Roses are red, don’t be blue, we have new licenses for you!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Yen Press fans! (Or S.A.D.—Singles Awareness Day—if you prefer to celebrate that~!)

A little blue birdie told me you were clamoring for new licensing announcements and were anxiously awaiting this post with bated breath and glee-glazed eyes…so without further ado, allow me to present our Valentine’s treats for you~~~







Is your sweet tooth prepared?








Delayed gratification makes everything better, right?








Okay, yes, that was a lot of ado. But it is Valentine’s Day, and we’re sadistic like that. 😉 Now it’s time to open up this box of goodness!

Like your chocolate extra dark and epic? We’ve got Übel Blatt by Etorouji Shiono! Übel Blatt is a medieval fantasy that follows Köinzell, a mysterious young swordsman with a past shrouded in darkness and conspiracy, as he sets out in search of revenge. To make things even more delectable, we’ll be putting out Übel Blatt as omnibus editions, so you’ll get twice the action in every volume! Übel Blatt omnibus 0—Japan’s Volumes 0 and 1—will be out in Fall 2014!

If you like your chocolate milky and sweet, we’ve got Barakamon by Satsuki Yoshino! Barakamon follows a handsome, young calligrapher who is forced to move to an island on the westernmost edge of Japan. A city boy through and through, “Sensei” will have much to learn from his colorful island neighbors! And for another bonbon to go with this new license, Barakamon was also recently green lit for an anime adaptation, yay! You can look forward to the first volume of Barakamon, presented in our signature larger trim size, in Fall 2014!

And last but not least, if you want to have your chocolate and eat it too (?), you can soon indulge in Accel World, the manga! Illustrated by Hiroyuki Aigamo, this adaptation of Reki Kawahara’s popular light novel series brings the adventures of Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime in the Accelerated World to a whole new medium! You’ll be able to snatch up the first volume of the Accel World manga in—you guessed it—Fall 2014!

Whew! I hope this announcement hit the sweet spot for you guys! Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s some more chocolate over there, calling my name… Until next time!


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I think you guys should also try to license “acca-13” by natsume ono


yay, great news. I’m excited about Barakamon. Thank you, Yen Press.


i feel like the only person in the world super excited for ubel blatt but i’m super excited for ubel blatt (and am. horribly invested in what the romanizations of certain character names will be oh god)


welp im a sad girl no manwha like lets say siesta :D? 030 anyways none of theses series seem for me ;'(


I was hoping for the High School DxD light novels….but then I saw Übel Blatt!!! XDDD


Hell yeah!! Ubel Blatt and Barakamon!! Im gonna buy those for sure! Awesome news!

Can you guys be a little more specific with the release dates?


YES!!! Finally Ubel Blatt is coming to America! I have been waiting years for this, thank you great people of yen press to finally bring over the dark fantasy action manga.

Nate W

Definitely looking forward to purchasing Barakamon.

Still hoping for something like say maybe Yoshitoshi ABe’s “Ryushika Ryushika” to be licensed…


Thank you for licensing Barakamon. I have wanted it to get licensed, so I am so happy.


🙁 And I was thinking, that you’ll announce Kaoru Mori’s “Emma” on Valentine’s Day… 🙁


Will Yen Press be open to do anymore manga by Aki? I am super grateful for YP having licensed Olimpos and I was wondering whether this has any possiblity at all?? I love the fact that it was made into a gorgous omnibus and bought it as soon as it arrived in a nearby bookstore!

Dengeki Bunko Fan

Still waiting on Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel hopefully! lots of opportunity there!


Very good release with Umineko Yen Press! All the money I payed was worth it. Tell the translator that he’s perfect and I hope he will translate the whole series.


Still hope to see the to aru majutsu no Index light novels getting licensed!


thank you <3 <3 so excited for Barakamon
*joining people who ask for light novels*


Ubel Blatt and Accel World’s manga licensed as well, neat.

Might I ask if any other parts of SAO will get picked up such as the 4koma manga and Progressive novels?


Will there be plans to release the Madoka Magica manga adaptations of the Rebellion movie?


“Still hope to see the to aru majutsu no Index light novels getting licensed!”.

I hope it too!


Yeah! Rose Gun Days would be awesome!! The first arc (called Season 1) is drawn by Soichiro 😉

Riley Wood

I agree with everyone asking for Higanbana and Rose Guns Days. Especially Rose Guns Days! I really love Ryukishi07’s work!


Cool new licenses, but what I really want is Sora no Otoshimono and Sekirei to be licensed!


Thank you so much yen press! 🙂
I was really hoping for some light novels too, but yhea xP
But anyway, i’m really hoping that you guys can license ”Utsuro no Hako to zero no Maria/The empty box and the zeroth Maria” Light novel. It’s on first place on myanimelist, and it seems to be pretty good… (i haven’t read it myself) And i would be very happy if you could license High school dxd, The pet girl of sakurasou, The ambition of oda nobuna, Kara no kyokai/The garden of sinners, No game no life and mondaiji (Problem children are coming from another world, aren’t they?)All those have a very good rank on myanimelist xP I’m sorry for broken english, i try my best :p And i would be really happy if you could try to license any of those, and maybe re-license Shakugan no shana? Anyway, im gonna try to buy so much Light novels that i can 🙂 And thank you for all you’r light novels and mangas :3


Yo guys 🙂
I’m hoping that you can realese A certain magical index, Outbreak company, Is this a zombie? And.. It was a Light novel that was just published in japan; Jinrou to thief guild …. Im really hoping that you can licens it, it seems to be awsome!


Yay~ Accel World! I was really hoping there would be another license of one of Aki’s work. I absolutely adored Olympos, and the rest of her works look equally beautiful and unique


@Emma – There’s at least one die-hard Aki fan on staff here (me!), so hopefully! 😉


Thank you SO MUCH! Wolf Children is a great movie-so much so that I am definitely getting the manga adaptation! I also really love your Brides Story, so thank you for licencing them. Also, thank you very much for licencing Kobato, Pandora Hearts, Spice and Wolf and Madoka! Sorry for this long message. Oh! Do you have any plans on licencing Horimiya by Daisuke Hagiwara?


Just learned Übel Blatt got licensed, I just hope it’s uncensored 🙂

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