YEN PLUS takes a Peculiar turn…

This month we are thrilled to present the first chapter of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, adapted from Ransom Riggs’s bestselling novel. And if the cover art looks familiar (it should!), that’s because the talented Cassandra Jean, artist of the Beautiful Creatures manga, has done an outstanding job bringing Miss Peregrine to life! The story follows sixteen-year-old Jacob, who journeys to Wales after a terrible tragedy, searching for the children’s home where his grandfather spent his youth. Be sure to check out this eerie, atmospheric tale in this month’s Yen Plus!
This month is also a big month for Yen Plus books in stores! The first volume of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s The Dark-Hunters: Infinity and the third volume of Witch & Wizard: The Manga are on shelves this month, so go check them out and add them to your own collection!

While Nick and the Dark-Hunters are taking a break this month, the magazine is packed with all of your Y+ faves, including the return of Max and the Flock, Alexia’s adventures across Europe, and Soul Eater Not! 22 featuring more Short-Short Shorts!

Let us know what you think of Miss Peregrine and the latest chapters in the comments below! Thank you for reading!

*There is no information yet about the New Talent Search.

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I miss Yotsuba&! will it returning to the magazine anytime soon?


the cover looks so interesting and great art. the story also sounds good! ill definitely buy it, is it just 1 volume since its only labeled for october 2013?


@Abby, since i’m just doing some explain pages to show you guys, can i post the finished pages up on dA/Tumblr? Or would you like me to show you guys first, and wait for you to give me the ‘okay’?


@hackwolfin Your art is your own, so you’re free to post it wherever you like or submit it to as many publishers as you like. Once an artist enters into a contract with a publisher, there may be limits to what can be freely shared as you’re being paid for the work, but until then you can post whatever you like!


@Abby, thanks. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t like the talent search rules you guys got.
I will sent it to you guys either by the end of March or beginning of April (school work depending), so I hope you enjoy my art work~ ^^


The cover for Dark Hunters looks beautiful. 🙂 I think I’m going to have to check it out!


With the new HD release of Kingdom hearts on the PS3, and the series being popular in general do you think there’s a chance of the MANGA getting re released? Possible in Omnibus form? From Final mix, Chain of memories, (2) and 268/2 days. There’s quite a few volumes but I bet they’d sell pretty well. I’d love that a lot. Thanks.

I collect them in Japanese but I’d love to have them all in English too. TP didn’t release all of them, they even stopped long before they went out of business. PLUS, the first ones were flipped and marketed as “kids” manga. Yuck! Please bring them back in a way they deserve!


still can’t believe the size of the second volume of Umineko, i knew it was going to be big, but it’s huge!! it’s bigger than the last volume!!


As another hope for a physical release of the Another novels, Think about Jmanga, who officially had online only manga available to pay to read, just went under..


just one license request this time
A series called asklepios, it ran in WSJ in 2008 but VIz hasnt picked it up as of yet, it only ran for 3 volumes.
it got canceled quickly from lack of support, but it was one of the most interesting series that ran in WSJ in 2008, so i think you should pick it up.


I have a question. I heard that “Welcome to the erotic bookstore” was already available. What digital outlet can I buy it from?


Oooh! I like Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I’m excited for the sequel book and I heard Burton wants to do a TV adaptation of it. <3


@Syo, i thought it was going to be a movie adaption.
But yes, i cant wait for it, or for the first volume of the manga. YP- tell Cassandra Jean that’s she’s done an excellant job so far, and i can’t wait to see more.


I just got a notice from Amazon that Goong 13 will be released September 24th!!!!!


@hackwolfin We don’t have a final date for the book release, but you will certainly be seeing chapters before the end of the year. We’ll probably have some updated details for you soon. It’s going to be super-awesome! Hope you’re looking forward to it!


will pegerine children be more than one volume or just one?? 🙂


Just wondering, does the Soul Eater Art book actually come out in june, because according to Bookdepository, it comes out May 28rd

Makise Kurisu

Umineko is the best thing you guys have ever licensed. Thank you very much. I’m buying Volume 2 today from Amazon. I hope you will finish this series and not drop it.


The Dark Hunters : infinity is so good. i advise any person in Yen Press to give Vol. 1 and Chapter 8( in the magazine ) a read. It is funny, action packed, has great character design, and the color at the beginning of the volumes is always added interest! Thanks Yen Press for being awesome!


The color High School of the Dead omni was amazing! I know I’m past due, and I’m sure it’s already been asked, but is a second color omni in the works? Thanks…


@Tony – Glad you enjoyed it! There is indeed a HOTD second color omnibus in the works, and we have it slated for December 2013! Hope you’re looking forward to it!

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