New License Announcements and iPhone launch!

Thank you so much to those of you who turned out for our panel yesterday evening! We have some super-exciting things planned for next year, so let’s get right to it!
Regular visitors to our site are already aware of some of the projects we have coming up, but as a quick reminder:

  • The Innocent: Running monthly in Yen Plus online and available in bookstores November 2011
  • Highschool of the Dead Color Omnibus: Available November 2011, the first four volumes of HSOD remastered in full color and collected in a deluxe hardcover edition
  • Soulless: The Manga: The graphic novel adaptation of Gail Carriger’s bestselling “Parasol Protectorate” series is available beginning this month in Yen Plus! Look for the collected volume in March of next year
  • Interview with the Vampire: Claudia’s Story: A graphic novel retelling of Anne Rice’s classic vampire tale, told from the perspective of Claudia. Be sure to check the post below for the announcement made earlier this week and a first look at Claudia

All right, all right~ We won’t keep you in suspense any longer~
Brand-new titles coming in 2012 from Yen Press!

  • Durarara!! (Manga): When Mikado Ryuugamine moves to the big city, he encounters a number of strange characters on the streets of Ikebukuro. You can read the Durarara!! manga in January 2012!
  • Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? (Manga): Ayumu Aikawa is a high school zombie who inadvertently absorbs the powers of Haruna, a chainsaw-wielding magical girl, when she falls from the sky. Coming spring of 2012!
  • Olimpos: A beautifully-illustrated tale featuring the gods of Greek mythology. Yen will be releasing this two-volume series as a single-volume omnibus edition in spring of 2012
  • Kitty & Dino: An original picture book/graphic novel coming in April 2012! When a boy brings home a dinosaur egg, the family cat is less than thrilled with the new housemate. But as the little dinosaur grows, so does the friendship between this unlikely pair. Look for artist Sara Richard’s distinctive, flowing linework in Kitty & Dino next April!

In addition to our new series announcements, we are also pleased to announce the launch of the Yen Press iPhone app, available now! Now you can read some of your favorite Yen Press titles, including Highschool of the Dead, Yotsuba&!, Maximum Ride, and Nightschool, on your iPhone or iPod Touch! And through August 21, most FIRST VOLUMES ARE $2.99! In addition, we’re offering a special sneak peek of Gossip Girl, Psycho Killer available exclusively on the Yen Press app. Gossip Girl, Psycho Killer is a re-imagining of the original Gossip Girl, in which the girls aren’t just backstabbers in the social sense: they’re actually serial killers! HyeKyung Baek, illustrator of the Gossip Girl: For Your Eyes Only manga adaptation has created a special short manga based on the new novel, so be sure to download the app and check it out! First volumes $2.99! Awesome manga on the go! Free content! Go download it now!

Thanks again to everyone who’s stopped by to say hello! If you’re still at the con, be sure to come by booth #1116 to grab some free goodies!



I am very happy to seevthat my favorite manga publishers are having something of Durarara!!, but I’m a bit sad that it’s not the original light novels πŸ™


Also, can you please lisencd the Baccano! Series?! It’s created by the same person that made Durarara, and also has some light novels.
SO PLEASE PUBLISH THE DURARARA LIGHT NOVELS!!! Most of the manga and light novels I buy are all from your company, so please, don’t stop being awesome!!
From your supporter, Shayna


Spice & Wolf is soo good though.
I wonder if they could come up with a system where they make Light Novels by how many are ordered, so theres less risk in them not selling well after making so many, i’d pay extra for them even!

Also i noticed you only have up to like vol. 7 of Spice & Wolf with scheduled releases, you’re not gonna stop less then half way right? Same with Usagi Drop, even if you’re unhappy with the ending, you won’t just stop half way right? lol


@Kohii: Yeah, I’m gonna avoid that sort of negative thinking and just assume both Spice and Wolf/Book Girl will be finished in their entirety. I think it’s plenty possible, even most likely.


