Sixteen Moons~ Sixteen Years~ One Brand-New YEN PLUS!

It’s not a dream! Start reading the manga adaptation of Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl’s BEAUTIFUL CREATURES in this month’s YEN PLUS! When Lena Duchannes moves to the small town of Gatlin, South Carolina, rumors spread like wildfire about the strange newcomer who doesn’t dress or act like anyone this town has ever seen—not to mention she’s the niece of the local shut-in, Old Man Ravenwood. But Ethan Wate can’t help being drawn to the new girl in school against all social protocol. Perhaps because he is tired of being exactly what everyone in his small town expects him to be. Or perhaps because Lena looks so…familiar somehow…
Artist Cassandra Jean brings Ethan and Lena’s story to life with her gorgeous illustrations, including four color pages and that stunning cover, in this month’s issue!

This month you’ll also see the final chapter of DANIEL X Vol. 3, available in stores later this month! Also, be sure to check out senior editor JuYoun Lee’s letter for comments on this year’s New Talent Search.

Thank you for reading! Let us know what you think of Beautiful Creatures and all your favorite Y+ titles!

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Going to read Beautiful Creatures :3 Looks like fun.

I know it has nothing to do with anythink, but maybe licence Rewrite by Key. Manga adaptation’s cool ^^

A reader

one more adaptation…
what about publishing an ORIGINAL manga for a change? Yen press has NEVER published a really new manga by a new discovered author, only adaptations of already famous works or one or two new series by an already famous author.
Not betting on new manga authors is the reason you couldn’t keep your print version, no one wants to read adaptations of books or korean/japanese mangas that are months/years behind japan.

Bet on young blood and you might surprise even yourself, you are just playing safe and betting on what you know that “will do”, this way you ll never find a real “Hit”


“A reader”— careful, your bitterness is showing. Did someone not get contacted after the Talent Search? ;P

They have “never published” a new manga? Nightschool. The Innocent. (and also Gabby & Gator, Kitty & Dino, The World of Quest, Toxic Planet, The Squat Bears— or wait, do those not even count to you?)

Really, with all of their book-to-manga adaptions, they are the most new-artist-friendly manga publisher in the business. Who do you think draws all of those? Most of them aren’t “famous” people like Svetlana or Rem (and I use that term loosely, because those two are sadly not very well known outside of people who give OEL a chance).

Book-to-manga adaptions are important, because they introduce the artist to a new audience and prove to the company that this artist has what it takes. An adaption is always going to be a safer bet than an original work, and it makes sense that they’d push untried artists toward that. As a reader, I’m getting to have my cake and eat it too— I get great book adaptions like Rem’s Soulless or NaRae Lee’s Maximum Ride, but I also hope that, when these adaptions are finished, Yen Press keeps these great artists on and we’ll get to see some original works. (Svetlana especially— please get back to Nightschool! xD)

And as far as staying current with the Japanese— they’re already doing a great job with Soul Eater NOT!. I hope it’s a success for them so that they can go on to convince the Japanese pubs to let them do that with more properties. It’s definitely the future of manga publishing— the only question now is how long it’ll take us to get there.


@ A Reader

Honestly, when I saw all the book adaptions, I felt the same way at first (except, I knew about Nightschool, and I don’t really care if the imported series are behind). I too was upset about them not doing too many original series. But they ARE a business, and I respect how they nurture the OEL community, while still managing to push out books that keep ending up on the best seller list. It’s a match made in heaven and there’s no denying it (and I wouldn’t be surprised if whoever came up with the idea got a raise).

As an aspiring OEL creator myself, who steadfastly rejected the idea of doing an adaption of someone else’s work, I began to think of the benefits:
-It’s something to put on your resume
-It gets your name out there
-It introduces you to the industry and publishing system/basically, it gets your feet wet
-It gives you time to hone your talent

I’m pretty sure the talent search is to look for anybody good enough to do an adaption, really. You know all those amazing artists who print their own books and sell them at conventions and who have TONS of fans and watchers online, but nobody knows who they are still? Yeah, THEM.

I’d like to believe that the OEL creators are behind the scenes, carefully developing an original series with their respective editors. And if they’re not, well, they’re close enough to an editor to try. Don’t get me wrong, I think Soulless was rushed plotwise, and Narae is TOTALLY WASTING her awesome talent on Maximum Ride. But if I had the chance to do an adaption for them, I would do it in a heartbeat.

B. Yuu

I can’t wait to read the submissions if they get put in the magazine!!

Also, will Dark Hunters: Infinity and Yotsuba&! be serialized in Yen Plus?


where can I check out the senior editor JuYoun Lee’s letter for comments on this year’s New Talent Search.


I’m a bit frustrated by the sheer number of gratuitous adaptations, though. And I’m kind of disappointed in this one in particular. What I liked…scratch that, what I loved about Beautiful Creatures was its sense of place. The story is as inherently of the American South as Gone with the Wind was (only I like Leena much more than Scarlett O’Hara). Adapting it into a manga-style comic seems odd, at the very least, and jarring, at most. I sort of feel like this is one of those adaptations that shouldn’t happen, like the Dragonball Z live-action.

Additionally, the “Svetlana, please continue Nightschool” comment is seconded. Witch and Wizard isn’t my favorite “James Patterson and…” series to begin with and Nightschool was made of awesome and should continue to be so when it starts again.


More light novels please! Even though no one above me is saying it…. It’s what they really want. Ya need to learn to read between the lines….


Just out of curiosity – will a notice be posted on the main site after all the finalists have been contacted, like was done last year? As of now we have no way of knowing when the wait will end, since the 30th has long passed and the editor’s letter didn’t provide any specifics.


