November YEN PLUS! The Search is on!

Can we all utter a collective “Awwwww” over this month’s YEN cover? Milkyway looks so warm and comfy~ The only thing missing from this picture is her laptop so she can read the latest chapters of her favorite YEN PLUS series! You’d better get cozy in front of your monitors this month, because the November issue is packed with so much action and awesome! After Alexia and Lord Akeldama’s evening was so rudely interrupted in the last chapter of Soulless, they meet the masterminds behind the supernatural disappearances in London…and must take care lest they are made to “disappear” themselves! Max Ride and the Flock are facing their own brand of evil mastermind as the traitor among them is revealed and exposes the truth! Meanwhile, Witsy and Whit, witch and wizard extraordinaire, are trying to escape their local sinister institution, and Daniel X has his hands full with a particularly distasteful alien vampire! Not to mention THREE chapters of Soul Eater NOT! as we draw nearer to simultaneous serialization beginning in 2012!

And if that weren’t enough, this month we are also launching our second annual New Talent Search! As before, we are giving our loyal subscribers an early look at the details, so make sure you check out page 14 for more info! To the rest, you’ll have to wait just a bit longer~

Thank you so much for reading! As always, we appreciate your thoughts below!




You just made an ass of yourself in front of all of Yen Press’ readers. I hope you don’t get it ’cause of your attitude.

Kang Yun-Lang

@Redprincess – thanks for the heads-ups. .im still revising my story right now, i hope the pages sizes are more clearer on the new rules.. ~_~ ..


It’s not about for who you are making the manga. But if the autor draw the manga R-L so this is how it should be published.
If he draw it L-R, so then…

*my english sucks and i’m lazy to correct it*


People shouldn’t get so worked up πŸ™‚ take the time to develop a story and be thankful for the opportunity, they give us the rules when they decide its best! It’s only right that people who pay them to be online get some perks πŸ™‚


Does it matter what type of storyline it has?
(I wanted to decide on my storyline before the details are out)
I don’t want to do a mushy storyline or anything (really mushy ones can get boring, plus I really prefer other kinds) but I wanted to do a romance/comedy one with a twist that isn’t too girly…
I also have an idea for more of a boyish plot but I don’t think it will work for a one-shot so much.

Autumn Smith

YAY! New talent search! can’t wait.
And yes, we do need more light novels! Spice & Wolf is the best! ( But volume 15 was releaed in japan like a YEAR AGO so you guys are super far behind) Does anyone know if a company publishes GOSICK light novels anymore? The anime ended a few months ago but Tokyopop doesn’t seem like it’s publishing it anymore…. (plus it’s going out of buisness) would love if you could pick up that beautiful series.


Josei license request— “3AM Dangerous Zone”

I wish YP would add more titles for older females like Bride’s Stories, Bunny Drop, With the Light & Not love but Delicious foods


omg i REALLY hope we don’t have to do left-to-right manga. i’m used to drawing and reading manga in right-to-left. i honestly may not enter if we are forced to do left-to-right. that’s just so annoying when right-to-left is what i’m already used to. and lots of english-speaking manga fans read right-to-left, i don’t see why we’re forced to do it in a way we’re not used to!

when american publishing companies translate manga and bring the books over to the US (where i live) the books are in right-to-left form, at least most of the ones i’ve read. so that’s why i’m used to right-to-left.

i want to enter the talent search but there is a low chance that i will “win” (i know it’s not actually “winning” in this talent search but whatever) and i don’t want to spend a bunch of time and effort creating a manga when there is a low chance of “winning” if it has to be in a format that i don’t like and i’m not used to.


@christopher: yes there are a bunch of Translated
Manga that are published from right to left. And they keep it that way for accuracy or whatever(they might not want left handed ppl becoming right handed all of a sudden or they just want it to be as close to the original as possible). But my point still stands. You are not a Japanese or Korean author who, having already published their material in their country, is now having it published somewhere else. There no reason for something that originated here to be written/drawn like it was from somewhere else besides the authors personal preference, which is honestly a ridiculous preference. There is no reason to get all pissy at me for trying to explain why they don’t want you drawing your work a certain way. And your examples are ridiculous ya know, 90% of manga in the manga section is right to left? More like 100%. They’re originally from a country who ppl read that way after all. Let’s put it this way, YOU are NOT creating manga, you are creating a graphic novel. You want to make manga, go to Japan.



