2012, Year of the YEN PLUS!

While Yen Press generally frowns upon piracy, it’s hard not to make an exception for the crew of Aron’s Absurd Armada (not that they’d be much of a threat anyway). They may not have the looting and pillaging thing down just yet, but their antics will have you yo-ho-ho-ing (the pirate equivalent of LOL) as you sail into this month’s YEN PLUS! What better way to kick off the new year than with new chapters of your favorite series, including the final chapter of the first volume of Soulless (available in paperback March 2012), a hard-rockin’ Witch & Wizard, and our newest member, The Infernal Devices. (If you haven’t already checked out this dark steampunk fantasy based on Cassandra Clare’s amazing novels, subscribe this month and you can still read the first chapter from last month’s issue! Or, READ A SAMPLE ON FACEBOOK!)

This month is also a momentous occasion for YEN PLUS: We are now caught up to the Japanese release of Soul Eater NOT! Beginning in February, brand-new chapters of Soul Eater NOT! will appear in YEN PLUS simultaneously with the Japanese release date! We hope you are as excited about this as we are, and that you will look for Tsugumi and her friends in the next issue!

Don’t forget, the NEW TALENT SEARCH is on! And there’s still plenty of time to submit!

As always, we welcome your magazine feedback below! Thanks for reading!

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Brandon Yu

AAAAaRGH. WHERES YOTSUBA???!!! Volume 11 has been published in Japan. When will it return to Yen Plus??


As a new subscriber, I was pretty dissapointed. Yotsuba&! is supposed to be in the magazine, is it not? I read somewhere that you guys have to wait for the 11th volume. It has been released, so when is it coming back?

Also, the print magazines were gigantic compared to the digital magazine. There isn’t a limit to how many pages there could be, so why not add more Japanese manga series?


Good job Yen Press! Let’s hope Soul Eat NOT will be the start of many simultaneous manga releases.

Aron’s Absurd Amarda looks really cute…I remember reading the first chapters in the first online Yen Press but since I didn’t subscribe I never ended up following it. Something to keep an eye on I guess.


@Yotsuba fans As with everything, these negotiations take time, and they can usually only BEGIN once the volume as been published in Japan. We are working to bring you more Yotsuba as soon as we can!


Please!! Everybody wants Yen release Umineko No Naku Koro Ni. It’s a great manga like Higurashi! Please, give it to me as a birthday present! lol


I can’t wait to see how the simultaneous releases of Soul Eater NOT! work out. Hopefully it works well and a lot of series get simultaneous releases. But it needs a shorter name, like simulcast. I’ll call them… simuleases!
I’d also LOVE to see Yen+ show up on the Nook market. I’d also like to see your new series, like Durarara!! and Soul Eater Not!, appear there so I can keep all of my collection for one series either physical or digital.


Can’t wait for more Yotsubato and the next volumes of Bunny Drop and Bride’s Story!

It would be nice to see Fruits Basket or Ikki Tousen (Battle Vixens) get rescued!!

Also, I have to ask, but what happened to Tena on S-String? You published the first five volumes. Where’s the last four?


People keep mentioning this “Tena on S-String”, guess I should go buy it…


@ Shaku Yes, yes you should go buy Tena on S-String. It is a wonderful series!

Autumn Smith

THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU for publishing Puella Magi Madoka Magica!!! I love that series so much!!! Can’t wait for the new yotsuba volume! (Maybe this time it won’t take 10 months for the next one to be published…) Also Spice&Wolf! Thanks so much for all the Spice&Wolf novels!


I guess they won’t licence Umineko soon, seeing that Higurashi is still unfinished. But I think that’s also kind of a risky thought of train: A hype doesn’t last forever and I guess it takes two or three more years in order to finish Higurashi. You should jump on the Umineko train while it’s still driving.

Of course, I’m not an expert on this field but I really hope that Yen Press takes this into consideration.

Btw, is there any chance you guys’ll licence Togainu no Chi now that Tokyopop is gone?