This has nothing to do with anything mentioned above, but…

Why are you guys here at YP so slow with updating the covers on this site?
I mean, May’s already half-gone and not even all June’s releases covers are showing up there in New Releases section.
And it’s May, but after redirecting to the project pages of April releases, there’s still written “Coming April 2012”. And some March releases also have “Coming March 2012”.

We’re in the Internet age =web connection from anywhere and everywhere, so what about putting a little bit more love into updating this web page?


Looooooove this novel. Can’t wait to see the adaption.


I’m not familiar with Beautiful Creatures but I AM familiar with Cassandra Jean and I am very excited to see her getting signed on with YP! Good luck, gal! I look forward to seeing more of you in print.


I agree with anonymous. I hope they post a thing saying its over, or maybe a list of who got close? Plus I would really like to read some of the finilsts in the magazine too! That would be cool! And I loved the book beatiful creatures.


I slightly agree with A Reader. I also hear what Morgan is saying. However, it would be nice to see some new, original stories, in Yen Plus. It’s fine they are adapting novels, but if I’ve read the novel, I’m not one to read the comic form. Which is why I’ve passed over every adaption after reading the first manga chapter. I think it’s because it’s someone else’s interpretation of a story my mind already interpreted.

This has nothing to do with their talent search, this is just about new content. I did like how they had Nightschool, albeit’s a short lived series, but I’d like to see more original content. As for the others Morgan listed, They feel more like “the funnies” comics, which is not what I’m looking for. And I mean no offense at that.

I think I’d like to see at least one original story hidden within yenplus, or if not OEL original, something more obscure from japan that most haven’t heard of to introduce the masses to something new.


Honestly, the novels they’ve adapted, I’d never heard of before the adaption came out, and I don’t see myself seeking out the original.

I’m not dying for the next volume, either. The only one I would buy is Witch and Wizard because I liked the characters and it was mildly entertaining (I read it twice). Max Ride is just plain stupid, which is why I gave up on it. I hope Narae Lee can get started on something else soon. I actually forgot about Gossip Girl. The series already has an oversexed TV show, did it really need a manga too? Then there’s Souless. While it wasn’t a painful read, it certainly wasn’t easy, considering the plot kept leaving me in the dark and since it was so rushed, all the moments that should have been special and meaningful weren’t, because I wasn’t given enough time to properly warm up to the characters. I’d only buy it to support Rem, really. I wish I had gotten to read the Clique before it disappeared from the shelves. 🙁

As for Beautiful Creatures, I’m not interested in that at all. Nothing I’ve read or seen about it interests me in the least.


Hey, I’m really loving Cassandra Jean’s opening color pages!!

Also, I think YP should license the manga “Natsuyuki Rendevous”. It’s getting an anime in July.


Can anyone put up the JuYoun Lee letter up on the home page so we can read it!!??


@Everyone: Having read the JuYoun Lee letter, I can safely say that there’s no real critical information in it. The bottom line was that they will be contacting certain creators and are thinking about running a few entries in future issues of Yen+. It also mentions some good tips for improving one’s comics, and that they’ve received more entries then ever (though some did not meet their requirements).

I haven’t heard of anyone being contacted yet.


I want to amend my last comment because I did find one person who’s been contacted in the 30 minutes since my last post. It’s good to see some action at last. 😀


Aah so curious! Can you say, was the e-mail a general one that was sent to all the winners (like last year, mentioning more info to come), or was it exclusively for that person?



Now that’s good to hear! Suddenly manga publishing seems a tad less bleak.


Omg!!!! Thats great! Congrats!
Yen press is the best for giving us this chance.
And I loved clockwork angel this month!


Hello there, Yen Press!

Please, please, please, licence Doubt by Yoshiki Tonogai!
It’s my favourite manga!


I finally managed to pre-order volume 7 of Spice and Wolf novel. Yay! I wish Santa would come sooner this year.


I second the Doubt request. It seems like a cool series that I’ve been wanting to read for awhile.


since it is already past the dealine of april 30, so is it safe to post our manga to websites for yen press talent search.


Greetings, Yen Press. I know you probably receive hundreds of comments like this one and I do apologize for adding yet another one, but I was wondering, if in addition to the many different books and manga you consider to license and release, that I might make a suggestion for one. I originally fell in love with the light novel for this when Tokyopop was still around, but I would truly love to see the manga Gosick released out in English. It’s such a wonderful series and I think it would be an excellent addition to the books you already print out. I really do hope you might take a look at it and possibly consider licensing it sometime in the near future. Thank you very much for your time.


I’m confused. I noticed on the hachette book website that it listed “Milkyway Hitchhiking” is being released in Febraury of 2012. Why can’t I find & purchase it on sites like


I’d love it if you picked up “The Twelve Kingdoms” light novel. It’s sad that Tokyopop couldn’t release all of the novels. (And I know this is slim but) “Kimi to Boku” is one of my favourite slice-of-life manga and I would be so happy if you could bring that stateside too! Thanks!


@Kotori-sama – Yes, Gosick would be truly wonderful. But the original light novels! It’s the light novels I’d love to see translated and published into English. Gosick is an excellent series of books, and has some wonderful artwork.


Gosick’s novel art is masterpiece.
All the volumes covers are so beautiful~
Light novels are the best!
And I’d love to own a lot of them 😀


I agree about the Gosick manga! Would be a lovely read!
I’d also really like to see AiON relicensed. I love Yuna Kagesaki’s work, and think that you guys at Yen Press would do a fantastic job with it!


Oh my gosh, I totally second Aiden on “Kimi to Boku”– it’s awesome! Please consider it if you can, guys. 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

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