First of all, thank you to everyone who submitted their work as part of Yen’s second annual New Talent Search! We were expecting to see more submissions this year as word spread, and boy, did we ever! As a result, we beg your forgiveness and continued patience, as we will need till the end of the week to finish our review and give your work the time it deserves.
Thank you again for sharing your stories with us!

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Khd Puppet

oooooh~ i hope i can get picked <3 that be so flippin awesome (///w = )


you guys should publish some of the entries in Yen Plus!


I had figured I was out of the running at this stage and the winners had been picked! I suppose its still just as unlikely I’d be selected (if not moar!!) but I’m interested in seeing the winners! XD


what’s the area code for your headquarters? just in case we don’t know if it’s you calling.

Turner Harbert

I TOTALLY agree with pockycrumb. I thought I was already cut out. But, It would be a friggin MIRACLE if i got picked. I tried my best anyways. but, hey, cherriuki, I’m glad to see you have such confidence, which is a good thing,but…..maybe, MAYBE, you should try not to get your hopes up too high. I’m sure you did a FANTASTIC job, but I would hate to see a person like you get really dissapointed. But, hey, theres no telling, you just might as well get picked! with that said, GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! And 100+ congrats in advance to those who did get picked! And 100+ congrats to those who had the endurance and integrity to finish your submission and send it in! 🙂


@Nick the HQ is in NYC, so it’ll be a New York area code.

And am I right in assuming it’ll be a Monday announcement since the deadline was technically this past Monday?


I really hope today is the day!!!! Ive been going “crazy” waiting….chewing nails, climbing the walls, hahahahahha
Good luck to everyone!


Finally read Higurashi Atonement Arc <333333
I cried a lot… So beautiful…

Now I'm looking forward to Massacre arc and Festival arc.
And the other arcs, as well. Is there any possibility for You to licence them?

khd puppet maru

soooo~ has any one been choosen as of yet? D:


So… Is it safe to assume that, if we weren’t contacted by now, our submission has been unsuccessful? Or is Yen Press still in the review process?


Hahahah im totally climbing the walls too! (l probably look like a crazy person…hahahhah) has anyone heard anything??


@shutupadrian: From the looks of their Tweets, they’re reading through the finalist’s entries as we speak. As of 11 hours ago:
“Curling up with a stack of the final round of New Talent Search submissions. Kudos to the entrants and our editorial team for the hard work!”


I don’t think there’s any names up yet. I still would assume finalists would have been contacted by now though…


Its two weeks over due? I know Yen Press is very busy but at least post something saying that it might take another month or something. Just kind of hanging in limbo now. But as soon as I post this they will announce “winners” (but not a contest) >_<* *frustration*


OMG, people just be patient! They have to read and review hundreds of entries AND decide who they want to contact, not to mention the truckload of REGULAR publishing duties they have to do! Just be happy they’re giving you this opportunity, and find something else to do in the meantime. Look for other opportunities, build your portfolio, hone your skills, get ready for next year, SOMETHING! Just stop hounding them already! This stuff takes time!



I agree with you. Unforeseen circumstances come up and timelines get pushed back. It’s something everyone in any professional environment needs to deal with.

That said, expectations need to be managed. A simple note like ‘sorry, we need another two weeks’ as a matter of common courtesy would be appreciated.

And to be clear, I’m not upset and I hope this doesn’t come off as ranting. My intended tone here is to be matter-of-fact. As you suggest, I’ll do my best to be patient.


Hey, does anyone know a place where we can all talk, and kinda keep each other updated on this? I’d feel a bit weird to keep spamming about it here….



We can agree on that. If like six months go by with no word, even I can understand.


@Sherry: You know this already, but for those who don’t, there’s a smattering of Yen Press Talent Search ‘veterans’ on twitter, but you’ll have to dig around to find them (unless those already on twitter want to draw attention to themselves here.)

I’m @shutupadrian


Oh, I didn’t know about this 😮 I obviously didn’t enter, but I want to say good luck to everyone who submitted and congrats to all those people who were picked (as soon as Yen Press shows you the winners). I believe that all of you have done an amazing job c: I draw too. Horribly.
So it will be interesting to see the winners.
And I would like to see the other submissions too c:


since it is already past the dealine of april 30, so is it safe to post our manga to websites.


Are you guys actually planning on another one next November? Also, if I have an artist, a cowriter artist, and a letterer, I assume I would need to list all their names on the one shot?

Also, what if this is actually a semi-self contained one shot? It could lead to what they call a “Limited series” in the west.


When’s the next talent search? I’ll be ready. I planned on getting a manga published to this company anyway, so might as well submit something before I get anything published.

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