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2011 is rapidly coming coming to a close, but there’s still time for one last issue of YEN PLUS before we ring in the new year! And what an issue it is! Just who is that dapper young man on this month’s cover, you may be wondering. Why, it’s Mr. William Herondale, scoping out the streets of London for any foul beasties lurking in the night. In Cassandra Clare’s The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel, sixteen-year-old Tessa Gray travels to London to reunite with her brother but is instead swept off to the darkest haunts of London’s most merciless Downworlders. Will and the rest of the Shadowhunters have set themselves against these demons and vampires that lurk in the night, but for Tessa, a handsome face may be more dangerous than anything else hunting her in the dark! We are so pleased to have Tessa, Will, and the rest joining the YEN PLUS lineup this month, brought to life by YP veteran HyeKyung Baek!

This month’s issue also includes new chapters from all the rest of your YEN PLUS favorites, including Soulless, Witch & Wizard, and FOUR chapters of Soul Eater NOT! Plus, read the final chapters of K-ON! Volume 4 and Maximum Ride Volume 5 before the collected volumes hit stores later this month. Have you checked out that Gazzy cover yet? Amazing!!

As always, thank you so much for reading! We hope you’re all able to enjoy some time off this holiday, visiting friends and family…and curling up with the latest volumes of your favorite YEN series. ^_^
See you in 2012!!

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Light Novels.

And on a side note, is “The Innocent” a stand alone thing? Is it an adaption of something or an original work? I’m wondering because the story kinda seemed like it was missing a lot of details and had some unanswered questions…maybe i just read through too quickly and missed some details though….


Since tankobon 11 was published in Japan, does this mean we’ll be getting Yotsuba back soon??


@Shaku The Innocent was indeed a standalone book, and it wasn’t an adaptation of anything else. It’s that sort of infuriating story where you don’t get answers to all your questions at the end, huh? But we hope you enjoyed it~!


*bliss* Another great chapter for the Soulless adaptation. I worried about how you would adapt those scenes. (Given their special clothing requirements, shall we say?) I’m happy to report that I worried needlessly. Rem did an excellent job!


Can’t get enough of Soulless; owning it asap. Love you guys as always for your hard work.

btw, if it’s alright to ask: is Yen looking into “license rescuing” any of the Tokyopop titles? I’d positively leap for joy if Maid-sama!, Dazzle, and Saiyuki were allowed to be finished in the U.S. ;_;


@Ashen We’ve already rescued Alice in the Country of Hearts, but at this time we don’t have announcements for any other of TokyoPop’s dropped series. With their future uncertain, it may be a little while before we have more to report…


D: do you guys know when the sixth volume of Jack Frost is coming out? It’s my favorite series, but it’s been like, what, a couple years since the last one came out?


@Jenny Only since April of this year! New chapters of Jack Frost appear month in Yen Plus magazine, but the sixth volume has not yet been published in Korea. Until the original publisher announces a release date, we will have to wait for our edition. Hopefully soon!


@Ashen – Wow, someone else who knows about Dazzle. I love that series! Such a unique, fun shoujo manga. Great blend of drama, comedy, romance, and adventure.

Kim Miller Brown

I just love seeing Orbit titles decked out in graphic novel goodness! The artwork for The Infernal Devices is gorgeous, I can’t wait to check it out! πŸ™‚


Any news about recovering Chocolat? I heard they finally finished up the series in Korea recently =D I’m a huge Shin Ji-Sang and Geo fan @___@


Yay, other people know about Dazzle?! It’s one of my favorites and tied with Saiyuki for the one I was saddest to see dropped when Tokyopop went comatose. Thank you Yen Press for rescuing Alice, though~ I’ve already pre-ordered 1 & 3 (Amazon has them for $9.99).

I want the Drrr! light noveeeeeeellllsssss, please!

@Jenny, Amazon lists Jack Frost #6 on March 27th. Not sure if that’s a good date though, what with Abby’s comments. I am eagerly awaiting this one too. ^_^


@Morgan Urk, yeah, that’s not a final date, I’m afraid πŸ™ We’re sending our March books to the printer right now! Sorry for the long wait! πŸ™


@Tran Once we have news, it will be posted in the feed and on the Chocolat page of the site. Sorry for the even longer wait!


Please, licence Corpse Party Blood Covered! It’s great horror πŸ˜€


While on the subject of license-rescuing Dazzle, why not rescue Maria-Holic as well! It’s by the same artist and an awesome, ongoing series! PRETTY PLEASE! I’LL LOVE YEN PRESS FOREVER! (I already do love you cause of Haruhi and Yotsubato and Kobato and Omamori Himari, etc. So many wonderful series) But please, license-rescue some more stuff that Tokyopop had, you have no idea how thankful we’ll be! AiON by Yuna Kagesaki and V.B. Rose or I Hate You More Than Anyone by Banri Hidaka would be very appreciated, actually, I’d cry if I could get my hands on the continuing volumes.

Anyway, good work Yen Press! You guys have picked up some fantastic series over the short time you’ve been around, and I’m sure you will continue to do so!


My Darling Miss Bancho is an awesome series that would extremely cool if you took up that series. ^_^


I want to send in a work for the talent search next year, but not this year because I’m not good enough at drawing manga yet.I’m so glad you guys have this talent search thank you so much.


I would really like to see To aru majutsu no Index and Elfen lied being licensed :p


Me too! Even if Elfen Lied’s art isn’t pretty at all.
About Index – I prefer novel. Much better than manga.


i really REALLY would LOVE it if you guys picked up nichijou, now that bandai ent has bit the dust. such an AMAZING series and you seem to have other titles similar to it. so please, consider it? you’ll probably have to wait for bandai to let go of the license though…PLEASE!


yeah! you’re right. It would be great if some bandai series where picked up again.
Nichijou is a great series, lucky star and K-on too wich will never be completed in english if no one picks it up πŸ™

yup! I agree, I prefer the novels too, I read them online. THEY ARE AMAZING! I would love to own them :p

The Mad Manga Massacre

Do you know when the first volume of Milkyway Hitch Hiking will be released? πŸ™ I’ve been reaaallyy wanting to purchase it…


Could you guys save Kamichama Karin it’s a good manga.
Oh also what is the news on getting the licence for the second half of tena on s-string.
(XD I cannot wait for the release date to come up for that.)


Corpse Party seconded!! It’s a great manga, and the game was officialy released.

And don’t forget to bring Umineko to us!


If there’s any Tokypop title that needs to be rescued, it’s Aria. It totally deserves the color pages treatment you guys give all your releases πŸ™‚
Oh, and Amanchu is amazing.


Seconded Kamichama Karin and Maria Holic and all the Bandai titles. ^__^


Nichijou is the best comedy anime ever, and I imagine the manga is just as amazing. I would *LOVE* to buy the manga series, and Yen Press would certainly handle it well.


Since I’ve been hearing about bandai I’d like to request you guys pick up kannagi: crazy Shrine maidens.


I just finished Spice & Wolf novel Vol 5 released this month, and I gotta say, stunning job. My hats off to Paul Starr for his amazing translation. I’m looking forward to volume 6 (and beyond?) this coming year.

Thanks for everything so far (and everything to come)! Keep up the excellent work!


Hey man i am neeeeeedding to know when sarasah will be continued from vol. 5 i need 6 come on man…..when is it gona be out

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