Olimpos!? Best thing YenPress has decided to liscence!! ;w; But won’t it be too difficult to understand for new Aki readers? Olimpos is the most physiological and philosophical Aki manga to date…

Though the art is fantastic /shot

I do hope the omnibus version will include pictures of the limited edition Animate covers though.. Maybe, possibly…


If this is a little personal a simple “sorry, I cant give away that information” will do.
but I’ve wondered for the longest time. How much does licensing a manga cost? I get the cost can vary depending on popularity but a rough estimate?
Also can the cost vary depending on the country you selling it too? countries like Poland, Russia, Finland, Sweden dont really seem to have much a of manga/anime fanbase yet they have alot of manga that isnt published in English. Also countries like Germany, France and Italy [although they seem to have alot of fans there] look as though they dont have as many as in the United States but there are loads of Manga that is licensed in French and German that isnt in English and with French only really France and part of Cannada can read it but English is spoken in the UK, singapore, US most of Canada and understood by most of India does the fact that more people can read the English translation put the price up at all?
again. sorry if this is a personal but I cant help but wonder


I hope manga sales of the Durarara manga don’t influence whether or not the light novels get picked up. I will not buy the Durarara manga, but I will buy the light novels. I don’t like to double dip on formats when it comes to a ‘franchise’.

All this hype about Olimpos has got me intrigued. It definitely did get sidelined by the announcement of the Durarara and Korean Zombie Deskcar (I like that XD) mangas.



Will you guys be publishing K-ON’s two new manga? After Kakifly ended the series with the fourth volume, he made another two. One that focuses the main cast in college and the other where Ui, Azusa, and Jun take up the light music club.

Also, have you guys considered publishing VOCALOID-related manga? Like Hatsune Mix by KEI… Since Miku is making her debut in the States, I’d say it’d be perfect timing.


oh! oh! this is such good news!! except, why the manga? i would MUCH prefer the light novels of both korezom and drrr, i love those series. but, this is a step in an AWESOMELY right direction haha. also, i would like to mention that i would love it if yen picked up the baka and test light novels, i don’t know about anyone else…. πŸ™‚


On the Durarara!! manga page, it says K-On! Volume 1 instead of Durarara!! Volume 1. I know its a typo, but it steal frightens me. XD


Quite like Durarara. Good license.

I know this isn’t neccessary but:
please license Deadman Wonderland and Future Diary.
I want the rest of the series! 😐
Just had to get that out the way lol.


oh yay! really excited for the upcoming 2012 year! πŸ˜€ Durarara! i really hope you guys pick up the light novels too~


Im very exited for the announcements! πŸ˜€
I am wondering if you can licence “Kingdom Hearts” and “Aion” because Tokyo Pop is dead now.
I am also wondering if you can also licence the “Parasite Eve” manga?
Here is info on the manga and maybe it can help licence it.


I had never heard of Olimpos but after googling it, it looks quite interesting! (and with gorgeous art) Plus I’ve always been a major sucker for anything to do with Greek mythology, so I’m really looking forward to this one coming out~~~


Thannks for the omnibus HOTD! PS- What was the contest that was announced at the panel for possible tixs to NY Anime Con?


I can’t find any information on Olimpos, I hope the page for it goes up soon before my interest in it wanes…yeah my attention span is bad like that >.<


By the way Abby, (and everyone else at Yenpress) I also would love to see more light novel announcements. πŸ™‚ *nudge nudge* *wink wink*


Light novel announcements would be cool, but i’d like faster light novel releases, maybe followed by a new series once one was completed, i’m worried i’m gonna not be as into spice & wolf after the 6 month delay from book to book, might cause less sales as well :3


Hey, are you guys gonna be keeping the title Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?, or are you gonna translate it into Is This A Zombie? Like funimation is doing?


Really happy to see that Yenpress is licensing the Durarara manga. I’ve taken a good interest into the series, and the announcement of it is one of good timing. I might give Olimpos a try though, the concept of it is quite intriguing.

