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Max and the flock know how to make the most of a good snow day, and we at Yen Press are happy to give you one more way to relax and enjoy this December—kicking back with the latest Yen Plus! This month’s issue kicks off with a new chapter of Maximum Ride, which just so happens to complete the sixth volume which you can find in bookstores this month!
This month also features the dramatic conclusion of Beautiful Creatures. On the night of Lena’s Claiming, tragedy has already struck. Can Lena save what she has lost? Or will she lose something either way… Be sure to also look for the collected hardcover edition of Beautiful Creatures next February!
In addition to exciting new chapters of Witch & Wizard, Infernal Devices, and your other Y+ friends, you can also check out a first-chapter preview of Umineko WHEN THEY CRY Episode 1: Legend of the Golden Witch in this month’s issue! This creepy closed-circle mystery from the creator of Higurashi WHEN THEY CRY will keep you guessing till the very end!
Soulless is taking a break this month to allow Alexia time to recover from the events of the last chapter (which you can read in Volume 2), but she will be back next issue with a stunning cover and a brand-new chapter!
Soul Eater Not! is also taking a break this month, but the girls will be back with new adventures direct from Japan soon!

Thanks for reading!

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@Lia Release dates for all of our series are under the BOOKS tab above! Both of these are spaced three months apart.


Please liscence Inu x Boku SS!!! I really love it, it’s such a shame it has yet to be licensed.


i’m pretty sure i read it before here, but i can’t find it so i’m going to ask. if you self publish work, or have in the past, you can still get a job with yp right?


oh and, i make my manga/comics digitally, using a tablet and sai. will that be an okay medium for submiting a porfolio to yp for a job?


@hackwolfin Self-publishing or publication with another company does not bar you from submitting your work to Yen Press. And working digitally is perfectly fine (a number of our creators do ^^)


@aa Every three months for a 500+ page omnibus isn’t fast enough?! Gah! You’re killin’ me!
Seriously, though, we are trying to bring Umineko to you as quickly as we can, which is why we chose to package it as omnibus editions in the first place. We hope you understand that producing a quality publication takes time, and that you will continue to look forward to the next Umineko omnibus next month–the end of Episode 1!



It’s fine. Don’t take to heart what people say. I’m sure it does take time and people should be grateful. I am. Especially with the Soul Eater and SE Not releases, so good job!.


@Abby, ahh thanks. now mind can be at peace until the yp telant search starts~~ while i’m off to work on two new ideas of mine. Gah, too many ideas i wanna get out there!!!


thanks so much for your reply

speaking of omnibus form what happens to the missing covers? do they appear as pages inside?

aso thanks so much for hard work cant wait to ship some of the series u all do 🙂


@Lia We do include the unused cover art as part of the color inserts. And if both volumes had color pages, all color pages will appear as well~


Hey, is there any chance that there will be an Soul Eater,Soul Eater Not, or Maximum Ride omnibus?
(There 3 different seires, at least 1!)


Probably not the best place to ask, but are the any plans to re-print the early volumes of Mizuki Namura’s Book Girl? They have become rather difficult to come by.

Anna Sky

I love Alice in the country of Clovers fanatic rabbit….soooo Great!!


Yen Press-san, Is it possible for you guys to localize Corpse Party : Blood Covered Manga too? ..I would buy it…


@Abby, is there plans for some new yp originals? You know, story and art by the same person that works with you guys. I like when you guys do that instead of just doing a comic version of a book.

Anna Sky

Hi! I have a question…I’m trying to decide which comiccon to go to this year…Can you please tell me which ones you guys will be at?? I live in the midwest..sooo I have to plan to travel…smiles
Thanks and have a Great day Abby!


@aa why not all of the corpse party manga series, they are all great, and i would buy them all, except masume, dont localize masume


@Anna We show at Comic Con International (San Diego) and New York Comic Con every year, so if you’re looking to make a trip of it, those are probably your best bets~


You are right , musume was so bad that it almost ruined my image of Corspe Party….


There so cute and the book just wants u to keep reading it (well for me it does) I wont stop reading and its so sad I cant get my hands on the 6th book yet D: to bad my fav character has (well im guessing) acting the whole time 😛 but its the best book ever!!

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