Suprised ppl want the Umineko manga so much, is the manga adaption that great? I’m personally sticking with the visual novel.


@Shaku: Yes, it is. Unlike the anime, the manga is really good and explore Umineko’s world greatly. (It’s not better than the VN, but it’s still perfect)


Hi Abby, this is kind of off topic, but I wanted to ask you since you’re sort of in the publishing business,

What should I keep in mind while writing stories for children 12 years and younger? I know the basics, minimal to no swearing, blood, and nudity, but I’m talking regarding story lines. I have an idea for a comic in mind which I intend for younger readers, but it’s got a bit of a complex and possibly controversial plot (though not in an extreme manner, I personally don’t think, but there are huge varieties of opinions out there).

Is it a good idea to have a comic like this for kids? What should I do to ensure younger readers don’t become confused or angry (or have their parents become angry), without simplifying it to the point it’s mediocre and cheesy?


I was wondering if you’ll be looking at picking up volume 3 of Shoulder A Coffin Kuro and volume 4 of GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class?


Though I understand Kuro will take time if you will, since apparently it was JUST released in Japan.


Or are you the wrong sort of person for me to contact about this..? ^^; I’m not sure who I ought to talk to for advice..


Shoulder a Coffin Kuro vol. 3 has been released in japan!? This is good news. I prefer it over G.A., though i like both


Random Question:

Since you have licensed Uraboku [which I will forever love you for], will you be acquiring its artbook, PHOSPHOR?
I’d love to have it on my shelf [even more so considering how gorgeous Odagiri’s artwork is]. If not, I’ll survive, but thought I’d ask.


Nessa, write what you want to write. Isn’t more fun if you actually do piss of parents? Being a rebel writer is cool. Like they say in Bakuman. Not everything has to be sugar sweet just because it’s a kid’s comic. If you wanna leave out swearing and nudity that’s fine but don’t forget to portrait the characters as actual human beings with feelings, not just characters. Also, if it’s kids older than 10 they’ll probably understand a lot more than you expect. But I’d say just write what you wanna write about and then let them judge who to aim for.


moar Omamori Himari !! looking forward to the end! 🙂 /waits impatiently for vol6



Off topic, but will light novel releases increase beyond 2 per year, specifically Spice & Wolf? At the rate things are coming it’s going to take six years to finish . . .


I’d like to know if there’s a place where I can read an extract (possibly the first chapter) from Bungaku Shojo or Kieli before buying it?


@Rambo While we ran previews of the novels in Yen Plus magazine before they were released, there isn’t anywhere currently that you can read excerpts of the novels. You could see if your library has a copy, or skim the first few pages in the bookstore to see if either novel seems to be your cup of tea…


Impossible for me as I don’t live in an English speaking country.


Any chance of durarara!! light novel series anytime soon. I bought the first volume of the manga, (which is great by the way) but what fans of durarara!! really want is the light novels so we can continue the story that the anime didn’t finish. Please license Durarara!! light novels 🙂

The Mad Manga Massacre

Would it be possible for Yen Press to do a simultaneous release for Yumi Unita’s (the author of Bunny drop!) Itohen as well as her essay manga which is being serialized in digital Kiss? Could you add some Josei manga to the anthology?


@ The Mad Manga Massacre
I agree! Itohen sounds quite interesting and I think it would be great it Yen Press licensed it. It would also be wonderful if they licensed Bunny Drop: Bangaihen! Yen Press has already licensed the main series, so why not the sidestory too?


NOOOO, You guys took all the old issues off the server!!! And, I didn’t get to finish the Nov 2011 issue! I missed the max chapter, w&w chapter, jack frost chapter, aaa chapter, daniel x chapter, and the soul eater not chapters! Please put at least that issue back on the server, PRETTY PLEASE!!! 🙁


@MrHatandClogs Unfortunately, the only issues that are available at any given time are the current month’s issue and the previous month’s issue. And if you’re not finished with the December 2011 magazine…you had best get reading!

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