Beat the heat with YEN PLUS!

There are only few, final gulps of steamy summertime air left, so plant yourself in front of a fan and check out this month’s issue of YEN PLUS!

Whit & Wisty grace our cover this issue, keeping things hot (have you not been feeling the heat wave, guys?!) with an all-new chapter of Witch & Wizard in addition to new installments of your other favorite Y+ series! And everyone seems to be traveling! Join Maximum Ride and (half of) the Flock on their whirlwind tour of Europe, hop a dirigible with Alexia as her investigation takes her to Scotland in Soulless, pay a visit to the Shrine of the Raccoon God with Aron and crew, and take a trip with Jack Frost…into the past! Plus, we have the simultaneous release of Soul Eater Not 17, featuring more heat-beating(?) tips!

And if you missed the debut of The Dark-Hunters: Infinity last month, there’s still time for you to check out the first chapter! You can still access last month’s issue before the end of this month, so get caught up on Nick before things really start to get hairy! By which I mean, before the flesh-eating begins!!

As always, we love to hear your feedback!
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Is Infernal Devices taking an end of volume break? Will it return? Or is it finished appearing in Yen Plus?


@Abby I’m glad to hear its break is only temporary. Infernal Devices is one of Yen Plus’s highlight stories for me. I saw the cover on Facebook when you released it. The cover’s gorgeous and (in my case) the book is already pre-ordered. 😀


Light novels! Can’t think of anything else, keep up the good work!


Can you please tell us what’s going on with Goong? Volumes 13 and beyond aren’t even listed on your website anymore. Are you dropping it? 🙁

red raven

just popping in to thank you for the book girl light novel its one of the best books i have read , now i have to wait to january for next one 🙁 thats like fooorrrever, was looking forward to ANOTHER novel but digital only 🙁 i cant read digital books
would like to see lodoss wars light novels ,or To Aru Majutsu no Index
keep up the good work


i know this isnt to do with yen plus, but when is the estimated release date window for the another novel and manga?


Still waiting on the digital release for HighSchool Of The Dead vol. 7! The delay is becoming intolerable!

Come on guys, you’re killing me here!


Are these the Spice and Wolf novels or manga? I couldn’t find a confirmation on the site.
Vol. 8 ISBN 13: 9780316245463
Vol. 9 ISBN 13: 9780316245487


@ Abby
I have a quick question: is it possible to subscribe to yen press in a kindle? I just got one and I know it’s possible to subscribe to magazines on it and I really want to get a subscription to yen >w<
thanks and keep up the great work with all the wonderful releases! ^o^


Please, please please!!!
You must have to release Orange (????), a new manga on Betsuma. The manga is great and very interesting!!
And please, Deadman Wonderland, not in omnibuses editions!!


@JV Those are the Spice and Wolf novel ISBNs~ (Sorry for the delayed update!)
You’ll see Volume 8 in April and Volume 9 in August!


For now, Yen Plus magazine is only available through an Internet browser, and Yen Press manga is not yet available on the Kindle. We are working on expanding our digital availability, and any new announcements will be made here on the site!


When will the next volume of Goong going to be released? i have collected all volumes so far and I really want to collect the whole thing. Please don’t drop it since there’s only a few more volumes left! 🙁


Hi YP, just wondering if you could check out Karneval by Touya Mikanagi. It’s really great, I would love to this series on my bookshelf!!


Hi YP, just wondering if you could check out Karneval by Touya Mikanagi. It’s really great, I would love to this series on my bookshelf!!



Please, licence Gosick manga! It has just finished and have 8 volumes! Maybe you can make it into 4 omnibuses…? It would be great! And don’t forget about the novel! But please, I don’t want a digital version, like you did with Another…


Started reading the Infernal Devices novels after skimming the comic here. I’m more of a fan of the novels but if it weren’t for the comic I might never have found it, so I’m grateful to Yen as usual.


“Song of the doll” – beautiful, stunning drawings and addictive plot. Please, consider licensing this manhwa! I’m sure it’s worth it.

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