First of all, thank you thank you to everyone who’s stopped by the Yen Press booth and to all of you who came to our panel yesterday evening! It’s so good to see all of you! If you haven’t stopped by the Yen Press booth (#1116) yet, make your way to this end of the hall for all kinds of giveaway madness! Bookmarks, postcards, buttons, posters, samplers, bags! If you’re in Yen-related cosplay, especially stop by so we can take your picture for the Yen Press Facebook page!

But there’s good news even for those of you who aren’t out in San Diego this weekend! ~NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS~

  • ZOO: The Graphic Novel by James Patterson with Michael Ledwidge, art by Andy MacDonald: Yen Press continues its partnership with James Patterson in this grisly adaptation of Patterson’s first scientific thriller, Zoo, releasing November of this year. Zoo: The Graphic Novel will be done in a Western comic style as an oversized jacketed hardcover edition by American comics veteran Andy MacDonald.
  • MISS PEREGRINE’S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN: The Graphic Novel by Ransom Riggs: Adapted from Ransom Riggs bestselling novel, Miss Peregrine follows a teenage boy after the death of his grandfather. Jacob’s grandfather always told the most outlandish stories about the children’s home where he grew up… Imagine Jacob’s surprise when he learns his grandfather’s stories were true! Miss Peregrine will be coming in 2013.
  • THE WAY OF SHADOWS: The Graphic Novel by Brent Weeks: The first book of the Night Angel Trilogy, adapted as a Western-style graphic novel! An incredible epic fantasy full of assassins and intrigue! The graphic novel will be available in 2013.
  • BTOOOM! by Junya Inoue: A teenage gamer is trapped on a deserted island and forced to play a real-life version of his favorite video game! But even though he’s an expert strategist as a player, will he be able to survive this life-and-death game!
  • WELCOME TO THE EROTIC BOOKSTORE by Watanabe Pon: In this essay manga, a young woman who works at a bookstore describes her experiences after her manager decides to open an adult toy section at the back of the shop. While the subject matter seems…erotic…the art is very cute and the tone of the story is very slice-of-life as the young woman records her observations, promotion efforts, etc. This book will be Yen Press’s first digital-only release! This book is very different from much of the manga available in the US, and we hope you will give this title a try!
  • ANOTHER (novels and manga) by Yukito Ayatsuji, manga art by Hiro Kiyohara: A teenage boy moves to a new school and learns that his classroom has been plagued by a string of gruesome deaths following the murder of a student over 25 years before. This horror mystery novel will first be available as a digital-only release. Yen Press will also be releasing the adapted four-volume manga series as a print omnibus edition.
    Depending on the response that the digital releases receive in the market, we may consider print releases based on demand. (This is true both of the Another novels and Welcome to the Erotic Bookstore.)

That’s it for the new announcements! Much to look forward to in the coming months! Thank you again for all of your support!

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@ Abby
So are you saying more sales of the digital version for Another will increase chances of a physical copy or less sales and maybe a petition? I’d rather rather not buy the same thing twice but I will if I have to!



So you’ll only MAYBE consider a print release IF the digital one is popular enough?

This is almost as bad as the Spice and Wolf release initially. It already seems that people are saying they’re not interested in a digital release, so chances are it won’t be popular enough for a printed release.

Damn shame. I know I won’t buy a digital one.

just somebody

@ non8

The Betrayal Knows My Name Illustration Book PHOSPHOR <– I'm definetelly with you on this one!!! I want this Artbook even if it costs 40 $! Of course without the borring CD and all that other stuff that comes with it.

And I think that Ao Haru Ride will be published by Viz, because they already have the license for Strobe Edge and will probably license this series as well. Sadly the things that suck with Viz are dropping their series out of the blue and zero communication with their buyers…


Why is Another omnibus?? Seriously… I’m starting to get bothered with this omnibus thing… Everything now is omnibus… please, release the titles in the original format…


It’s good to see Yen Press is still picking up light novel licenses! Since Kodansha Comics have totally ruled out publishing any light novels at all, I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’d love it if Yen Press could pick up Zaregoto!


i will be happy if you get the license for Shin Angyo Onshi i really love this manga they made a film of this but the manga never licensed to english…


Since you recently just finished Sumomomo Momomo by Shinobu Ohtaka would you think about licensing her latest manga, Magi – The Labyrinth of Magic? I really love it and think it would be a good seller. Thanks for your time.


« Depending on the response that the digital releases receive in the market, we may consider print releases based on demand. (This is true both of the Another novels and Welcome to the Erotic Bookstore.) »
So… If I want to buy a normal and wanted-by-everyone version of Another, I have to buy a digital verion? Ahah, no way! I buy mangas because I want to read them on my hands, seeing paper! If I wanted to read on a screen I would read them free, and you know what I’m talking about. So… No, I won’t buy Another digital novel. I hope you release it in a normal format and stop releasing only-digital books, because everyone prefers paper versions.

