Parasols at the ready! It’s a new issue of YEN PLUS!

Step lively, now! The latest issue of YEN PLUS has landed, and you know how Lady Maccon feels about being kept waiting. That’s right, Soulless is back this month, kicking off its second volume with four gorgeous color pages from artist Rem, not to mention that stunning cover! Also check out new chapters of your other Y+ favorites! Learn the tragedy of Jem’s past in The Infernal Devices, watch Arthur tranform from a common boy into a king in Daniel X, and witness the terrible power of the mirror image in Jack Frost! Plus, we have a fresh chapter of Soul Eater Not!, hitting newsstands today in Japan! Enjoy all this and more in the latest issue!

Also, in case you’ve been away from the site for a while, be sure to scroll down and check out the latest round of new title announcements made at Sakura-Con! So much to look forward to at the end of the year, so much to look forward to in this month’s issue of YEN PLUS! What are you waiting for? Dive on in! And thanks for reading!!



I’d love if you guys could license the manga Candy Candy but given the lawsuits and stuff surrounding that title, I don’t think It’d ever happen. ;c;
Maybe someday, though.
Someday. TwT


What a beautiful cover for soulless. I loved volume 1, and it was a great adaptation of the novel. So excited for vol 1 of soul eater not, vol 2 of soulless, and vol 1 of infernal devices. Thank you yen press!!!


[email protected] The creator of Candy Candy says even hearing the name gives her headache. Neither the manga or anime as been reprinted in Japan or anywhere else legally since the 80’s.


Rem’s art is flawless. <3 Souless is great, thanks YP. ^_^

Autumn Smith

Thank you SO MUCH for licenseing Madoka Magica, (one of my top 3 favorite series) I seriously can’t thank you enough!!! I would like if you could pick up the Gosick light novels because it seems tokyopop is not publishing them anymore, (and they only got up to volume 2) it also seems like since tokyopop went bankrupt they won’t be publishing anything anymore (and that means no Hetalia volume 3!) it would be beautiful if you could pick that series up! Also the Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari light novels, because if anyone could succesfully tackle that crazy pun-filled light novel it would be you guys. Also the Princess Jellyfish manga, (also KurageHime) that would be awesome too. And Squid Girl! (ika musume) I would love to see that published in English i would totally buy it! ( they would look so amazing next to my squid girl figurine…) Am I forgetting anything? Well, that’s all for now. Thank you again for publishing Madoka Magica!


I love all of the titles in Yen+! Well, nearly all – sorry “Milkyway Hitchhiking,” but I’m more of a dog person. 🙂
I have to say, though: where did “High School of the Dead” go? Gonna make me trudge over to the book store? I loved reading it in this anthology!
Also, 23 pages for the ‘B’ section? When will there be more manga titles? The scales are totally tipped in favor of the ‘A’ section; ‘B’ fans are crying!
Thank you for giving us a great magazine – keep up the good work!


@Tony Glad to hear you’re such a fan! Highschool of the Dead was intended to be more of a preview than an ongoing series in Y+. We like to keep everything in Yen+ to Older Teen or under so that the magazine can be enjoyed by some of our younger readers, and after the fifth chapter of HOTD, things get a little too racy for our younger readers 😛 The full-color HOTD is available now, freshly reprinted! I wouldn’t worry so much about the trudge to the store as I would the trudge back lugging that weighty hardcover behemoth with you! But totally worth it!!
As for more Japanese titles, you’ll just have to wait and see~


I think you should publish Immortal Regis and its sequel, Cavalier of the Abyss (both of which are manhwa). Its art is stunning, and it’s rather fast-paced (the manhwa, not the publishing).



Ahh I see. That’s a darn shame..oh well. 🙁 I guess it can’t be helped.


dude Sword Art Online light novels would sell a lot. oh i can dream of owning my own copy of that series


I think you should publish Song of the Doll by Lee Sun Young (it is korean manhwa). I’d buy it for sure.


YP!! Please consider the Hotarubi no Mori e. I recently saw the movie, and it was perfect. <3 I'd love you forever if you published it.


It would be so awesome if you could pick up Chihayafuru! <3 It's amazing!!!


GoSick would be nice.. and would really like to see Inu X Boku SS. Any chance on those?

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