YEN PLUS turns three!

Three years ago, Yen Press was a young publisher with only a handful of titles…and a dream. We wanted to give our fans a monthly magazine where they could read chapters of their favorite series and discover new titles among the varied content within. Over the past few years, YEN PLUS has done just that: from Yotsuba&! and One Fine Day, to Pig Bride and Time and Again, to Black Butler and Soul Eater, to K-ON!, to James Patterson… There have been some changes along the way, most notably our digital jump last year, but our mission remains the same: we want to give you, our readers, the chance to enjoy a wide variety of titles each month, to sample the range of stories and styles available through comics. We hope that you continue to enjoy YEN PLUS for many years to come, and we thank you for your continued support!

I understand the third (wedding?) anniversary is meant to be the “leather” anniversary, but some of the YEN PLUS kids got it wrong…
Sorry, Yotsuba, I’m pretty sure Danbo falls under the “paper” category…
And Alexia, that frilly petticoat is lovely, but we’ve a few more years to go until our “lace” anniversary…
Aron and crew, I appreciate your efforts in trying to secure the Crown of the Ant Queen, but…
And Jack…yeah, I don’t think “blood” is a category for any gift-giving. Ever.

While this month we embark on our fourth year of YEN PLUS, this month also marks the end of Gossip Girl with a special chapter featuring Chuck! We hope you enjoy these and all of your favorite series in this month’s issue! Thanks for reading!

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Ya I would say happy 3rd b-day but it went online so happy first b-day


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YEN PRESS!! ;DDD Thank you always for providing us with good quality and great titles!! I look forward to seeing what you have in store for the future.


For the highschool of the dead omnibus, it’s going to be fully uncensored right? no mischievous blurs?


Congrats on 3 years. Yen Press started off in my good books by licensing Spiral and stayed there with the licensing of Black Butler, Pandora Hearts and Spice and Wolf, exactly when I started wishing for a license of each of these. Your timing and taste is impeccable. Thanks for also bringing over stuff like Book Girl and My Girlfriend is a Geek, I’m hoping Olimpos is going to be awesome too. Here’s hoping for more light novels in the future ^^

(I realise this is the anniversary for Yen Plus but I’ve only ever read one issue of both the print and online editions, so I’ll just give you a general congrats and thanks =P)


@wade Nope, no blurs, no bars, no nothing. We kept the art exactly as it appears in the original books!


Congratulations on your 3 years, YP! Always bringing me my fix of what I really like.


Congratulations yen plus! I remember picking up the very first volume on whim to try something differant, lots of new titles, introduction to start fan frenzy’s. I love yalls magazine, digital or paper, manga is manga. I look foward to more years with yen plus.


Would you guys ever consider contacting a webcomic artist regarding publication?
Because I’ve been following this one for a while;
And it’s just so amazing. The characters are cute, the artwork’s unique, and the story’s very funny.

Please respond! I’d like to hear your opinion on the matter! πŸ˜€


Congrats YP on 3 successful years!! I hope for more auwsomeness to come!!

Also, I hope you don’t mind a license request. I’m thinking “Arakawa under the Bridge”.


Happy bday =)

And Hidamari Sketch get a new volume in japan, waiting to see it here \o/
(And Umineko get 3 volumes in top 50, go go YenPress, get Umineko xD)


Juuuust wondering… Will Yen Press ever publish artbooks in the future? I know Del Rey and Viz have, so I’m just curious. Thanks in advance!! (Because a Kobato. artbook will be released soon, and I’d really like to buy it.)



Well, if an artist wants to work with YP, the submission guiddelines are there. No one is really stopping them.


Happy Birthday YP! πŸ˜€

I was just wondering if you guys are going to be publishing the last two answer arcs for Higurashi- Minagoroshi and Matsuribayashi? Matsuribayashi-hen just ended in Japan last month :3

Oh, and Umineko…that would be awesome πŸ˜€

(But you’ve heard it before)


@Gina @Christine If you’re asking whether a webcomic artist could be considered for print publication, the answer is: yes, there’s nothing wrong with doing both (see Svetlana Chmakova~), and doing a webcomic is a good way for an artist to discipline him- or herself to produce finished pages on a consistent basis. We do not comment on individual work on our site. If an artist is interested in contacting us about a project, they may see our guidelines under the “Contact” tab.

@picari We do intend to publish the final two answer arcs for Higurashi! As soon as we have worked out the final publication dates, they will go up on the Higurashi page~


Happy birthday Yen Press!!!!! I’ve never read the online magazine but I’ve read a lot of the titles and I LOVE them!!!!! Thank you guys so much for being such an amazing publisher!
(I also had a quick question, is there going to be another talent search like last years? I know you said it was annual but I was just curious since nothing has been mentioned in a while, at least not that I’ve seen.. Thanks πŸ™‚ )

Autumn Smith

Happy 3rd b-day! I have a question, will Yen Press be publishing “Yotsuba & Monochrome animals”? I saw it at a japanese bookstore right next to all the yotsuba books.


Absolutely love Soulless and Milkyway Hitchhiking! Cannot wait to own them both. <3

I love Yen+ now and forever!! Please keep up the amazing work, you guys!

It looks like the comment I made earlier didn't go thru so I'll ask it again (2nd time's the charm?): @Abby Does Yen Press have any plans/wishes to license Atsuko Asano's light novel series "No. 6"? Or the manga adaptation of it? I am in love w/ the anime Crunchyroll is streaming and already plan to buy the DVD, but I've heard the novels are the source material so there's a lot more story there, and I've loved the LNs Yen has released in the past (especially KIELI and Spice & Wolf!!)

Lastly, a shameless bit of love for you all: Along with the aforementioned titles, One Fine Day, Spiral, Time And Again, Nightschool, Yotsuba&!, Higurashi, Angel Diary, Cat Paradise, Laon, Kobato, Pandora Hearts, Romeo x Juliet, Toxic Planet and With The Light have brought me so much joy and I thank everyone involved with them for bringing them to our shores. I'm not in a financially stable position right now but I'm trying to support these series and you all as best I can. <3


happy bday. late. get working on spice and wolf, one book every 6 months and you’ll be done by 2018 and you’ll lose me. sorry. life goes on, with, or without you, whether I want it to or not. wish I could get the original covers too but I hear your messing that up too. thanks


^ ^ ^
thats me, my names not ‘sigh’, I’m just depressed


… oh well. my long post got deleted. Release Spice and Wolf more often, 2018 is a lame release date for them all to finally be out, it took Japan 5 years for all 17, its taking you another 5 and a half years to do 11. Thanks if you read this


@Restarter The original Japanese artwork is printed on the actual cover of the Spice and Wolf volumes while the photographic art is printed on a dust jacket. When we have release dates for the rest of the series, they will be posted to the Spice & Wolf page of the site.


@Abby Thank you for your reply. Sorry about the outburst also, Thank you for that information.

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