Ahoy! A new YEN PLUS has set sail!

Talk Like a Pirate Day was last month, but Aron and his mighty(?) crew are pleased to welcome you with a rousing “Yarrrrrr” to this month’s issue of Yen Plus!
The October issue is packed with action and antics from all of your Yen Plus favorites! In Soulless, the mummy unwrapping gets underway, with mixed reactions from the onlookers… Meanwhile in Dark-Hunters, the mystery of Nick’s own mummy problem is beginning to unravel—but what he’d really like an explanation for is the horned blue creature that suddenly appeared in Mr. Hunter’s estate!

Plus, Tsugumi and her friends are back in a new chapter of Soul Eater Not! 18, featuring…um…who is it again? Oh yeah! Meme-chan! Even she can’t remember what she’s gotten up to this time!

Also! Be sure to check out the post below to read more about the making of Thermae Romae! You can find Thermae in bookstores next month!

Thanks for reading!



Hi, sorry off topic – I see that you plan to release 7 volumes of Highschool of the Dead. I’ve heard that the manga is in some sort of serialization limbo, is this true that you know of? Hopefully not.


I’ve read the post on ANN from NY Comic Con! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, MY LIFE IS REALLY BETTER NOW, thanks to you! You’re really my favourite manga publisher!
BOTH MADOKA MAGICA SPIN-OFFS??? Like, not only one, but BOTH, Oriko and Kazumi! Thank you so much! Now we just need the novels and the Antology and we’ll have all Madoka mangas on our bookshelves!
Finally, last TWO VOLUMES OF K-On! I wasn’t sure if they would be published, but they will! And I really liked the organization – an highschool volume and a college volume! Thank you.
Volumes 5-7 of HOTD in colour edition!? That’s awesome! But… Will they be in an omnibus or will they be single volumes? The first four volumes are in an omnibus, so if I buy volumes 5-7 in singles, they won’t have the same size. I mean… I really need to know xD
I didn’t start reading Soul Eater yet, but thanks for the artbook. I mean, I believe I’ll like it, and we already have the spin-off too, so… thank you. And I heard good things about Are You Alice? 😉
Thank you for everything, Yen Press! You rock! Now I’m waiting, Another, Blood-C, Thermae Romae, Blood Lad and many others 😀


Yay, thanks for all related to Madoka ^^
Definitely going to read all of those.
I hope that next time all Higurashi side arc will be announced too :>
And finally art book 🙂 Waiting for more artbooks.

Is Another manga release date avaiable yet?
Waiting kills me, but well, it’s the only thing I can do now :>


I love you Yen Press, thankyou for licensing Doubt, i hope you license Judge as well


I’m just praying for you guys license ORANGE, from Ichigo Takano.
It’s like read AnoHana and Kimi ni Todoke.
Hope see this series with this publisher.


another License Request

Arakawa under the bridge
Natsuyuki Rendevous
Toribako House (Yumi Unita)


The other new Durarara!! manga? Not sure where in time it plays out but the new series starts on #1 again.


Yen Press, I was wondering if you could consider licensing Karneval by Touya Mikanagi! I really want to support this great series, as it happens to be one of my favorites. <3


yes, the second arc of the durarara manga, like the other yen press series Higurashi, will be seperated into different collections.
the Saika Arc, which is just after the dollars arc, first volume is due to release next year.
wow that sounded officialish


Ah, good good. I wonder why they felt like they needed to split the series up. This is the manga adaptation after all. But eh. Whatever as long as it continues.


firstout, it’s great to hear about the new releases coming up, i can’t wait for Another XD

Second, will the YP Talent Search off again in nov.? also, will we be about to do a right to left one? i ask because a friend and i are working together and planning ahead.


i found it was strange too, but i think it’s cos there was a hiatus in between the arcs serialization in japan, cos it’s split up there too


Can you please tell me what’s going on with Comic v9? Are you dropping it?


I’m waiting for Higurashi all side stories announcment :3
Especially Kataribanashi-hen.


Song of the doll by Lee Sun Young is the best manhwa I read so far. Please, consider licensing it!

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