YEN PLUS Marches On!

Winged, cherubic children? Pastel clouds? Cookies? …Is this…heaven?
No, but you’re close! It’s the new issue of YEN PLUS! Check out this month’s gorgeous new cover art by NaRae Lee featuring Maximum Ride‘s Angel! I’m pretty sure Angel used her mind powers to get ahold of that cookie…
We’ve got all-new chapters of your favorite YEN+ series: Max and the gang go global, Whit and Wisty get schooled in TWO new chapters of W&W, and of course, simultaneous serialization of chapter 12 of SOUL EATER NOT! If you haven’t read this hilarious and sweet prequel to Atsushi Ohkubo’s Soul Eater, be sure to click here or in the sidebar for a FREE PREVIEW!

*Also, don’t forget that entries for the New Talent Search must be postmarked by March 31st! Get those in!*



@Vanessa Dang. So much for March marching on! We’re still stuck in last year! o_O
*Revising cover now!*


How are you guys doing on Spice & Wolf? I was told that you will be releasing them sooner (like 3 per year instead of 2). Is that true?


where is yotsuba? theres a release date set for the next volume, so i assume you guys can put it back in the magazine…


Wow! WOW! WOW! This cover looks splendid! Great job NaRae Lee!*thumbs up*>.<,,
Now I can't easily choose volume 1's cover as my favorite anymore… shucks. (But Max will always be my numbah 1 favorite character in Maximum Ride^u^)
Question: Is volume six the last volume of Max Ride or is there more?


I..It’s not like I want Light Novels or anything!…no but seriously guys…light novels..:P


License rescues please! Like Ai Morinaga’s ‘Your and My Secret’ (Boku to Kanojo no XXX)! Very funny gender-bending series! A spin-off has also just been announced! Any series by Ai Morinaga would be wonderful!


I would love to see you guys license the light novel version of Highschool DxD


when chocolat 8 come out? this series have 10 volumes
i’m waiting and waiting for next vol – this is very uncool:(


Hey Abby, just curious, are there any plans to continue with Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro? The third one finally came out in Japan and you guys did such a lovely job with the other two. I’d be ecstatic to see the third one come here too. 🙂


@Silarial, karin When we have news on the continuations of either of these series, you will see updates on their respective series pages!


Magikewl girl? I dunno yenpress….maybe it’ll grow on me.


i want to post my book-title -The flower plant by my hand-but my japan and english not good.
Can i post too!!!!
Pleas!!!!give me avoid!!!!!


please faster light novel releases for haruhi and newer light novel titles please!


Speakiing of Chocolat, have earlier volumes been reprinted yet?

Have any IceK manhwa series been reprinted as of now?


@Arc They should be in print, and any that are out of stock should be back in print soon. Also note, you can check out some of the old IceK series on the Yen Press iPhone/iPad app!


@Abby Awesome! Thanks for the update.

Another question: Will they be updated with the Yen Press logo, or still look like the IceK editions? If they look different, will the YP website be updated to reflect the new look?


@Arc Some of the IceK editions are already reprinted. The “Danbi” logo that you see on the front of some of the original books is removed, and the spine says Yen Press instead of IceK. Those are really the only differences. Everything else cover-wise is pretty much the same!


It’s just curiosity, but… When are you going to licence something new from Japan?
I hope soon, bacause there’s so much titles I want you to licence…

What do you think of:

Rolan, the forgotten king
Deadman Wonderland
Dantalian no Shoka


How about a simultaneous serialization of Yotsuba? I’m sure many fans would enjoy that.

Captain Forrix

I’m looking forward to it too! 🙂
I also second Gosick and Umineko! They’re both great series and I know you all would do them justice!


@Spc_a We’ve just confirmed publication of Kuro #3 with our licensor for November!


@Shaku No, we won’t be making it up to Anime Boston this year -_-
Don’t worry, there will be plenty of announcement excitement at Sakura Con to make everyone happy! (/^o^)/


Oh wow, Kuro got confirmed for release after all! I’m so glad I checked back in this comment thread, haha. Thanks Abby and everyone at Yen! 🙂


Yay! Glad to see Kuro #3 will be coming, thanks Yen Press!

Also, some of the pages for titles need some updating, Sunshine Sketch doesn’t have volume 6 listed for example.


In the book, Alexia is described as a full figured woman. Full figured =\= huge rack. Was it so hard to make her a chubby girl? Was it so impossible to fathom that a chubby girl could have a romance with a handsome man? You took Alexia and made her a hot babe for what reason, exactly?

I’m sorry I bought that book. I’ve lost respect for you.


does any one know when the next night school book will be released


@ Sorrano
I doubt anyone but the artist or author of whatever book you’re talking about had anything to do with making some girl not chubby. Anyways I’m sure that girl would thank them if they could. Maybe she didn’t want to be chubby.


Okay, Shaku, that comment is ridiculous.

Sorrano, can you blame them for following a precedent set by the covers of the original books? I mean, one look at the cover on the first book and I wouldn’t call Alexia “full figured.” >_< Even so, Alexia IS larger than a lot of the other women in the novel (and not just boobs, but in height and hips too), and she's *certainly* larger than most of REM's other girls.

I would be more bothered by the period-inappropriate plunging necklines, but I figured it was part of her character that she'd be the one wearing clothes like that when other people aren't. Also, Lord Maccon ran around naked for the last 1/4 of the book, so that helped skew the fanservice ratio. xD


Happy to hear about Shoulder-a-Coffin 3! I picked a good time to start reading it. xD
Is there any chance that Yen Plus could become available for Nooks? I’d like to be able to read this while I’m away from a computer.


Is it already after the SakuraCon?^ ^
I am really curious about the new titles.


I’m still in disbelief over Umineko. Thank you so much for licensing it! It’s one of my favorite stories of all time, and I know Yen will do it justice. 🙂

I’m just curious about the release schedule, and how the colored text in Episode 2 onwards is going to be done.


To be honest, I noticed the same thing about the book covers in their novel form. They describe her as full figured and plain, but it defeats the purpose when you just make her another hot chick. It’s like no one wants to aknowledge what a real woman looks like. I’m not knocking skinny girls; but if you’re going to write a story about the girl that’s not exactly beautiful, don’t turn around and make her beautiful! Stick with the story, you know…it upsets me to see it changed like that.

Honestly you didn’t see the other girls in the story frequently enough to compare Alexia to, anyway, but I will admit she’s bigger than Hisselpenny. But she’s not full figured. ADELE is full figured. Alexia came out looking like Beyonce.


I love you for bringing Umineko to us! I’m really, really happy!

You’re the best!


Best of luck to all the Talent Search entrants!

@Sorrano I know where you’re coming from. The reviews I’ve read have this same recurring complaint.

A missed opportunity, to be sure.


I can’t what for the book to come out! it’s my fav book of all time!

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