November YEN PLUS! The Search is on!

Can we all utter a collective “Awwwww” over this month’s YEN cover? Milkyway looks so warm and comfy~ The only thing missing from this picture is her laptop so she can read the latest chapters of her favorite YEN PLUS series! You’d better get cozy in front of your monitors this month, because the November issue is packed with so much action and awesome! After Alexia and Lord Akeldama’s evening was so rudely interrupted in the last chapter of Soulless, they meet the masterminds behind the supernatural disappearances in London…and must take care lest they are made to “disappear” themselves! Max Ride and the Flock are facing their own brand of evil mastermind as the traitor among them is revealed and exposes the truth! Meanwhile, Witsy and Whit, witch and wizard extraordinaire, are trying to escape their local sinister institution, and Daniel X has his hands full with a particularly distasteful alien vampire! Not to mention THREE chapters of Soul Eater NOT! as we draw nearer to simultaneous serialization beginning in 2012!

And if that weren’t enough, this month we are also launching our second annual New Talent Search! As before, we are giving our loyal subscribers an early look at the details, so make sure you check out page 14 for more info! To the rest, you’ll have to wait just a bit longer~

Thank you so much for reading! As always, we appreciate your thoughts below!

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Turner Harbert

Darn! I sure hope I can wait until the talent search details are out. I’m so excited!


Hoooreeery the talent search is out….Booooooo I’m not a subcriber cause i hate paypal so i can’t see what the requirements are!

Hope for the prize they show at least five winners works every month.


Woot! The talent search is ON! Good luck to everyone entering, I hope this time there will be someone they deem worthy enough for publication!


That’s great! I hope you licences Umineko soon!

Also, I was wondering if you plan to release the Anthology arc, Kataribanashi-hen, the Dice-Killing arc, Saikoroshi-hen and the Heart-Healing arc, Kokoroiyashi-hen as well? It’d be great if you did since it’d really complete the Higurashi series!


XD I would love to have a manga printed by a grate quality company like yen press, but to my dismay I cannot see the entry rules. (My only chance is to improve my cv)

Good look to everyone who enters.


Mandatory “I want more light novels” post……gimme :3
Boku ha tomodachi ga sukunai? Ore no imouto? Kami-Sama no Memo-chou? Denpa onna to seishun otoko? C^3? Bakemonogatari? Toradora? Just about any will do!


Seconding Shaku’s post.

More Light novels please!
Original covers too!


I’m so glad my friend and I started in august, haha I jut hope the length details are the same from last year…. ^.^;


Who ever wrote the submission guidelines, did a good job at answering questions that, were brought up from the first talent search!! I’m thinking about entering…IDK.

I’m sorry if I sound like a total suck up. Thank you YP for giving OEL comics a good rep.

Btw, will Milkyway Hitchiking still have a print release? I can’t find it in the new releases section.


@Gabby We tried really hard to make things more clear this time around!
As for Milkyway and Aron, we hope to have more info soon on the print release schedule! Sorry for the wait!



It really depends on the deadline, though. I’m getting a vacation soon, with nothing but free time. I learned a lot over this past year, and I figured I really have nothing to lose but this chance. Second chances don’t always come by so easily. Even when you don’t make it, you still get a lot of practice and experience just by trying. When you don’t think you may be good enough to enter, you’re just screwing yourself.


@Sorrano Yeah, you and i are on the same page. I didn’t make in time for the last one but i am glad i didn’t. now it’s been a year and i finally know the things i did wrong (figure drawing was awsome) and now i won’t have to repeat them again. I’ve been debating on what story i would want to send in to them i finaly know what. I just need to manage my time wisely and get everything i need.


r the pages sizes the same as last?
oh! does anyone got a dA here? i wanta see what im up agaist here! and YP r we aloud to post r work anywhere or do we have to wait til the winners r revealed

good luck everyone!!!


Great issue – I’m really liking Soul Eater Not! Any word on when our friend Yotsuba will be back with us?


@Hackwolfin All your questions are answered in the guidelines! If you aren’t a subscriber, you’ll have to wait!


Is it possible to add a Remember Me function to the Yen Plus login page? It’s increasingly annoying to have to log in every time I want to read the magazine.


Oh yeah! I waited since last year for this! Totally gonna enter AND WIN!


I’m still thinking about entering the contest…
But here is a question (actually there are 2 of them): why is the timespan between two Haruhi Suzumiya Novels so large? I’m sure that, once I understand, I’ll be able to have greater patience (don’t get me wrong, I love your versions with the original art and such). Is it possible that the releases of the Haruhi novels would be sped up (simply yes or no would give me all the information I want)? I’m not english, and by all means, I don’t want to sound impolite to my favorite manga publishing company!

Krazeh Kai

Just wondering, but does YenPress have any plans of publishing Ghost Hunt, the light novels? I’d be very interested in seeing that series translated. : )


How come we cant enter a manga done from right to left!!!!! why does it have to be left to right!!! thats not cool! they should accept any!!



idk but…I SOOOOO THINK YOUR RIGHT!!! i always write my manga right to left!
and its kinda crazy writing them left to right.
maybe if u make, you can then write it right to left ^-^

Dorothy Blount

man i really want to know the rules i have evrything done but i need to know the sizes. huh untill then i guess i’ll just work on my school work. boo. i hate high school.
Anyways good luck to everyone. =) ^3^


@Christopher: because you aren’t in Japan. You’re writing for people who read from left to right.


@christopher & hackwolfin. What Shaku said. Yen Press is giving us this amazing opportunity to showcase ourselves in front of their editor, least you could do is submit something on their terms. It’s not hard.


I agree with raku.

We need more light novels from yen press.
Fate zero would make tons of money too.


@yun-lang There is plenty of time, and last year they posted the rules a month later. HOWEVER, a mistake I did last year was to start without knowing the rules, it caused me to have to edit my story half way through and fix all my art… it wasted a lot of time and caused my story to be half-assed. My suggestion is to wait before you start, but take this time to get an idea in your head.

My only question, which was touched on in the rules of this year but worded a bit confusing like, it wants our name and title there, does this mean it’s own title page or with in the art pages itself?


i wanna know the stupid rules! its not fair peopole who suscribe get to know first.



Hey man, you sound smart, have you ever read naruto dbz bleach fma deathnote roroni kenshin soul eater bakuman and so many others???? right to left, and your american right??? there are right to left manga in yen press right? yea im right. did you know theres a whole section in book stores that have manga in it and about 90% of them read right to left and what do they have in it? oh yea english letters! im shere people in america can still read manga that goes right to left with english in it right, i do it evey day. so dont be smart with me.

and i am going to do it left to right because i follow rules i was just asking.


wow its nice that yenpress deleted my comment twards SHAKU even though there was no vulger language and i was just making a point! its nice to know you will let people be a dick to me but not let me have my say back. maybe you where saving his pride. pshhh idonno.

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