« Too bad it’s only a digital title. I’ve love to be able to see some gag & essay manga on my shelf. »
« I would have loved the novel as a paperback at least, but I will take a translated digital copy as well. »
« …I can’t get the novel digitally so i hope that it sells well so that a print version will be published. »
« I’m ecstatic that you guys licensed the Another novel, but a digital only release?
This is probably close to as bad as the 3d covers you guys did for the Spice and Wolf novels. »
« I am excited to hear that both the manga and novel of ‘Another’ were licensed. I do not own an e-reader device, but I hope initial digital sales warrant a printed release so I, along with the countless others without an e-reader, can show support in purchasing a great title. »
« Wait. Another novel is gonna be digital only or physical might be later? »
« Absolutely wonderful news, for getting another light novel licensed. Another was a rather interesting horror anime, and I’m anxious to read how the original novel went.
I’ll be looking forward to the physical book release though, specifically… »
« i want Another novel!!!
please publish a book version!!!
i want it badly!!!… »
« Still, praying for a physical release of the Another novels, can’t stand reading novels online and I don’t own any sort of nook or w/e. f »
« Please release Another in hardcopy at the same time. ebooks are not books. »
« I was looking forward to Another novel. I won’t purchase until there is a physical release. Please keep us updated as to when or if that will ever happen. »
« So are you saying more sales of the digital version for Another will increase chances of a physical copy or less sales and maybe a petition? I’d rather rather not buy the same thing twice but I will if I have to! » (That’s what you want, right? :P)
« So you’ll only MAYBE consider a print release IF the digital one is popular enough?

This is almost as bad as the Spice and Wolf release initially. It already seems that people are saying they’re not interested in a digital release, so chances are it won’t be popular enough for a printed release.

Damn shame. I know I won’t buy a digital one. »

Yeah, I’m right.


@Richard J. The Another novel will be available wherever eBook novels are sold digitally, including Kindle.
For digital manga releases, they will release on the platforms where other Yen manga is currently available, the Yen app and the Nook.


@Wildcat17, etc.
While you may find our treatment of Another “as bad as the Spice and Wolf release initially,” we did act on fan feedback, and the Spice and Wolf novels are now printed with the original art on the cover, which I hope shows you that we are absolutely not trying to screw fans over. Ebook editions are something many of our novel fans have been asking about for some time. While it’s a shame that “digital content” to some means “content that needn’t be paid for,” I hope that you will encourage your horror-loving friends who do use e-readers to check out the legitimate novel release so that perhaps you will see that print edition someday.
We’re lovers of print too, that’s why we’re in the book-making business! But this is a changing market, and we hope that we can count on our fans’ support as we try exciting new methods of publishing the material you love, including our simultaneous release of series like Soul Eater Not! and these latest digital manga/novel announcements.


@My_Nick While we understand that some people like the individual volumes, the reality is that publishing omnibus editions enables us to get the material to you faster, helps bookstores keep complete series on the shelves (because they have fewer volumes), and keeps the costs down for our fans. Especially in a case like this where the complete series is already out in Japan, we wanted to get it to fans who have been waiting as quickly as possible!
Note that, as with all of our omnibuses, we include the unused cover images as color inserts, so you will not lose any of the art from the originals.

Kim Miller Brown

@Sorrano Nope! I love the omnibus editions for exactly the reasons Abby lists. Getting manga faster and keeping the costs down? Sounds like a no-brainer to me! 😀


Abby –

Is there a chance of Another 0 being brought over if the omnibus sells well enough? It’s fairly short, of course, but I’d love to get my hands on it. (I know I’ll be buying the manga omnibus! I don’t personally prefer them, but I understand the reasoning behind it.)

Also, people really need to keep in mind that eBooks are becoming more and more popular. Another isn’t a light novel; it’s nearly 700 pages altogether. And a whole lot of readers are switching to eBooks–a nice chunk being horror fans. YP is simply trying to attract more readers.


Sorrano, I also like omnibuses (But individual volumes is also fine)


I was very excited when I saw that you will be publishing a graphic novel version of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. It is one of my favorite novels right now, and I can’t wait to see how some of the parts of the novel not represented in the photographs look in the graphic novel. Definitly on my list to buy!

As for the other ones, I don’t believe I’ve heard of them before, but they all sound very facinating! 🙂


Omnibuses editions sucks. Really, guys?!
I can make a house with this “bricks”.
I hope Yen Press release next mangas in a individual volumes.
The U.S. market is already saturated with manga. Yen Press manga could launch that would have a higher status, instead of throwing manga so unknown. Another version is stupid to launch an omnibus manga, and manga as BTOOOM! will be released in individual volumes.
Yen Press is the best American publisher of manga, this statement, I think anyone can disagree. But the publisher is wrong to release manga that has a huge fanbase compiled versions.
Omnibus editions make any collector be disappointed.

