We’ve given our loyal YEN PLUS subscribers a bit of a head start, and we are now ready to open the NEW TALENT SEARCH to everyone!


Please make sure you’ve read everything carefully!
We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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Dear Abby,
Thank you so much for answering so many of our questions :’> Much appreciated. I have a question about the presentation. I know you have said earlier to present the best that we see fit to do but I am planning to submit my entry on something similar to manga manuscript paper to get a feel for it. I was wondering if I should cut it out and all to when I’m finished inking or would it be easier in any way if I didn’t. Thank you again =’]


@Asahii You don’t necessarily have to trim your paper right to the edge of the finished art if you don’t want, it’s really up to you. We’re looking at your art, so while we want you to present it to us as cleanly as possible so we see your art in the best light, we’re not going to be picky about whether you put it in a fancy folder or use special paper. Also, make sure you’re not sending us your original pages (the pages you actually physically drew on); please send us copies!


Hello! I was wondering, if any of us live in the New York Met area, can we hand deliver the submissions to the Yen Press building on Park Avenue?


Dear “Wise and All knowing Abby,” ^_^
I am sure no one had asked/answered this before so I am asking you.
For the text part of our comics should we go with hand lettering, digital lettering, or write the text lightly in pencil in the balloons and boxes(or tape a sheet of tracing paper over the art and write the text on the tracing paper where we want our text to be at)? Or does it not matter?
Thank you.
(And this other question has been asked before but I still want to know if you can answer it. What happens AFTER the person/people is/are contacted?)
Once again many thanks!^_^


Hi there… should the story submitted be one complete story or a part of the story is allowed? I look forward to hearing back from you the soonest. Thank you in advance.


@Rony As it says in the first line of the guidelines, your story should be self-contained. It should not just be the first chapter of some larger work you have in mind.


Wow I wish I found out about this contest sooner. I don’t think 3 weeks is enough time for my best friends and I to develop a short story and characters. I do have a question. You never state what happen if someone wins. Do you plan on publishing their short story and they receive profit? or do you sign them on to start a series?


do we have to typeset the work and send the copy with the dialogue printed, or can we just attach a script. because doing the fonts takes a looooooooong, painful time.

tokyo d

Would you please state what happen when someone got selected. I really want to know. thank you Abby.


I have a quetion. What if I send my manga BEFORE the deadline
,but the manga arrive at April the 2 or 4. Would i still be disqualified


@manga As it says in the guidelines, your entry must only be postmarked by the deadline. If it arrives late, that isn’t a problem.


To make sure I understand this correctly.

If I send my manga on march the 31
it arrive on April 7. I would still by accepted?


Dear Abby,

Can I use Express Mail and mail it that way? I would really like to know this before I make any shipping options.


@Sunday-Chan As long as it is in the mail by the deadline, you can ship it however you like.


@manga When you drop it in the mail, the post office will mark it with the date they pick it up. That’s the date that we’re looking at. The arrival date does not matter.

Abby is the best

do we have to sign any form or any must have stuff in our mail. Before we send them.

confused person

just wondering, but do we have to typeset the manga?
And should we include the title and credits on the front cover..?


@confused person We need to read your pages, so please do put the text in the bubbles. As for your “cover,” if you mean the title page of your story, yes, please include text there as well.


@Abby is the best <– debatable ^_^
You don't have to sign anything before sending in your work. You retain rights to your work, nothing will be published anywhere without your permission.
Do, however, make sure you include your contact information (name, e-mail, address, phone) so that we can get ahold of you if we are interested. Some people last year made themselves very difficult to find…


are the talent search are only until the deadline end? (31 march)
so if someone try to submitted their works in April, or May, (and any other month )
you wont accept it?


Hello. I come so close in finishing a story but couldn’t make it on time. May I ask what is the difference between the annual Talent Search and the regular submissions?

just checking

hi, I know questions such as this have been asked but I just wanted to double check to be sure —

when you say postmarked BY the 31st, do you mean it has to be postmarked ON friday the 30th at the latest, or it can have a postmark ON saturday the 31st itself?

thank you in advance for clarifying, I hope my question was clear.


Abbbbbyyy~~~ If I don’t have enough time to typeset, can I just write the dialogue and sound effects on a sheet of tracing paper and tape that onto the printed page?
Thank you!


I already send my manga. hope you guys receive it. (the cover was a boy carrying 3 bucket of water).:) I was wondering if

the editor are going to contact the person that they are interested on exactly April 30? or they going to contact as early like April the 6 or 5 or something like that because I think it already arrived.


Yeeeaahh!! It’s over!!! I can’t wait to see who won!!


I finished on time but the post office closed before I could send it. -___- Wonder if I can send it in next year (along with a new entry:)), I did like it and still want it to be looked at. >.<;


“Creators of interest will be contacted by April 30, 2012.”

So… 10 days left…

Has Yen Press started contacting the creators of interest or is that all happening on April 30?

*goes and checks my inbox repeatedly*



Is Yen press allready started contacting the creators or is it all happening in April 30? Same quetion a “shutupadrian”


Please….I am totally dying for some news on this… phone is going to be worn out from me checking so much…..heheheheheh pleeeeeeease im going crazy here. Its sooo exciting.


@S Deep breaths! We will probably post a notice once people have been contacted as we did last year.


will the creator’s of interest be contacted by phone, email, or both? and also, how many days would the company try to take to get in contact with the creators?

khd puppet maru

aaa mooouu~ todays the day maaaaan~ im ’bout to go friggen crazy,un….*cant..stop…shaking..* i so worried (///__ TT)


So, the creators of interested will be contact in Friday?

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