First of all, thank you thank you to everyone who’s stopped by the Yen Press booth and to all of you who came to our panel yesterday evening! It’s so good to see all of you! If you haven’t stopped by the Yen Press booth (#1116) yet, make your way to this end of the hall for all kinds of giveaway madness! Bookmarks, postcards, buttons, posters, samplers, bags! If you’re in Yen-related cosplay, especially stop by so we can take your picture for the Yen Press Facebook page!

But there’s good news even for those of you who aren’t out in San Diego this weekend! ~NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS~

  • ZOO: The Graphic Novel by James Patterson with Michael Ledwidge, art by Andy MacDonald: Yen Press continues its partnership with James Patterson in this grisly adaptation of Patterson’s first scientific thriller, Zoo, releasing November of this year. Zoo: The Graphic Novel will be done in a Western comic style as an oversized jacketed hardcover edition by American comics veteran Andy MacDonald.
  • MISS PEREGRINE’S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN: The Graphic Novel by Ransom Riggs: Adapted from Ransom Riggs bestselling novel, Miss Peregrine follows a teenage boy after the death of his grandfather. Jacob’s grandfather always told the most outlandish stories about the children’s home where he grew up… Imagine Jacob’s surprise when he learns his grandfather’s stories were true! Miss Peregrine will be coming in 2013.
  • THE WAY OF SHADOWS: The Graphic Novel by Brent Weeks: The first book of the Night Angel Trilogy, adapted as a Western-style graphic novel! An incredible epic fantasy full of assassins and intrigue! The graphic novel will be available in 2013.
  • BTOOOM! by Junya Inoue: A teenage gamer is trapped on a deserted island and forced to play a real-life version of his favorite video game! But even though he’s an expert strategist as a player, will he be able to survive this life-and-death game!
  • WELCOME TO THE EROTIC BOOKSTORE by Watanabe Pon: In this essay manga, a young woman who works at a bookstore describes her experiences after her manager decides to open an adult toy section at the back of the shop. While the subject matter seems…erotic…the art is very cute and the tone of the story is very slice-of-life as the young woman records her observations, promotion efforts, etc. This book will be Yen Press’s first digital-only release! This book is very different from much of the manga available in the US, and we hope you will give this title a try!
  • ANOTHER (novels and manga) by Yukito Ayatsuji, manga art by Hiro Kiyohara: A teenage boy moves to a new school and learns that his classroom has been plagued by a string of gruesome deaths following the murder of a student over 25 years before. This horror mystery novel will first be available as a digital-only release. Yen Press will also be releasing the adapted four-volume manga series as a print omnibus edition.
    Depending on the response that the digital releases receive in the market, we may consider print releases based on demand. (This is true both of the Another novels and Welcome to the Erotic Bookstore.)

That’s it for the new announcements! Much to look forward to in the coming months! Thank you again for all of your support!



Just heard about Durarara Saika and Doubt!
You guys know how to choose your licences, these are both great manga that i can;t wait to buy. Well Done! I’m sure they’ll sell really well for you!


definitely “doubt”, but dont forget about “judge”, as well as all the other recommendations from earlier


OMG!! Another! I can’t wait. I just read on wiki that the novel was published on October 29 in japan i think. that’s cool because that’s my birthday. >_< When will it be released? The only thing I'm not liking is that the novel will be released in a e-reader first? That sucks because i don't own one of those things and I don't think ill buy one. I rather have it in paperback or hardcover. I really really really want to read the novel of Another. Please PLEASE release it on paperback or hardcover.


I will be severely disappointed if the Another novel is not printed. I don’t read digital books, and I buy every single light novel I see translated into English on the book shelf and even order it online if I have to. Keep the printed word alive!


While I may not like digital, I know I’m going to be buying the digital version of Another. I really want to see Another in print and just hope there’ll be enough people like me to get a print version.


I was very excited to see that the novel for Another was being published into English and decided to come to your site right away… but then I saw it will be a digital release only (and it might see a print release if the digital release does well). Well you instantly lost me on that, I want the actual book not a file that sits on my computer or makes me go out and buy a tablet to read it somewhat comfortably. Digital releases are better suited for movies and games. So with this I hope the book is printed otherwise I’ll just make it easy on myself and go download it for free somewhere.


Hey, Yen.

Have you guys ever looked into possibly doing print-on-demand for series that would normally not have a very high print run?

I don’t hate digital releases, though I do prefer to have books for my personal library ^^ And print-on-demand seems like a really good option to do so.


I Actually Prefer To Have Printed Version Over Digital >_> If Only Yen Could Pick Up Some Tokyopop Licenses And Del Rey~~Jmanga Is Planning On Picking Up Some Del Rey But Since They Are Just An Online Thing I’m Not That Excited T_T


I’m most excited for Another, hope it’s received well, it would be a most welcome addition to the shelves with my manga collection ^_^


So excited for Another! I’m rewatching the series again! I hope you guys make it paperback because I don’t own any of those tablets to read your book. Plus reading on a screen gives me headaches. Just can’t wait to get my hands on that novel!


ANOTHER!! 😀 I love that anime, and I hope you can put the novels in paperback hardcover, like you did with Haruhi. I wish you guys would get Durarara!! 🙂 I would love to read those novels.


Another! I’m watching the anime on Hulu right now and I would definitely buy the manga and the print novel ASAP. Please please please tell me it’ll be released soon?!


I too would like to see Yen Press license Broken blade manga and the Sword Art Online novels along with a few others (such as Area the Scarlet Ammo and The Familiar of Zero) but I don’t think light novels are profitable in North America.

But hey Broken Blade at least has a chance since it’s a manga, …… hopefully 🙂


I’m happy about the new license announcements, I will definitely be purchasing a few. Yen Press will you consider licensing Magi – Labyrinth of Magic? The characters are wonderful, you’ll be surprised by the depth of the plot. I think it will make a great addition to your already amazing titles!


i like the titles being published but i would absolutly love if the sword art online novels could be licenced to i love sword art online


I’d really like to see you guys translate and release Type-Moon’s Kara no Kyokai and Fate/Zero light novels.


Please, I beg you, release Another soon!! I’d love Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two, Mirai Nikki, Life, Sword Art Online and Dusk Maiden of Amnesia to be lisensed!!


Hoping to buy Another(novel),printed version. It would be awesome if you could license Mirai Nikki / Inu X Boku SS / Sword Art.


Please release Another (novel) in a printed version! I would love to read it and don’t have the means to buy a digital copy! I’ve been waiting for this book for a long time. Also, please release it soon. Good luck with the translations!


Will there be a Yen press app for Android?
I don’t have a iPhone or iPad and I want to read the Another novel.


@Ramzi There is not a Yen Press app for Android yet, but you can download any number of e-reader apps (Nook, Kindle, etc.) through which you can purchase and read the Another novels.


Hey. Please release a printed edition of Another novel! While I totally dislike eBooks I tried to buy the novel nevertheless to show demand but it looks like I can’t buy it (with a German address). says I need to buy eBooks on, where this book is not listed.
Barnes and Nobel says that the eBook is only available within the US.
And I couldn’t find it on any other site like iTunes Book store (iBooks).


PLEASE release Another in physical print.

I wouldn’t have to think twice about buying it, but on the other hand, there is no chance I’ll be reading it digital. I’d love to see it on my shelf…

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