Margaret Burton

The writing is on the wall. E books are the future. Look at it this way. What costs more? Printing and warehousing physical books that sit and may or may not sell or having a file on a computer that you send out as orders are placed?

I will always prefer physical books but e books are the future.Now I know how people who preferred beta over vhs feel. >.<

Also since spice and wolf was brought up, those dust jackets are awful. If I hadn't already been a fan of the series I would have never given them a second look with that cover.


Wow, Another.
Now I’m waiting only for Gosick manga and novel and all Higurashi arcs.
But right now I’m feeling happy ^^
Even if it’s omnibus :/ Don’t like it.
But well, I will buy it.


Nothing interesting this time besides Another, but I’d like that as a physical copy. I’m happy that you’re doing the LN, because LNs are great!
I’m still waiting for Fate/Zero and Kara no Kyoukai as LNs, which would be nice. The Type Moon fandom is pretty dedicated, considering bothof those are completely translated and still going strong with those two franchises, so…
I’ll be watching for the seacats though!

Autumn Smith

I am extremely disappointed that the Another novels are digital release only. So I’m hoping it does well so that I might be able to add them to my shelves! I loved the anime, and I heard the novels are really good! ( Plus the anime and manga adaptations each have different endings, or-so-I-heard),licenses I’m still hoping for more licenses like Bakemonogatari, or the Gosick novels. Maybe even the Princess Jellyfish (Kuragehime) manga? I love that series so much and would definitely buy it. The manga is still ongoing, but the anime only got 12 episodes (I bought the anime) so I really hope Yen Press might consider that title.

Richard J.

@ Abby: Any idea if the Yen Press app works on a Kindle Fire? My Mom has a Kindle and, having used it a little myself, I’m sold on it’s quality. Not very impressed or interested in the Nook.


@Richard J.
The Yen app is only for iPhones/iPads at present. (Android tablet users can access content through the Nook app.)
Specifically for Another, however, it will be available on more platforms than the usual Yen manga because of it being a novel.
If we have announcements about Kindle availability for manga, we will make it known!


I think it’s good to have digital releases if you have printed versions too.
I don’t deslike omnibuses, but I prefer normal volumes in terms of… shelf and fan apreciation? But in terms of money, of course I prefer omnibuses! And I’m starting to like the omnibuses more and more with the time, so… Yeah, go ahead 😉


I definitely agree on Inu Boku SS being a good addition to the catalogue 😉
Also, my personal pick would be the Sword Art Online novels. That’s some good stuff.


The digital release for another…what will I be able to get that on? Might as well buy one of these darn things b4 hand


@Shaku The digital edition of the Another novel will be available anywhere ebook novels are currently available, so any e-reader or through an e-reader app. And of course there are ways to read ebooks on your computer even without the aid of a specific device (just less portable ^^).
Only manga digital releases are currently restricted by apps/devices, though we are working to make them more widely available~

just checking

I think this question has probably already been asked, but I can’t seem to find which post it was on, so I apologize for any redundancy.

Originally, YP said that after the Talent Search contact date was past, it was fine to post our entries online, etc.
I wanted to check and make sure that was still the case, both for the those who were contacted for further feedback and for those who were not.

thank you, and again apologies if this was already answered.


While I prefer the overall look of individual volumes on my shelf, the reasons that Abby listed have helped me see the bright side of omnibus editions. If it’s a good series and I’m interested, then I will buy it, omnibus or not.
Regarding Another’s manga omnibus, I’m simply hoping the page count isn’t too big. Again, while I prefer individual volumes, I will be getting the omnibus to support of the series.
As for the original Another novel, I don’t use an e-reader, so all I can really do is hope the demand is big enough…


@just checking You can go ahead and post your entries online, regardless of whether you were contacted or not.

Richard J.

When it comes to Omnibuses, I’d prefer single volumes but if the choice is “get series” or “don’t get series” then I’d rather have the series in Omnibus form than not at all. At least Yen Press includes color cover art for the unused covers inside the Omnibuses. Several companies do Omnibuses without the unused cover art included at all.


can we read ‘btooom!’ here? because they’re not going to release it in manga servers. please reply :((( ‘btooom!’ is one of my favorites. thanks


I’m happy with the new licenses! I can’t wait!