-and they keep it that way for accuracy or WHATEVER-????? thats some real accurate iformation there……. and its not for accuracy, or about right or left handed, the reason for them keeping it right to left is to prosurv the original form of the art. Your point sounds like its coming from a very narrow minded person. and by the way i dont know why you added Korean Manhwa in with the Japanese manga because Korean Manhwa is drawn left to right buddy. (and Manhwa is the name for Korean Comics) please do your research before you TRY to back your self up. Manga is ment to be drawn right to left. it just happens that there are some people in America that try to draw manga with a style that dosent even look like manga and go from left to right. im just letting you know you have no idea what your talking about. and it is more like 90% once again do your research. there are plenty of manga left to right in the graphic novel section. like ragnarok, jack frost, maximum ride, daniel x, witch and wizard, The Innocent, night school and so many others. LOL and wooooooooow graphic novels is a section for books that are told with pictures, manga is just a type of graphic novel! lol wow. you can create a manga starting right or left it dosent matter, but manga is originaly supposed to be drawn right to left. lol lest just make it worse for you. so your saying i can only draw manga in japan. quote from you -You want to make manga, go to Japan- so your saying manga can only be created in japan? so if a manga artist moved to america and drew manga, it couldent be manga right??? cause there not in Japan.. right? no not right. your trying to say i have to go to japan to create manga witch is not true. thats just where it started. next time do you research.


I’m glad that this years talent search came so early, I missed the last one….it’s like the cosmos are working in my favor…GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL <3


Goodness, does it really matter whether it’s left to right or right to left? I think you guys are missing the point here. Why are comics made? So that people read and enjoy the stories they tell. Therefore, if you’re the comic creator, you want a format that doesn’t give the reader a hard time. Manga from Japan is made and read from right to left because that’s how the mechanism of their language works- it’s made by Japanese artists for Japanese readers. I’m assuming Yen Press wants artists to draw manga in a format that reads from left to right because that’s how the English language works- it’s for the ease of English readers. And you do understand that Yen Plus is made primarily for an English speaking audience, don’t you?

As for you who complain about not being able to work in anything other than right to left format, you need to get over it. You won’t be able to succeed in the industry if you don’t know how to adapt. Just work that much harder to succeed, because if this is really what you want to do, you better be outstanding at it. If you really want to be a great artist, you need to know how to break your limits. Complaining only makes you look immature.

At least be thankful that Yen Press is giving you this opportunity. I’ve looked everywhere and as of now no other publishers are even bothering to glance at us OEL artists. Take what you can get without complaining so much. Give Yen Press’s rules some respect, and cut the drama over such a meaningless argument.


@christopher & Shaku

Just want to say you two are entertaining. :3 I think, even if ppl draw manga right to left, they should be good enough to take up the challenge of *coughpleasingthemediaandmarkingofgolefttorightcause,gasp,it’sthewaypeoplereadoverhere,don’twannaconfuseanyonelolcough* I mean….

….Drawing left to right. Cause that shows how flexible that artist is. :3 So everyone chill~ and lets your best!~~~


I’ll say it again : PLEASE UMINEKO!!
> w < //
I hope you will fin the rest of the HIGURASHI series,too
I LOVE IT or how I say it in Germany "Ich liebe es "!
o(^ w ^)o


@Christopher and Shaku

ummm…what happened to the no flaming thing? please cold down, i mean both of you r right in different ways and i see both of your points. anyways, yes manga was made first in japan and all japenese write/read right to left, but there r people who r not who write right to left! like this person , and yes most americans write left to right. but like i said in the beginning, write it left to right then, if you get in, asked to change it!



do u like to write manga right to left? a lot of stuff going on over a question… i know you werent trying to flame him, but people can take things the wrong way! like so, if you r doing the contest, i hope your good, coz if you click my link, u can see my work from, like, 6 months ago.
and now… what kinda story r you doing? i wanta get off this flaming thing and show people my work.


Just to be mean, there actually is american made manga that is intentionally printed the Japanese way.

I know, I think it’s stupid too.


@Hackwolfin & kiria & says

Lol I have already started my manga left to right haha i can draw right to left left to right it dosent matter really. This all started when I just asked why we have to do it left to right and shakus comment about ( cause your not in japan got to me. Because so many people have said Americans can’t draw manga! Witch is not true and he was saying a right to left manga is not a manga it is a graphic novel witch is half true. It is a manga and it is also a graphic novel. I was never complaining about the rules I was asking the reason why. I just wanted to know why. Lol plus like I said iv already started it left to right so it’s all good. I wish everone luck who is entering!


Can anyone submit an entry? I’m from the UK, am I still qualified to enter?


yes I agree with you as well. I personally can do both left and right so it doesn’t matter to me. I am just thankful to recieve such a great opportunity. Who all is taking on this challenge?



I started too~ and I’m on page 9 right now, and a lot of my friends at school think i can make it!
what page r u on? and whats ur story about?

My story is about a guy main character looking for his older brother, no detail for u because ppl may steal my idea. It’s an action mangs too~


your link is not found…



Ah~ So k then. xD Just seemed like everyone was getting so worked up. It really shouldn’t matter which way you read a manga no matter where it’s from. As long as it’s enjoyable. <3 I look forward to reading your(&everyones) manga at some point christopher. ;v;

I keep drawing a blank for the storyboards lol.*fails* So I'm making two submissions cause I'm lame like that. Everyone is so ahead. ;v; *stares at character charts*



Sweet! its awsome to here about someone else entering and where there at! yea im only on page 4 of my story board but i can finish it in two days haha its just theres been alot going on with mes lol im in the prosses of moving to a bigger apartment XD

Yea i know what you mean! i would never steal an idea though, that will get you no where. hmmm your story sounds cool though. my story is hard to explain its one of thoughs if i say anything it will almost give away the story and the twist.

