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Don’t let that serene cover image fool you. Have you ever known the fearsome Jack Frost to enjoy a quiet stroll through a peaceful grove of blossoming trees? No. Not a chance. And honestly, Noh-A’s more in a fighting mood these days too, as her terrible power as the mirror image begins to manifest! This month’s YEN PLUS is jam-packed with all-new chapters of your favorite series that you won’t want to miss! The truth of Noh-A’s past begins to unfold in Jack Frost! Tessa meets the Magister face to face at last in The Clockwork Angel! And the witch Shaula tests her brainwashing abilities with tragic results in Soul Eater Not! Also be sure to check out the last chapter of Witch & Wizard Vol. 2 in this month’s issue and look for the book in stores at the end of this month!

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What happened to Maximum Ride? And will Yotsuba ever be serialized again??


All I can say is, YP you’re terrible for not answering your fans questions about the talent search. thanks for nothing.


***SPOILERS for SENot! in this comment!***

It’s probably too early to be asking this, since I assume that y’all don’t get much information about next month’s Soul Eater Not! ahead of time, but… Is Eternal Feather dead? Honestly I was very surprised to see such a gruesome demise in Not!. I wouldn’t have been surprised too see that in Soul Eater, but killing off a character like that really seems to go against the tone that Not! has established so far. But then again we didn’t actually see specific confirmation that EF is dead, which in a shounen manga always makes me suspicious that next month we’ll find out that she miraculously survived somehow. I don’t know.


Thank you! Any word on when the next Goong volume will be available?


Hey, thanks for updating!

I’m really enjoying “Bunny drop”. I wouldn’t mind more titles by Yumi Unita.


@Fuu If there’s something you’d like to bring up, please do, but remember that there are just some things we cannot discuss publicly. We read your comments, we just can’t always answer them…


Is there a way to Google-bomb the heck out of this page in terms of SE Not! being available to read here? Does Yen Press have a presence on Tumblr or other more teen-oriented sites? Have you thought about wading into the pirates’ dens and just plain posting on their forums that Not! is available to read here?

I ask because I’m a middle school teacher, and I also I run a Soul Eater-focused tumblr. Kids (both in real life and online) still ask me all the time where the heck they can read Soul Eater Not. Currently is either the 11th or 12th result when one googles “Soul Eater Not,” which means that sometimes it’s not even on the front page of results. Not! has a huge fanbase among younger teenagers, but most of them just don’t know where to find it – they don’t even know that Yen Plus EXISTS. With the Soul Eater fandom exploding among young teenagers now (thanks to Netflix and Hulu) it seems like there are more and more readers interested in Not! every day, but they get all of their information from Professor Google and/or the big manga piracy websites (which is where Professor Google sends them). I try to get the word out about Yen Plus as much as I can, but sometimes it feels like the tide of “Where’s Soul Eater Not? Where’s Soul Eater Not?” questions will never end.

I honestly think that the Not! readership – or at least, the largest potential Not! readership – seems to skew quite a bit younger than the audience for the other titles in Yen Plus, and I would strongly encourage Yen Press to target their advertising to reach out to that audience. Optimize your search engine results. Mention the chapter numbers in blog posts like this as much as possible: kids DO actually use “Soul Eater Not 14” and “Soul Eater Not 15” etc. as search queries on Google. When is the *thirty-ninth* Google search result for “Soul Eater Not 14” – and that’s just because of the coincidence of “Soul Eater Not” and “Goong volume 14” being mentioned on the same page – there’s a problem. Advertise yourselves on Tumblr. Mention Not! by name and chapter number on your Twitter. I just cannot emphasize this enough: mention the chapter numbers as much as you can, every time you post a new issue of Yen Plus. Kids DO search for new Not! chapters using the chapter numbers. That IS exactly what they’re looking for.

I’m sorry for all of this armchair quarterbacking, I really am. But it’s frustrating to me that every time I point a reader hungry for Not! to, it seems like three more are asking me the same question.


Any chance that A certain magical Index will be picked up?
I asked seven seas but apperently it’s only you and viz media that can license it. Since VIZ media gave up on Shana I won’t even bother asking them.
also it has been picked up in France but my french isn’t that good.

I don’t know if I should keep hoping for an english version or just try the french version …. aaaah! the dilemmas of life xDD


Dear Yen Press, please release the Pandora Hearts/Black Butler guide books/art books.

Sincerely, a very dedicated fan.


I don’t mean answer everyone’s questions one by one, I mean let us know if you went through all the entries and contacted people.


@Fuu I apologize if that was not made explicitly clear, but yes, we have already followed up on the New Talent Search. For additional comments on the Talent Search, see JuYoun’s editor’s letter in the May issue of Yen Plus, which will be available until around the tenth of next month when the July issue goes live.


I think if “Thermae Romae” turns out to be a success, YP should license Yamazaki’s gag or josei titles.


Thank you for publishing alice in the country of hearts!!!! Ive been waiting forever for the last book. I got it today….soooo happy!


Is there any chance for Akame ga Kiru to get licensed? The plot line, to me, is fascinating and intriguing.

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