Perhaps some of you out there might remember a few key words from our panel at New York Comic-Con 2012—namely, Square Enix, English language manga, digital, and WORLDWIDE?

Well, I’m happy to say that wasn’t just a blip on your newsfeed! It’s taken a lot of work to get such an ambitious project off the ground, but thanks to the continuous efforts of our friends at Square Enix and a lot of people in the Yen office, that day is finally here!

April 8, 2014 is not only the day that the Soul Eater NOT! anime starts airing in Japan (Yay!), but it’s also the day—no spit-takes please—we begin globally distributing Square Enix’s English language manga catalogue!

So what exactly does this mean for all you crazy, wonderful manga fans out there? No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have access to the Internet and e-tailers, you’ll be able to buy official English-language ebook editions of around 175 Square Enix titles! On top of that, future volumes of those series will release simultaneously in print AND digital! 

Fans, this April’s not gonna be the cruelest month (sorry, T.S. Eliot). It’s gonna be the COOLEST month! Starting with Atsushi Ohkubo’s Soul Eater, Yana Toboso’s Black Butler, and Yoshiki Tonogai’s Doubt on April 8, you’ll see new series like Hiromu Arakawa’s Fullmetal Alchemist, Jun Mochizuki’s PandoraHearts, Ryukishi07’s Higurashi WHEN THEY CRY, and Hiroshi Takashige and DOUBLE-S’s Until Death Do Us Part added to the roster every week of the month!

Oh, and you know those awesome color pages that you can only get by buying the Japanese manga anthologies? The ones that almost never make it into the collected print volumes of a series in Japan or anywhere else? Well, they’ll be in our digital releases as a special treat!

And as if all of that wasn’t enough, we’re going back to our pioneering ways! Hold onto your Soul hats and bunny heads, ‘cos we’re launching a simultaneous serialization program with Square Enix, starting off with our old friend Soul Eater NOT! and Yoshiki Tonogai’s creepy new survival horror series complete with scary rabbits, Secret! So on April 8, you’ll be able to individually purchase all the chapters that haven’t yet been collected and published in volume format for both of these series. And on April 14, you’ll be able to buy the latest chapter of each series in English on whatever device you choose from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection, of course)!

Forget April showers, Yen Press and Square Enix are gonna be bringing you a flood…of manga!

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Will all they all be titles that Yen press has published in the past? or will there be new titles too, as well?


@skippy – It includes titles we’ve published already and continue to publish, as well as other Square Enix properties published in English by other publishers (FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST), and new titles like SECRET, the brand-new series by Yoshiki Tonogai (mangaka of DOUBT and JUDGE)! You can find the schedule of titles here:

Richard J.

Great news on the digital front but I prefer physical product. I’m eagerly awaiting new license announcements to see how much YP will own my wallet in the coming months.


Will we ever see Kingdom Hearts digital? I know that the Japanese volumes went digital only a few month ago, but would that be something to ever happen in the future in English?


SWEET!!!! I’ve been reading Black Butler recently and really want to be able to read the official translations. If the price point is right, I’ll go for it! I have almost all of the Fullmetal Alchemist volumes but I’m missing a few so this should help with that too.


How soon will future English-translated chapters be available in the eReader stores after each Japanese chapter is released? How long will it take to reach the online stores?

Oh pie

Is it possible that Durarara and Black God will be digital in the future as well?


I have a couple of general questions regarding how brand-new series will be handled. (1) I’ve heard that some of the series may be digital only. Is that true? (2) If so, will we be able to view some sample pages? For new series, I like look at some of the interior art before I purchase to see if it appeals to me. The cover art alone isn’t sufficient because it doesn’t always reflect the actual black and white line art inside.

On the whole, I’m really excited about this announcement as I’m transitioning to a digital manga library. I love having books, holding them, reading them, mind you. But as my manga collection is now numbered in the thousands, I’m rapidly running out of storage space. Digital manga takes up much less room.


Kory, Kingdom Hearts while published by Square Enix in Japan is actually licensed through Disney directly and therefore not a part of this launch. That said, we are in discussions about digital availability for those titles.


PhoenixFeather, our simulpubs will be available in the eReader stores the same day that the magazines go on sale in Japan — unless that day is a Saturday in which case they will be available the following Monday. We hope that everyone is as excited about this prospect as we are and will support these digital releases. We would love to be able to expand this service beyond just the two series that we’re launching with in April in the very near future!


Oh pie, it is absolutely possible that we may see digital releases on Durarara!! and Black God. We just need to get the official go ahead from Square Enix to make it happen. Cross your fingers!


LKK, we have no plans for digital only as a part of this process for the time being. Everything we are offering digitally will at some point be available in print. As for viewing sample pages, yes, this will be possible. Each retailer has slightly different thresholds for how much will be viewable, but a certain amount of sampling before purchase is allowed.

Dengeki Bunko Fan

Are you guys going to -finally- publish Toaru Majutsu no Index? I mean, it’s out in french for a while now.

There’s a light novel, too.


I hope that “Front Mission – Dog Life and Dog Style” will also be released. Instant buy for me!

Oh pie

I have one more question, but not regarding Square Enix titles. I’ll ask here because I don’t get replies anywhere else.

The manhwa “Raiders” by Jinjun Park is available digitally in Nook. The series is complete there. However, only volume 8 is available on kindle, and none of them are available in ibooks. Was there a reason for this?

