August 2013 Yen Plus

The summer may be hot, but August’s YEN PLUS is here to cool you down!

Lord Maccon and Professor Lyall are taking a dip under the Thames in this month’s chapter of Soulless, and you won’t believe what they find underwater! Meanwhile, Jacob and the Peculiars are in for a chilling surprise when they go searching for some answers about the mysterious death in town. Will and Tessa are in for their own frosty welcome from a certain warlock in the latest chapter of Infernal Devices—and who knows frosty better than Jack Frost, which continues in another TWO chapters this month!

Max and the flock join the girls of Soul Eater NOT! on vacation this month, but don’t fret—there’s enough action packed in here to keep you chill all month long. So sit back, have some cake, and set sail with this month’s YEN PLUS!

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I just wanted to say that “Welcome to the erotic bookstore” is probably the funniest manga that I’ve read in a long time!! Thank you for releasing it!! I hope it gets enough support so, you guys can give it a print release or, at least release more gag/essay manga that’s, written from the author’s life experience.


@MangaMan – The final chapter of Milkyway actually ran in the June magazine! Thanks for reading!


Another nice issue. I’m absolutely picking up Soulless and Milky-Way Hitchhiking, to name just a few.

I love you guys for releasing lesser known titles alongside the bigger sellers.

I know it’s perhaps wishful thinking but I’m hoping like mad that amidst your announcements at Japan Expo will be a license rescue or two *cough* Tokyopop-related *cough*


license request, other than Aphorism (but c’mon, it’s done by Square Enix, you just have to license it)
but what i really want you to license is Kagerou Days, which is currently published in Monthly Comic Gene


I heard that you guys recently licensed “Bloody Brat” , but when I checked amazon it’s only available in kindle. Do you guys plan to release it physically? I really want to buy it!


@brandon – BLOODY BRAT will be out in both print and digital! We’re looking into the Amazon pre-order issue now. Thanks!


The publicity e-mail address is correct. You can also try contacting the generic e-mail address on our Contact page.


@tania Thanks! And is there any information available as to why the next Umineko volume is being pushed back towards January?


License Request:
– Kagerou Days … it’s getting an anime soon too!! even if just the manga since it follow the novel perfectly but shidu art!!!

– Horimiya

really as a yen press fan my life will be complete I don’t want anyone else but you guys to do them


@brandon – It’s just the way extending licenses works. It’ll be out before you know it! 🙂


@Sora I think you are thinking of last years Talent Search which was put off from Oct until… Well… And this years one may actually show up in Oct. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I still eagerly await word. But I can say that being told it’s coming but put off, makes me a bit distrustful…


@Levani – As I mentioned in reply to Brandon, it’s not a delay so much as the way licensing works. It will be out before you know it~! 🙂


Amazon has Umineko EP2 VOL2 as released but nothing on this site. What gives?


Will you be licensing more light novels, soon after the completion of Book Girl and Kieli?

Joshua Stroud

Thank you yen press for licensing the “Accel World” and “Sword Art Online” light novels i am really loving the two of them. I hope you can release them at a good pace i am really loving both of these light novels and am planning on buying them i just want it to get past the point where the fan translations for them are as soon as possible cause i am really wanting to know what happens next in them. Thanks again yen press for licensing them.


I recently bought the new Umineko volume and can’t help but wonder. Since the Red Truth is in bold how will we be able to distinguish it from the Blue Truth?


they have just announced their licensing of the Sword Art Online and Accel World Light novel series, so while YP didnt get Baccano or Durarara, they do have some light novel series to replace BG and Keili


And on another note, i just wanted to thank you Yen Press for licensing and releasing Doubt and Judge, the first volume of Judge just arrived and i’m loving it, can’t wait til the second volume and can’t wait til Another in October.
(also wanted to thank you for licensing Madoka A Different Story, can’t wait til it’s released)


just wanted to thank you so much for picking up SAO novel! I really wanted to read this one
I also hope you would consider Durarara and Baccano novels, they are amazing!! <3


I want to thank you for licensing Madoka Magica – The Different Story and more light novels 🙂 Now we just need Madoka’s light novel xD


Thank you for licensing the SAO and Accel World novels. If I may, I’d like to put in an early request for them to have digital releases if possible. Getting the Another novel in digital format worked out so well, I’d like to read more books in digital formats as well.


I apologize for asking so many questions but will any of the manga announced the other day be serialized in Yen Plus? I noticed the magazine has very little (and with Soul Eater Not! on break none) manga running in it.


License request:

I know a LOT of people would be happy if you guys picked up DNAngel (or any of Yukiru Sugisaki’s works, really). I’ve been a loyal fan of this series for around 8 years and would love to see it re-published. I’d also be willing to bet that you guys would do the original a lot more justice compared to TokyoPop’s translations.

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