However I have to agree with the others. A few more light novels would be nice to have translated, specifically in my mind Baccano (Since the anime left so much out, it would be nice to read), and then the No. 6 light novels with it’s upcoming popularity. Of course, the manga of either is nice too, but… I’m just throwing out ideas.


Are you guys still open up for 07-Ghost? I know it’s been heavily requested at the moment. The only English publisher right now is Chuang Yi and many of us in the West will have to import their mangas if no Western English publisher picks up 07-Ghost. ;___;


I’ll add my two cents as well and request more light novels. I’d love to see a great series like Baccano or Toradora.

But honestly, any good novel will do. I’m not picky. πŸ˜‰


I forgot to add some others… Fate/Stay Night, Axis Powers Hetalia. Since Tokyopop has closed in the US, it’d be nice if you guys can license these~


I really want Kore wa Zombie desu ka? now. :DDD
I’d like to see Baccano!, too. (Still so excited for Durarara!!) And while we’re on the subject, please take RG Veda and Legal Drug (now that it’s no longer on hiatus.) by CLAMP from TokyoPop (now that TokyoPop is shutting down). Both are so amazing, and with X/1999, Cardcaptor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth, and Gate 7 being newly released soon, I so want to complete my CLAMP collection. :]]]


Hello guys, I’m glad you got the licence of Durarara!! although as pratically everybody else, I would have enjoyed the novel much more, but actually I have to agree with Shaku. If you’re not going to licence more light novels, isn’t it possible to get the releases a bit faster ? Actually, when I count that six year or more are going to be needed to release a whole serie (I’m following Haruhi, Spice & Wolf and Book girl), it really makes me sad. Of course you wouldn’t be able to release one each two or three months, but even one each four months would already be better, and then perhaps shorten it to three months afterward. Anyway, I’m gonna keep hoping this to happen.
(Sorry for my english if there are mistakes, I’m french. And as I am, and that we pratically don’t have any light novels in our country, I’m really glad you have some.)


I second 07-ghost. I hate chuang yi, would love a Yen Press version since your quality is so good. Pity Mr Hassler hates license rescuing things though…


@HurdyHurr, Hetalia is a pretty good sell among fujoshi. It is sure to get licensed. Probably by YP or Seven Seas.



You lose interest waiting for a book in six month intervals? Wow, you wouldn’t have lasted waiting for the Harry Potter books then. xD; I started reading them at the end of 99 and had to wait until 2007 for it to be completed, and I never lost interest.

I find the idea of getting a new Spice&Wolf every six months a real treat, really. I’m not used to getting to have TWO installments of a series I like in the same year. xD Hehe.

Anyway, thanks Yenpress for all the hardwork. <3


I’m sooo glad to see the Durarara!! Manga got picked up πŸ™‚ But, as about half the other posters have stated, I would LOVE even MORE to see the Durarara light novels if you guys can get them. I’d buy both the manga and the LN, and probably other copies of the LN for gifts b/c I can think of so many friends that love to read who would love that series, but they don’t like manga or anime so they’re missing out!


i See all this talk about the Durarara!! Light Novels and got me thinking, You guys should bring over Pandora Hearts: Caucus Race (It’s the Novel) and vol 8.5 of Pandora Hearts (Guide book~) would be cool too… Oh and Rolan the Forgotten King Novels would be also cool to read! in other words you guys should bring over more Novels to read

(I have all these books in Japanese and i can’t even read them :/ its such a shame y’know? (Is a big Jun Mochizuki fan~!))


I thoroughly and wholeheartedly second everything CosplayGamer just said. I’d love to read the Pandora Hearts novel, as well as the guidebook. And the Rolan books, too! These all sound spectacular.