By any cance do you have a deviant art?


I wonder how many action genres will be submitted? (i’m sort of going for a supernatural,action,mystery) Also I wonder if those that are contacted will recieve their own individual editor to work with? The suspense is killing me!
well…back to work..


Wow, that’s great! It’s nice that you’re so good at storytelling. I also think a great story will be a great story, no matter what format it’s in. Unfortunately, it seems like people get so hung up on the details, they forget that drawing comics is supposed to be a fun thing. I know I get excited when I think up new comic ideas and sketch character designs on margins of my notebook in class. xD

But I’m ecstatic about this opportunity too! I can’t wait until Yen Press releases the official rules so I can get started. πŸ˜€ It’s hard to decide which of my ideas I’ll draw, but I’m definitely going for the action genre as well.

Good luck to you in the competition!


I am also going to be entering in the contest this year. I’ve written my story three times changing the entire thing. It can be amazing the process of manga and comics. It is also good to see how everyone else is doing so far.


Thanks so much πŸ™‚ Before I became an artist I was a writer, one day I stumbled upon manga and 6 years of drawing and pen practice led me to want to become a mangaka.I would have never even dreamed that an opportunity like this would be so close haha.-What sort of styles do you all draw in? I for one am a big fan of Bishounen style :)Also what sort of artists are you guys inspired by? My top three are: Kazue Kato, Obata Takeshii, and Hiromu Arakawa(Ao No Excorsist,Bakuman,FullMetal Alchemist


Omamori Himari vol.5 was awesome <333
I'm so much happy of you releasing Higurashi, Madoka, Himari, Black Butler, Usagi Drop and Maximum Ride. I have all the volumes of them~!

And I've got a question – could u licence thoese series:
-Umineko When They Cry
-Bakemonogatari Novels
-Gosick (manga and novel)
-Steins; Gate
-DURARARA (novel)
-Deadman Wonderland
-Kodomo no Jikan
-School Days
-Yosuga no Sora
-any yuri or shoujo-ai manga
-Gakuen Nightmare
-Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Yeah, I know, quite a lot. But any of them will make me so much happy ^^ Will buy them πŸ™‚

And BTW, how many volumes Max will have?

Thanks for reading ^^


Wow, six years of drawing?! You must be pro by now. I caught on late to the manga/anime bandwagon, so I’ve only been seriously at it for about a little less than 3 years. Figures why art and I still have a love/hate relationship. xD

I’m in love with the shounen genre, so I guess my style reflects that haha. I just love the crazy character designs that the shounen genre is famous for.

In terms of writing and character development, Hiromu Arakawa is my favorite hands down. To this day FMA is my favorite series, and nothing else out there has quite satisfied me like it did when I finished all the volumes. I love how the author explored various aspects of the human condition in FMA, and that depth is something I want to emulate in my comics. FMA is so great!

In terms of art, I’d say Miwa Shirow is my idol. There’s just something about the black and white artwork in DOGS: Bullets and Carnage that I enjoy so much. You can tell the author really has a feel for the medium.

Kazue Kato and Obata Takeshi are awesome too, can’t deny that! Ao No Exorcist and Death Note are definitely up there on my list of favorite manga.

Just wondering, but are you guys thinking of using pen names (if we’re allowed to)?


Seconding Ranmao’s requests.
You would have a firm grasp on my wallet if you licensed half of that list.


@Abby, will you post the guidelines on the website later? or they will be available only for subscribers and in print?
thank you.


Wow I hadn’t heard of DOGS before, so i checked it out…FANTASTIC! I can see why you like it, really great stuff. Anywho, I also love shounen, action is etched into my very being lol so my stories always have a large bit of it, but in the right places of course. Oh and I am no where close to ‘Pro’ haha i haven’t quite reached the level of expertise that I desire, lets get there together!( I don’t know what my pen name would be….hmmm…..)

Dorothy Blount

wow that’s something keep up the good work.


Ah disregard my question. I read the guidelines and found my answer lol ^^

I aimed to send a one-shot in last year but didn’t meet the deadline. I’ve improved a lot since then so will definitely give this year a shot.



The backgrounds and inking r good… but I fine the character a little “messy” looking. Try to clean it up a bit.



I’m just going to rely slightly on the previous guidelines just to get an idea of this until YP posts their new guidelines.

*waits patiently*


The will probably post them on the 14th or 15th. Usually thats when they update their magazine.


Thanks to everyone commenting on my work.

But enough of that, good luck to everyone entering the talent search this year!

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