In the future, could you license “Sword Art Online”? I really like that series, and I’ve been reading a little of the novel. If it were in America, I would buy the entire thing if it came out XD;; So if that could be a possibility, that would be great. Please look into the novel a bit because its a really amazing story.



oh no digital content is hiting yenpress too… this is realy realy sad for the fans.

i’m a informaticien and i already hurt my eyes enough everyday at work looking at my screen, dont want to do it too for reading my manga/novel. i want to read them while lazying on my bed and enjoying some rest, no sitted in front of my comp…

i so hope that this trend will stop soon, i rarely ever found something worth buying on amazon nowaday, and i used to by two manga/weeks before 🙁

totaly not fighting the scans team the way you should. I know they’re a threat to your business but this isnt the way. why would people that go to scan team buy them instead ? it make no sense. i think the people that can be interested in buying are the fans that like to own stuff to read them many time. This type of people will buy a book already.
This is targeting the people that read scans then dont buy books, but those kind of people are maybe interested in manga, but dont like to read them more than once, and will not bother buying scans that they’ll only read once if they can have them for free.

Unlike movie/music where digital copy are often superior to physical one (in term of portability, easiness to use, quality, availability, longevability…. ), books are the other way around.
A book is easier to use than using some reader/apps that i dont want to bother with, they are more portable (the only app reader i tested was working poorly on my system, not bothered ever again), if we take care of them we keep them for very long (hell i still have my manga i buyed 15years ago and still like new, while i would have lost scan 500times already)…
The feeling of the paper in your hand, of the object you bought, of the reality that hold are all aditional value that only you can have, and that scans team will never have. this is what your most regular customer want.
By seeking new profit in new customers, you very well may loose your fidel client, while not realy suceed in grabing new one.

well, long thing short, i guess i’ll have to finish learning my japanese soon if i want to keep my passion for manga/novels 🙁


“The feeling of the paper in your hand, of the object you bought, of the reality that hold are all aditional value that only you can have, and that scans team will never have. this is what your most regular customer want.”

Totally agree with you! Thats why I’m looking forward to a printed version of the Another-Novel – it’s simply a whole different feeling to read a book you hold in your two hands than flipping the pages on a touch-screen…bah!

greeings from Germany 🙂


though i wish the another novel wasnt going to be a digital exclusive, i’m glad the manga is getting a print edition, even if it is a omnibus edition(which i hope will have the original covers inside in colour)
I also hope you soon license the durarara and baccano light novels in english, as well as the second durarara manga(saika arc), and of course Liar Game(which i will most likely keep asking for.


Yenpress, you have quickly rose to become one of my all time favorite publishers! Glad to see Until Death Do Us Part! Have been waiting for ages on that manga! I love and adore you guys for putting out quality manga back into our hands.
I agree with many on
-Liar Game
– Ao Haru No Ride
– Karneval


i forgot to mention that you should try and re license some of the series that tokyopop had(since they went under(and since some of their great series never finished being released))
Battle Royale and Deadman Wonderland(you just have to
and something that has only been licensed by a singapore company in english: Aphorism (please)


THank you so much Yen Press for Another novel and manga.

I would love a release of D.N.Angel and The Future Diary.


Thanks, Yen Press, for acquiring all of these titles’ licenses. Here’s another vote for print releases of the Another light novels and other titles that AREN’T dependent on how well the digital versions sell. While it may be true that the e-book market is growing, not everyone has an e-reader; but everyone can read a printed volume. And like some others who have already commented, I won’t buy a digital version in hopes that a printed version *may* follow *if* sales are strong enough, but I’d gladly pay a little more for a day-one actual book (even if it has to be an omnibus edition.) I don’t think a lot of people will buy the same title twice just to get it in hardcopy form.
Lastly, regarding sales and profit, which version is harder to pirate? A digital version whose DRM can be broken fairly easily in a matter of minutes, or a physical book which would need to be debound and scanned?


Just leaving some recommendations:

Sword art online (novels only)
Durarara!!! (novels)
Ookami ga Kuru!
Shin Angyo Onshi
Hoshi no Samidare
Kokoro connect (manga and novels)
Iris Zero
Break Blade
Tokyo ESP
Tokyo Ravens
Nyan Koi!
Zetsuen no Tempest


I realize I’m probably going to be hated for this, but I actually prefer omnibi. If I’m new to a series, I’d prefer to buy the three-on-one volumes than one at a time. I usually only but one or two volumes at once when I go to the bookstore, and can usually only buy something once a month, if that, so I prefer to buy omnibi, so that I can have more of the series and save money for more later on. I mean, if I was a millionaire who could buy manga without a second thought to the cost, I’d be single volumes all the way, but with my limited income at this point in time, even omnibi where you only save 50% of one volume is still 5 or 6 dollars more that I can spend on something else, or save for the next time I buy manga.

I will admit, though, that it makes it a pain in the butt to get series that I already have one or two volumes of, and I’m trying to fill in holes or finish it out, since it means I have to try to figure out which volumes are included in which omnibus, to prevent overlaps…

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