I’m not sure whether this is the correct channel for this. If it’s not, I apologize, but here goes. Getting straight to the point, could you guys perhaps consider translating Atsuko Asano’s series of Japanese light novels titled ‘NO. 6’ into English? To summarize, it’s a science-fiction/dystopian tale featuring two male leads whose fated meeting with each other changed their lives. I believe the Japanese editions were published by Kodansha between October 2003 and June 2011 in Japan with a total of 9 volumes. I have been looking all over and was very disheartened to find out there are currently no English editions in existence although the novels have (surprisingly) been translated to French. To my intimate knowledge, there are quite a considerable demand for the English-translated versions by fans especially due to the recently aired and (during the creation of this post) still ongoing anime series done by Studio Bones. I am also one of those desperate fans hoping the English edition would see the light of day. There is a very passionate fan base surrounding this series. I am certain many would be more than eager to lap up the copies in a heartbeat if only the books were made available. Nothing may come out of this, and I realize light novels are a hard sell, but I guess I have nothing to lose by giving this a shot.

Thank you for sparing your time to read this and again, I sincerely hope you will give this request some consideration. =)


I have to echo all the Baccano demand here! especially for the light novels. it’s a wonderful series that garnered universal critical acclaim, with a great, loyal fan following. please consider it XD


awesome! can’t wait for durarara!! πŸ˜€

ps. Please license the To aru majutsu no index novels and/or manga, I LOVE that series <3


Nice release Yen Press, I think its great that so many loved series are getting a chance to be adapted for the fans.

It would also be awesome if you were to release Baccano as light novels, I know I as along with many others would be day one buyers, all that would have to be done is the translation really and if it was a matter of marketing I would use a plain ,but nice cover with the Baccano logo and sub title to also appeal other novel readers instead of just fans.

That way fans and the rest of the world would be pleased by the appearance and give the book a try, I know many occasions where readers would turn down something just because it had anime covers. The novel already has a great and mature story to grasp the general audience so it would only need to have a general cover like maybe a satin or ornamented one instead. Again, please if you’re reading my comment take this into consideration if you plan to release because it has great potential.


I’m really surprised you guys have not picked up Hetalia: Axis Powers. Seeing as Hetalia is a really popular series. There are so few copies of it out there it’s running 300 Dollars for most new copies and even beyond that. I know as a big Hetalia fan I sit here actually tempted to spend my 300 bucks from work to get this manga and more fans are drooling at the thought of someone actually picking up the license. While the DVD series is nice, fans would love the manga too. It’s a hilarious series and seeing as it was one of Tokyopops most popular Manga’s that actually made it into the New York’s Manga ranking I’m surprised no one has taken it.


Would be more interested in the DRRR!! and Baccano! light novels, even if you released them every 6 months like S&W.

…Waiting forever for S&W. ;_;


Gosh, two light novel series I wanted to read, but only the Manga? WHYY?! xD. Atleast the Durarara!! LN’s? I know a bunch of people who would read them. πŸ™‚ Namely moi. xD


I love that the DRRR!! manga is licensed, but would definitely buy the light novel instantly! Want to read it so bad. ;o;


I’m so excited for Olimpos! I’ve been waiting for Aki-sensei’s works to be published in English, I’m such a big fan.


Thank you so much for licensing Olimpos, I would love it if you guys can license other works by Aki too, such as Aruosumente and Angel’s Doubt! πŸ˜€


>Sees Durarara!!
>”Yen Press”
>Thinks its the novels
>Gets excited
>Notices it says (manga) beside it.
>Fail on Yen Press’ part.

The light novels are a ton better than the manga. The art in the manga is so awful, it hurts to read it. People would like the novel series. I mean, you guys dole out Haruhi novels every few months(one of my favorite series), so I think you could shell out another novel series: Durarara!!. The novels get way better from volume 6 on, and it would bring you in a ton of dough. And the good thing is, it won’t be a rehash for those in America, that have seen the anime on [Adult Swim]. It is changed slightly, but novels 1-3(what is in the anime), is still a good read, and worth buying. Just saying lol.

Mike S

Please license Deadman Wonderland and Future Diary. These series are too good to be unfinished!!!

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