We’ve given our loyal YEN PLUS subscribers a bit of a head start, and we are now ready to open the NEW TALENT SEARCH to everyone!


Please make sure you’ve read everything carefully!
We look forward to seeing what you come up with!



@pigsareawesome Your story should begin with a single right-hand page, as most books/manga do, making pgs 2-3 a spread, 4-5 a spread, and so on. (If you’ve already started, you don’t have to go back and fix your work.) When you provide your copy to us, just use your best judgment in how you may best present your work to us. If you deliver it in single pages, we’ll figure out how the spreads go. And if you want to show it to us in spreads, that works too!


thank you so much for answering my question. I been worrying about my proportions size all day,now i feel better.:)

i don’t get why we have to make our manga read from left to right? is there any reason behind it? just wondering.

can i send my manga through email?(if yes please provide me a email address)


@Abby – earlier you said drawing on A4 is acceptable. So I could use A4 but perhaps include a margin around it about half an inch? (drawing within that boundary)


@Arrow As long as your page of art is rectangular and taller than it is wide, you should be fine.


Dear wise and all knowing Abby, I have started a one shot but it’s opened ended. I have no desire to go further than this, but I wanted the ending to be left open, is that fine? or is it frowned upon and should have a neat little tied up end? I tend to like to leave open endings to make people question and have their imagination take over from there… thanks


Just wanted to say thank you for answering my question and work hard to everybody participating!
Test yourself to see what you are made of and can do!


@Redprincess I am now making that my official title 🙂
It’s absolutely all right if your story doesn’t have a neat and tidy ending. Open endings are fine~

What we’re really trying to discourage is people sending us what is clearly just the first chapter of some greater story they have in mind. If the story is set in a world or includes characters that are part of a larger setting you’ve created, that’s not a problem, but the story itself has to stand alone.


I have a semi-unrelated question. You mentioned that if we don’t get contacted, we can still add the work to our growing portfolio. But if it wasn’t good enough to pique your interest, why would we still put it in our portfolio? A failure doesn’t really belong in there, don’t you think?


@Sorrano True, we may not be interested, but if you are submitting your art to other companies or have a portfolio review, it’s good to put samples of your most current projects, and showing that you have completed a full short story isn’t a bad thing either. And every company has different editors who are looking at different things, so a work that doesn’t catch our eye may catch the eye of someone else.
Even if we don’t contact someone about their work, that doesn’t mean it’s a failure! Beyond our goal of finding new talent, we hope that the Talent Search gives you the opportunity to push yourselves to be better storytellers and artists, and anything that helps you along that path is valuable indeed! You may cringe in a couple years to see where you once were and how far you’ve come (my own comic in Yen+ has taught me that much ^^) but everything you do is no failure if it leads you to improve your skills!


I get it. So long as you do your best, you have no regrets and nothing to lose. And an up to date portfolio is a must!


so to clarifry, if we make a stand alone begining, middle and end, have proffesionally done, and it reads left to right with each “page” of manga taller than it is wide we will be probably be contacted ?
secondly, however, i have a concern, are you gonna pick stories that fit personal taste or are you gonna accpet all stories no matter what they are about, becuaes wouldnt that mean that there is less of a chance for someone who wrote a horro story to be contacted than one who wrote a dramody or historical fiction?


@ivory Ultimately, our decision will be based on the quality of your storytelling and artwork. While it’s true everyone has their own personal taste in terms of what they choose to read for pleasure, we aren’t basing our decision on whether or not someone fits into a particular niche. Just look at Yen Plus magazine, everything from horror to steampunk to sci-fi to comedy. If it’s good, it’s good, no matter the genre!


@watshu No, because we receive so many submissions, we will only provide feedback to those who are contacted by the deadline mentioned in the guidelines.


Aw, awesome! A deadline I might actually be able to make this time! (Provided college doesn’t completely devour me, that is.)

Hm . . . does the comic have to be in “long-form” format, or would a strip/yonkoma format work? (With 2 strips per page, as is typical.)


am really working on my comic for this!!!

btw, a slightly off question: does it matter if you live somewhere else? (when I say somewhere else I mean outside USA)


Can I put my contact information on a separate page by itself? Is that included in the 32-page limit?


if we send it in right to left does that meaning it wont even be looked??? is left to right a defent requirment?


dear abby i was wonderin are applications acceptted even from outside the usa, (im in London). also is left to right a requirment or do you also accept right to left.


“International creators are eligible.”
“Your story must read left-to-right.”

Make sure you’re reading things thoroughly, folks!


hello, i have another question:
if i start working now drawing some comics for exclusive use(adult themed comics that are available to people only after paid registration on adult site) – does it mean that i cannot participate in yen press talent search because of such type of a work?
thanks in advance, it is really important for me now…


@nekotea Your whole story is a comic, so…the whole thing is illustrations! It isn’t necessary to send us additional images or character designs with your story, but you certainly won’t be penalized for including them.


@blah Unless you have worked with a publishing company on your comics, you are eligible. Your past work does not disqualify you, regardless of its adult nature.


@Abby, i meant not that it’s adult-themed but if it can be called publishing company?


@blah What you’re describing doesn’t sound like it would be considered being “published” in the sense of “working with an editor,” etc. You are free to submit!


So by working with an editor, do the artist’s works get published in Yen Press?

I’ve never seen an issue of Yen Press with one of the artist’s works from the previous talent search so I’m not very sure…


Sorry, another question. If we use an alias name, should we provide our real name or not?


Hi! I’m so excited to participate, especially finding out that there is no age limit. First, if a manga is selected, what happens after that? Secondly, is it our decision if we want to send the story printed out with extra paper space, or if we want to trim out the guidelines?


Also, can a few pages be posted online of our manga before the 30th of April?


Dear “Wise and All knowing Abby,” 🙂
May I please ask what would happen to the person/people who are contacted? I am quite curious to know and perhaps that might give even more motivation?


If we got selected. how many days do we get to make a chapter? like 7 days to make a whole chapter or someting around that number or what is the dealine for each chapter?


if our entry is taken into interest and we are contacted, does that mean we have a chance of becoming a published and serialized author?


Sorry, one more question!

Does it have to be 16 pages front and back, or does it have to be 32 pages front and back?

Or, does it have to be 32 pages single sided?



@Temari 32 individual pages. Whether you present them as 16 pages printed on both sides or 32 pages single-sided is up to you. (We recommend single-sided just so the art on one side isn’t visible on the other, but it’s your choice.)


Thank you for the help! But I have one more question ^_^;;;;

Is it okay if you go like 3-4 pages over the page limit? Would that effect your chances?

Also should we had some sort of one-page-long Artist Bio at the end?

Thanks for the help!


@Temari We ask you to fit your story to the page count specified. As a professional, you will often be given a fixed number of pages for your story/chapter, and this is a test of your ability to follow those guidelines. You are welcome to include more detailed bio information about yourself, but it is not necessary.

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