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Hey there, manga fans! Did y’all have a good summer? Were you sad when the commencement of school shattered your beach bum bliss? Don’t despair! The new issue of YEN PLUS is now live~! Kicking off our roll call is Witch & Wizard, with that lovely new color cover and the beginning of a new story arc! Daniel X is also rejoining the team with a brand-new chapter featuring color pages and the start of a new story arc as well! Plus, things are heating up in both Maximum Ride and Soulless, the Pop Music Club is up to their usual after school shenanigans, and Jack Frost’s trouble-making is about to land him in detention…AGAIN.
This month we also bid a fond farewell to The Innocent as Johnny’s story of vengeance and redemption concludes with the final chapter. Be sure to look for The Innocent available as a collected edition in stores this November!

Thanks for reading this month’s YEN PLUS!

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Hello. I was wondering if Milkyway Hitchhiking by Sirial will get a release. I have been anticipating the books to come out but I have not heard anything. I adore the author and would like to get the chance to read them since I didn’t get to with the magazine. (Also getting a physical copy which I can re-read anytime would be awesome.) Thank you 😀


Not to be picky, but…WHERE’S MY YOTSUBA&?!?!

Last we saw, she was playing innocently with a money-powered, cardboard robot; this month, nothing–not even a note. Doesn’t she know we worry?


Yotsuba&! is taking a bit of a break. Our agreement with the licensor in Japan has only allowed us to serialize Yotsuba&! after the latest volume has published in Japan, and unfortunately, volume 11 has yet to release there.

Ultimately, our goal would be to bring you the latest chapters as they are published in Japan, but we’re not yet there in our negotiations. Thanks for your patience, and we will keep doing our utmost to bring you your favorite green-haired girl as soon as possible.


Just wanted to know how much I’m enjoying the SOULLESS adaptation. I’m a huge fan of the novel series. You’re doing a fine job with this graphic novel presentation.


I just wanted to say thanks for releasing Higurashi!!!
It’s my favorite series and you are all doing a great job with it!!!

I really hope that you’ll release Umineko no naku koro ni someday too!
I know that you would do it justice as well!


Although I’m sad that The Innocent is over, I’m really liking Soulless – haven’t read the original novels, but now I’m thinking about picking them up!


Okay, I’m officially in love with Soulless. Definitely buying it.

btw, I was wonder if YP had any plans/wishes to license the light novels or manga adaptation of Atsuko Asano’s No. 6? I absolutely love the anime and want to own as much of the series as I can; I’ve heard that the novels have more in them than the anime or manga could cover, and I positively LOVE the light novels YP has released so far! (Spice & Wolf and KIELI!!)


Hey Hassler! It seems like you’ve been checking the comments, so I had a quick question. Does Yen Press have any plans to announce any light novel licenses in the near future? I sure hope so, I love the quality of your releases. Just picked up Kieli #5 actually! 🙂


why dose Sunshine Sketch 4 cost so much do you not own the publishing rights for this one book. (I sore it going for around £90 online)


Ashen and Silarial, we are in conversations about a couple of new light novel series, but unfortunately we can’t yet say anything more other than keep your fingers crossed. We hope to be able to make an announcement in the near future. Wish us luck in our negotiations!


@Hassler That’s pretty exciting news! Best of luck with the negotiations! 🙂


Some new light novels ? That’s great to hear, by the way if I can just suggest something, I think I would like to read Madoka Magica novels. Well, while I don’t know if it would sell well, the anime sure is popular, so why not…

Anyway, I hope you’ll get the licences soon, once again being able to read some light novels in hardback is priceless.


Kami-sama no Memo-chou(anime) just ended and i’m yearning for the light novels! I wish there was somewhere around here that taught japanese so i wouldn’t to beg you guys to license more light novels and just read the originals.

Allen-Michael Ward

Hello, Mr.Hasseler. I stumbled upon your books from one of my friends and i have to say i love the magazine, and was delighted to hear that you were now online. I notice that your magazine is only for those of older age ( 18- and up ) and that most of the Original English language manga that you have are Non-stream mainstream action manga or Thriller manga, Romance, Comedy, Horror, etc. But most of it is things that might relate to Older viewers and are licensed from Japan.
On with question. Does Yenplus ever just except Original English Language Shounen manga? I’ve realized that Shounen manga from Americans are not very common for publication in Yenplus. Is that mostly because the Magazine is for Older teens, such as those who are in their 20s and up?

Allen-Michael Ward

I terribly sorry if i stopped the flow of comments coming


@Allen I think people are just commenting elsewhere… 🙂
As for whether or not we accept original “shounen” manga submissions, the answer is yes, we accept all kinds of submissions. The series in the magazine are rated from A through OT, so that’s why there’s such a variety of series and not the specific “shounen” type manga I think you’re describing.

The Mad Manga Massacre

I was wondering when Milkyway Hitchhiking will be released in print graphic novel format. I was also wondering about Aron’s Absurd Armada also as it has been serialized in Yen Plus for over a year now and there has yet to be an announcement for the GN’s release.


@Michael Which book? You can poke around under the BOOKS tab at the top to find the release dates for all of our series 🙂

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