Simultaneous SOUL EATER NOT! in YEN PLUS!

Whump! That was GANGAN magazine, just hitting shelves in Japan with a brand-new chapter of SOUL EATER NOT!
Beedle-beep! That was the latest issue of YEN+ going live online with the SAME BRAND-NEW CHAPTER OF SOUL EATER NOT! We at Yen Press are thrilled to bring you our first-ever simultaneous manga serialization beginning this month—with a special message and artwork from Ohkubo-sensei!
For those of you who want to jump on board but missed the earlier chapters of SOUL EATER NOT!, click below to read a free preview of the first chapter!

Of course, we also have new chapters of your other favorite YEN+ series: Max and the Flock kick off their return with amazing new color pages, Whit and Wisty meet new allies and new enemies in the latest Witch & Wizard, and Tessa gets her first taste of danger under the Shadowhunters’ care in The Infernal Devices!
Soulless will be taking a brief break this month. Alexia needs a moment to powder her nose before embarking on her second volume of manga! Be sure to check out Soulless: The Manga Volume 1 in March!

Thank you for reading!
And don’t forget, the deadline for the New Talent Search is coming up soon!

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Will you eventually upload the message and artwork from Ohkubo sensei eventually, I can’t get a subscription and this blew my mind when I saw it on Facebook.


Congratulations, Yen Press! Hopefully we’ll get many more simultaneous manga in the future!

Also, i’d just like to say that I enjoy the Shrimp art as much as the manga series. I want more!! 😀


I hope the simul-publishing of Soul Eater Not! works out! It’d be great to see more series get the same treatment.

Also: Is there an expected time for when the Milkyway Hitchhiking and Aron’s Armada pages will be up with their respective scheduled physical releases? Not anything specific; more like, within the next 6 months/1 year/2 years/etc. I’d just love to purchase them.

someone that looks forward to yenplus every month!!

Hey, I can wait until “The interview with the vampire” manga comes out. Will it be serialized in YP in the coming months?

Also, I hope you don’t mind a license request….Any non-yaoi title by Est em, 3AM danger Zone, & Arakawa under the bridge.


I’m kinda disappointed… I wish they’d bring back the yenpress magazine.


I’ve decided bakemonogatari might Be too difficult to translate with all the Japanese word play……so give me Ore no imouto instead!


Any plans to release Spice and Wolf Side Colors? Also, Bakemonogatari, Haganai, Oreimo.


Would love to see Yen Press license Inu x Boku SS manga and Durarara light novels. Also I second the Spice and Wolf Side Colors release.

Autumn Smith

@Shaku OHMYGOD. Please license the bakemongatari light novels! that would be awesome! I’m watching the anime of nisemonogatari right now actually.

Autumn Smith

Please license The World God Only Knows!!! 178 chapters and running, I’m surprized no one has picked it up yet. Also has two animes.


Um…I was wondering if Yen Press is going to publish K-On! volume 5? ~Thanks ^^


I agree with JV, but also, when will the page for the Spice and Wolf novels be updated? I read in prior archives that YenPress had registered the rights for books 7-17, but it still says only up to book 6, and even the 5th book hasn’t been updated to “available”. Or did you not get the rights? It’d be a shame to only translate half a series, and this is my favorite one.


@Chris Spice and Wolf 5 is indeed out, released in December as it says on the novel page. I just forgot to take off the “coming soon” bit ^^


@ Autumn: I’d love for them to do it, but soooooo many of the jokes only make sense to ppl who live in Japan and understand the language, if they want to stay true to the original work it’d be difficult and would involve a lot of translation notes….


@ Abby: The latest Kieli novel still has the coming soon bit up as well, i think


Is yen press going to manganext, this month (& hopefully make new announcements)??


Will you translate Shoulder-a-coffin Kuro Volume 3?
That was amazing series with magnificient art.


I have always been a fan of yen-presses work so it’s nice to see a digital means in the market. Having a ipod/ipad it’s nice to read these titles legally on go now so in short you all have my full support.


i would like to read the magazine on the yen press app… well i hope they get more series


Why is Goong stalled at volume 16? Do you intend to drop this? 🙁


@Kitty – According to, Goong volumes 13 and 14 are due out in May and August…Yen Press hasn’t updated their website to reflect that, though.


Do you plan to edit Umineko? Or it’s completely imposible?


@Arc Amazon is incorrect in this instance, and we will update asap to reflect the correct information. As of now, we do not have final publication dates for Goong 13 on.


I understand. I’m sorry to hear that. Lately you guys are concentrating less and less on shoujo and josei. Is the male audience a better buyer? Just curious 🙂 .


Hey guys! 🙂 Just wanted to throw a license suggestion your way, for Shinobu Takayama’s manga series “Amatsuki”. It’s amazing, both in art and in plot– and since your releases always have great quality, it would be a perfect fit (and a definite release-day purchase of every volume by me! 🙂 ). Please consider it if possible, and thanks for all of your awesome work! 🙂


@Kitty It’s cause all of those Korean girls’ series ended! 😛 But you never know…what we might have in store……


I’d like to see Yen Press license Sketchbook to go along with Hidamari Sketch and GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class.

I also hope Yen Press plans to get the eventual new volumes of K-ON!.

What do I also hope for? For them to actually continue with Tena on S-String. Are we ever going to see volumes 6-9? The lack of them depresses me. So I have to wonder what’s going on here.

In general, I’d like to see more 4-Koma gotten. I mean there’s Ura Ban!, A Channel, Kiniro Mosaic, Gu-Pan, Acchi Kocchi, With Liz, etc.

I know we can’t get every 4-Koma series at once nor will we get everyone, but darn it we still need more of it. By we, I mean me.



I’m REALLY disapointed with Yen Press.. ¬¬
This omnibus virus are stating to bother me


I personally do not mind getting higurashi omnibuses, but why must you release them every three months instead of bimonthly like before? And soul eater is over ten volumes behind, why can’t we get a faster release schedule?


You could do it as monthly tanko… disproportionate collection is ugly =/


@My_Nick We do intend to publish them at the smaller trim size so that the whole series will match along the shelf. Some will just be fatter than others…Though if you look at v.2 of Curse Killing, that’s been the case in Higurashi for some time 😛


Shrimp art has returned! Yay! You’re really getting good Abby! The folds on the clothing were very nice!

Though I was sad to see no Japan Pimp. Congratulations on Soulless as well! I hope that Yen continues to grow 🙂


I wish they would release the third Volume of Soul eater not soon.

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