Highschool of the Dead, Act. 30 now available!

Yesterday marked a milestone in the Yen offices with the publication of HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD, ACT. 30, the latest chapter in Daisuke Sato and Shouji Sato’s zombie extravaganza.  It was our first simultaneous e-book release of a chapter of Japanese content!  (Yes, with the time difference with Japan it might not have been truly “simultaneous,” but since it was the same day, we’re not splitting hairs.)

There are definitely some things we can make a bit more seamless, but on a whole, we’re thrilled with how the whole thing came together and want to thank everyone who’s already lent their support to the creators, to Kadokawa, and to us.  Making more content available to fans like this is a key initiative for Yen Press, and if you’re a fan of manga who wants the material faster and more accessibly in English, there really is no more positive impact you can make than by purchasing the official releases.

The chapter is currently available through the following e-tailers, and we hope you’ll check it out!  In the meantime, we’ll be working diligently behind the scenes in an effort to bring you more manga this way soon.  Stay tuned!

Kurt Hassler, Publishing Director

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    “this is how this anime end
    not with a bang, but whimper”
    i don’t want someone post that, just because this anime realy end, so please continue this anime


    I really give up this manga. I have waited so looooonggg… but there is no information… blablabla… although HOTD is mainstream but i think many people like it. -_-a


    I love H,O,T,D…….. By the way please continue season2 i’ll be waiting no matter what please keep updating us……. And my friend also love this manga………. certified OTAKU….. H, O, D, T <3


    I just finished reading and watching H.O.T.D. I hope it will eventually continue…anime and manga alike!!


    I can’t wait any more please if anyone can give me any info about HOTD please I’m dying. 2nd season please be released


    I really hope they release these chapters more frequently, I own ever single chapter and the ones that wernt sold as books but as e-books I printed off, I would pay any amount of money for this to go faster I want to see more!!!


    thank you so much for the release. I also own all the colored volumes. I love highschool of the dead. If there are any releases soon please let us know. thank you and keep up the good work. :)


    Sooooooooo is chapter 31 coming I’m still waiting for it, please don’t forget the fans of HOTD we’ll love the Manga and Anime.

    HOTD fan

    can’t wait for the next chapter 13.. when can be release the season 2? and the comic episode 31? i really can’t wait.. im so exited to read it.. pls anybody..

    thank you


    Shouji Sato, they guy who Illustrates this manga recently had another of his manga series (Triage X) green lit for an anime. Triage X, which is also sold in the US by Yen Press, was supposed to be just temporary while they all waited for Daisuke Sato to write more HOTD. Now that Triage X has exceeded HOTD in manga acts, and its now going to be an anime, its unlikely HOTD will be brought back, at least not for a long time.


    Amazing the amount of abuse the fans put up with with respect to this series. I checked because a friend told me a new chapter came out and then discovered he was talking about something released over a year ago.

    I sold my copies at my sister’s garage sale and dropped it from my read list (well did the latter a while back). No manga is good enough to put up with a crazy mangaka.

    Sam j

    when will the chapter 31 be available. it has been 1 year ago since the last update:= .


    Heh, this is the first manga that I wanted to buy after not getting enough of the story from the anime, but if the story isn’t finished, but left on a big cliff hanger with no expected date…it is a waste of money to do more than read an online synopsis.

    18 months and no news or hint that the group caught in a big fight with possible help coming from the school will do anything. Then there is Shido’s return, what sounds like a nuclear attack and what happened to Takagi’s parents. Well, I guess since we know the status of everyone they were looking for at the start, it is kind of “finished”.


    Shouji Sato, the Illustrator of HOTD, recently had another of his manga series (Triage X) green lit for an anime. Triage X, which is also sold in the US by Yen Press, was supposed to be just temporary while they all waited for Daisuke Sato to write more HOTD. Now that Triage X has exceeded HOTD in manga acts and its now going to be an anime, its unlikely HOTD will be brought back, at least not for a long time.

    But there is still hope. Shouji Sato has a long-stanging job offer for an illustrator assistant on his web site. If he were to get some help he may be able to get back to HOTD.


    Its been a long time since the animated was realise
    Many HOTD fans will throw such money for the story to be continued
    Wish that asami-san’s death will not go to waste
    Yen press plsss convince the head to continue it
    Its such a wonderful story


    this left of in a cliffhanger more than a year ago but I know for a fact this series still has a lot of fans if it were to start up again a lot of money could be made even f its just the manga and not the anime but if the anime was to be released too that would make so much more money


    im still waitung for the up date. ^_^

    Also i agree with shade (^) post.


    I’m still waiting for the next chapter :'( it’s been a long long time since the latest chapter..


    When is your next chapter I love this story but its been like 2 years since you continued it please make more chapters ????


    Still waiting. please please Sato san I beg youuuuu….chapter 31 pleaseeeeeee. we will even pay for it

    True H.O.T.D. fan

    Bring back high school of the dead! Just because some characters look alike from another story doesn’t give you a reason to drop a hit manga and anime! I mean they don’t even mimick each other, they have entirely diffrent story lines! I speak for all of the H.O.T.D. fans out there when I say this.


    I’m still waiting since years ago. got my hopes up and now thrown back to the ground. I want more!


    please make t.v. series of season 2 . I still waiting for the it. H.O.T.D is one of the best anime series i have ever watched.


    “Please stop the hiatus and continue HOTD. We have been waiting for almost 3 years now, and still we have not given up on it. We still keep waiting eagerly for the next chapters and season 2 of the anime. So please Daisuke Sato-San, continue making HOTD.”

    Please relay this message to the creators of HOTD if possible…


    I’m losing hope for the next chapters.. We(i.e. me and all the fans of HOTD) keep on waiting for the next release. But I’ll keep on waiting and drain every hope I still have for HOTD, ’til there’s none. But please, don’t keep us waiting for too long. I think 3 long years is enough wait for us, please don’t drag this hiatus on much longer, PLEASE, if they don’t plan on continuing HOTD, then please just say so. please don’t let us WAIT in VAIN. Thank you.


    it’s been a looooooooong wait without u, HOTD’a’.
    I always wonder when act 31 come out again.

    (Sing in ‘See You Again’ tune)


    Please continue H.O.T.D please.. :( I’ve been waiting so long.. :( its almost a years.. please


    I am slowly beginning to give up hope on the next release ×_×


    this is one of a kind story. :/ too bad act.31 is not released yet. :/ and i have a bad feeling that HOTD will be gone forever :'(


    I need update now…its 2015 and yet still no update….!i will course the whole of creator of this manga if there’s no update by the end of this year that all of your manga get trash….and don’t fucking miss it…!

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