.

Riley Wood

Would you ever license the Higurashi or Umineko Light Novels? On the topic of recommendations, Rose Guns Days, Bakemonogatari, Baccano, and Humanity had Declined all come highly recommended.


I’m very happy with SOA and Index, but there are still titles I’d love for Yen On to pick up:

* No Game No Life
* Log Horizon
* Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou
* Twelve Kingdoms (I’d love to be able to finish reading this series!)
* Kagerou Days
* Durarara!!


I know you are not a Boy´s love publisher per se but I would love to see some Bl title in your next announcement. If you choose a good one for sure will sell well.

Thank you very much for The Betrayal knows my name and the final volume of Tale of the waning moon.

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