Also, will BTOOOM! be available in ibooks?


So was this the other side of the Comic Walker site launch? The English versions of Manga that are licensed will be available through the English distributor’s site? (And I’m guessing Comic Walker itself will only host english Manga that don’t have an English licence.)


Is Corpse Party one of the new published titles? It would be AWESOME if you did it!!!!!!!


“LKK, we have no plans for digital only as a part of this process for the time being. Everything we are offering digitally will at some point be available in print.”

So does this mean we’ll be getting a print release of Secret?


Oh pie, regarding Raiders, each account requires a different file type for our manga titles. We are currently preparing backlist files for both the Kindle and the iBookstore in their required formats, and we look forward to seeing Raiders available in its entirety on those platforms soon.

Sadly, don’t expect to see BTOOOM! available on iBooks anytime soon.


TUSF, Kadokawa’s Comics Walker is entirely unrelated to this launch. However, we will be providing Kadokawa with some sample chapters of the titles we publish in English for preview on their platform.


Thank you for answering my earlier question, I appreciate it. I have another question that I hope you’ll answer. For the books that are digitally serialized by chapter, will there eventually be a digital volume (collected chapters) release after the volume is released in Japan? Or will the only way to have a digital version is to buy the individual chapters?

Kim B.

Does this mean we’ll be seeing some One Week Friends in English? Nothing could make me happier if so…


That’s awesome, Hassler! That’s huge for me to have the official translation almost the same day as the Japanese chapter. I read that article that discussed the prices, and those are very attractive. The biggest problem for me in the past in getting the official volumes has been the cost. I know they aren’t that expensive, but if a person wants more than one or two volumes, the cost adds up quickly. The digital prices are almost half the price of the physical volumes and the chapter prices are good as well, so I think this will be a good option for people who want the official translation as soon as the Japanese chapter is released and don’t necessarily have the money to get the physical volumes. Thanks for the reply!


Hey I love many manga you release! Thanks for Higurashi, Pandora Hearts, Madoka, Umineko and lots more!
Can I ask you if it’s possible for you to release more light novels? The one I’m interested in the most is Kager? Days by Jin. The anime (called Mekakucity Actors) will be airing this month and it’s 2nd best selling light novel in Japan in 2013. Is it possible to release it? Also Kager? Days manga is pretty good too, but the novel is the thing I’m looking forward to the most 🙂 Please take it into consideration, because it’s really worth getting release in English. And there are lots of fans so please think about it.
I hope you’re taking seriously our license requests and that new titles announcement will be soon. When will we see them? 🙂


Oh in my post I’ve writen Kagerou Project with letter that shows as ? but I hope you understood what I meant.


Hi, LKK. With regard to your question, the full tankobon editions of the chapters serialized will be published digitally to coincide with the English language print releases. So for example, Soul Eater NOT!, Vol. 3, will be published in July and the collected digital edition will be made available on the official on sale date. So no, you won’t have to follow the serialized chapters if you would prefer to wait for the collected editions, but that is the best way to stay current with the chapters. Hope that helps!

oh pie

I have a question regarding the Higurashi volumes that will be digital on April 22.

Why does it say that Higurashi Festival Accompanying Arc, Volumes 1-4 comes out on April 22, but then Higurashi Festival Accompanying Arc, Volume 3 comes out on April 29?

Does Higurashi Festival Accompanying Arc, Volumes 4 (series volume 25) mark the end of Higurashi, the main story? I’ve seen a lot of conflicting information about this manga elsewhere, so I am a little confused.

Also, will you be releasing pricing information prior to the street date? I would like to know about how much money I need to set aside for this investment, which I eagerly look forward to.


I have a few license requests: Servant x Service and Working! both by Takatsu Karino! As well, Hekikai no AiON by Kagesaki Yuna.


I just wanted to ask a question. I know the Square Enix titles will be released on the listed eRreaders, but will they also be released on the Yen Press iPad/iPhone 5 app?


Was thinking about reading the Secret! chapters as they’re released. There won’t be any spoilers for Judge will there? Or will it just take place in the same universe like Doubt?

Also, I’ve mentioned this before but please consider licensing Silver Diamond. It would fit well alongside Uraboku and Tale of the Waning Moon.


does that mean you can pickup Watashi no Ookami-san ,Dear and Tenshi no Hane to Akuma no Shippo if so can you please


Hello, I have a question about Umineko manga: I see you are using the red truth as a bold caps font, why aren’t you using a red font? The original manga is in the same way?
And how do you plan to do with the blue and other colors?



@sevi – I don’t think you’ll have to worry about JUDGE spoilers in SECRET, so you should definitely check it out! Thanks for your license suggestion as well!


@Trunqs – The original Japanese collected volumes of UMINEKO do not use colored fonts, and our releases approximate this treatment. For “colored” truths in future, we will be using distinctive fonts as we did with the red truth.


Worldwide?! No “Oh dear, you may speak English but you don’t live in North America, so here is Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and Prince of Tennis – enjoy”-screens!?

Thank you! – I have waited for you for 10 years. May this venture run succesfully for the next 10 to come!

*bows down in adoration*


Will the manga ‘secret’ be printed? like sold in stores and stuff? i’ve been in love with Yoshiki Tonogai-sensei’s work and i would like to know is all 🙂

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